The Bloodline System

Chapter 997 The Fall Of Luchan City

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In no time, the infected left were only small in number and would be completely erased soon.

However even with all these Gradier Xanatus was well aware that, should Red Shadow fail, all these reinforcements would only be delaying the inevitable...

...The fall of Luchan City and all of its residents too.

"I'm coming with you," Gustav stated after Gradier Xanatus voiced out his intentions of heading back just in case Red Shadow needed help.

"No, I need you to remain here and man the wall," Gradier Xanatus said while shaking his head.

Gustav turned to the left to stare beyond the wall.

"There's already more than enough reinforcements on ground to handle the current number of infected here," Gustav voiced in response.

"Still, It'll be better if you remained here and take command of the officers. If things end up going bad I'm sure you will be able to hold the lines till I return," Gradier Xanatus stated while tapping onto Gustav's shoulder.

"I'm faster than you... I'll get to him way earlier than you can. Let me come with you," Gustav replied with a resilient tone.

He felt since they were on a topic of time and speed, it would be best for him to go with or even go alone.

"Fair point but Gustav..." Gradier Xanatus was about to refuse again when Gustav sensed something.

"Wait..." He voiced out with a tone of urgency.

"Huh?" Gradier Xanatus uttered as he noticed Gustav's odd expression.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

Gustav suddenly ascended into the air with extreme speed.

Gradier Xanatus didn't have the ability to fly but he had a flight device strapped to his feet.

He activated it and flew up as well...

'Kid is fast... I guess he wasn't wrong,' Gradier Xanatus thought as he tried to reach Gustav's current height in the sky which was quite difficult.

"What's wrong?" Gradier Xanatus voiced out as he reached Gustav's height in the sky.

"He failed," Gustav answered while staring downwards with glowing golden and red eyes.

"What?" Gradier Xanatus voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

"He failed to stop it..." Gustav repeated with a grave tone as he turned to stare at Gradier Xanatus.

"The millions of infected are on their way," He added causing a Gradier Xanatus to be overcome with a feeling of dread.

"...What about the Mixedbreed?" This question slipped out of his lips as his face shone with an intensely troubled expression.

"I don't see any..." Gustav was responding as he turned to look downwards, up ahead once more before suddenly turning silent.

He could spot a gigantic figure over hundred miles ahead within an uncountable swarm of infected. This fit the exact description Gradier Xanatus had given him earlier.

"It's... coming as well," Gustav confirmed as he retracted his sight.

"This city is done for," He added.


-Twenty Minutes Ago (Gildian City)

"Now there's no way you will be able to give out any commands," Red Shadow voiced out as he sighed in relief.

In front of him now was a man in dark and silver technological suit. He also had a slightly cracked helmet put on and some Red Shadows could be seen connected to his.

They were currently at the foot of the mountain Red Shadow bound BJ to. Behind them the hoardes of infected which numbered in the millions could be seen.

It turned out this was the last culprit and Red Shadow had managed to bind him here after defeating him.

The technological suit he currently had on was so advanced it made him invisible and completely erased his presence earlier on which made things a little difficult for Red Shadow.

However with Red Shadow being a seasoned veteran in the field of completing dangerous missions, he managed to use his experience and sharp intuition to bring the last culprit down.

"*Cough cough* I see and I was so close to completing the last phase too," The man in the suit voiced out with a few coughs.

"You have amassed quite the number of infected... Tell me..." Red Shadow squatted in front of him as he spoke.

"Will they ever move without a command?" Red Shadow inquired.

"They won't..." The man in the black and silver suit responded.

"Good... Where is the corpse of the creature you plan to revive?" Red Shadow asked.

The last culprit was unable to move his body but his eyes shifted to the side, revealing that he was staring in a particular direction.

"Underground over there?" Red Shadow voiced out as he turned to stare in the same direction.

"How did you manage to..." The man in the suit was speaking when Red Shadow interrupted.

"We got the rest of your comrades too... BJ told me there was an underground space in that direction. Surely you must have seen that I have him bound up there just like I did to you down here," Red Shadow added.

The last culprit had a look of defeat as he stared down. Red Shadow stood upright at this point and turned around to stare in the same direction.

"You're the last one and luckily I was able to get you before you gave the command," Red Shadow voiced out once more as he began taking steps forward.

"Who said I was the last one?" The man in black and silver suit suddenly voiced out.

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Red Shadow paused his footsteps at this point as a sense of foreboding washed over him.

"What do you mean?" Red Shadow eyes squinted as he questioned.

"Who said I was the last one..?" His lips curved into a mishevious smile as the man in black and silver suit repeated the same question.

Red Shadow's eyes suddenly widened as he turned around to stare forward.


The instant he sped forward a loud voice spread forth from invisible loud speakers...



Red Shadow had gotten into the underground entrance and was speeding down a tunnel way but it seemed like it was too late.