Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2345 Restoring Youth

"It'll be faster here, Ancestor Cornelia."

Davis gestured while Ancestor Cornelia bowed her old head, her white hair cascading down her shoulder.

"I don't know how to thank you, Davis."

"No need to thank me, granny. You took a greater risk on me back when I was vulnerable, so naturally, I will assist you."

Davis answered. When Ancestor Cornelia raised her head, her expression was… lively. Although her eyes weren't soulless back then, it was lacking liveliness, just living for duty until death. But now, there was the genuine will to live.

At this moment, a few figures descended from above.

"Davis~ You're back~"

Lea's figure flashed, appearing before Davis. She gave him a light hug, feeling his warmth, while Davis wrapped his arm around her soft waist and kissed her forehead. Her cheeks produced a healthy hue as she gazed into his eyes before she turned to look at her ancestor.

"Ancestor, you've come." She smiled brightly, knowing why Davis called her here for.

Lea remained excited.

"Lea and Shirley, it's all thanks to you two."

Ancestor Cornelia became emotional, and her words also resonated with Shirley. Like ladies, they kept giving each other the achievement back and forth that Davis blinked before he interrupted.

"Yes, all three of you did well when I was vulnerable. Now, it's time I truly repaid that gratitude with even more gratitude."

Davis lightly smiled as he gestured, "Lea, take us to your house. We'll start there."


Lea brightly smiled as she led them to her accommodation.

She made Ancestor Cornelia rest on a bed comfortably, inclined on the headboard.

The next moment, Lea checked Ancestor Cornelia's health which the latter had never shared before.


Lea's eyes flickered, learning that Ancestor Cornelia's blood vitality was practically… lifeless. They had no potential whatsoever. There was nothing an apothecary could use to extend her life by bringing out the hidden potential unless blood vitality was imbued with heavenly resources, but even then, it was just delaying the inevitable.

There would not be much increase in lifespan unless it was an Immortal Grade heavenly resource.

Lea informed Davis of her finding, but when she saw him look unworried, she didn't ask anything and stayed beside him. Evelynn and Isabella left, but Shirley stayed along with Davis and Lea.

"Alright, granny." Davis rubbed his hand, "Are you ready to become beautiful again and pass your immortal tribulation?"


Ancestor Cornelia gently smiled as she remained calm. However, her eyes were unable to hide the excitement, causing Lea and Shirley to smile at each other.

"Then let me see that beauty that caused so many Burning Phoenixes to become envious of your husband."

Davis reached out his hand with an evil smirk. But contrary to his expression, his soul force revolved from his soul sea and surged out, transforming into a wave of pure white light as it fell on Ancestor Cornelia.

Ancestor Cornelia's eyes shot wide, feeling her cells revitalize. Her cells and bone structure were already overdrafted, lacking vitality. Even extracting the hidden potential was worthless as she had already done it. But now, she could feel them practically reviving.

Her vitality was being revitalized.

Within a minute, the wrinkles stuck to her skin body started disappearing, replaced with a smooth and soft skin texture, causing Ancestor Cornelia to rub her arm and face to see that she was not hallucinating.

She couldn't believe the speed of his life energy as Davis hadn't even become immortal yet!

'Even if it is life energy, it couldn't be this overpowered, right?'

She thought but feeling herself become drowning in a warm spring that caused her to feel energized, she had no choice but to believe that Davis was just a monster.

To be in control of both life and death, she didn't know any other person who perfectly fits the saying that as long as they don't die, then their future is limitless.

In a short ten minutes, Davis lowered his hand, and the life energy also disappeared....

Ancestor Cornelia also started to feel drowsy, but as soon as the warm spring she was soaking in disappeared, her eyes shot wide open. When she raised her head, a shocked Lea and Shirley came into her view.

Indeed, Davis was also slightly taken aback over Ancestor Cornelia's change in appearance. Her white hair had returned to her youthful bright crimson while her facial features, especially her eyes, turned sharper while the other features like her nose and lips and even her bountiful bosoms could be described to give her a natural mature look.

Her mature countenance was oozing out with an alluring attraction, causing Davis and the others to be truly stunned, thinking that Founder Alstreim Windstorm wasn't lying when he said that she was considered one of the most beautiful women of his time.

Davis looked between Lea and Ancestor Cornelia and saw that they shared a similar level of beauty. They were both empire-toppling beauties. It was no wonder they were pursued madly, one haunted enough to stay inside until she became a Sect Master while the other was plotted against even after she got married.

Ancestor Cornelia eventually stood up, flying towards the mirror to take a look at herself. She was shocked beyond compare, realizing that she had become a curvaceous woman oozing with charm.

"Granny, what I did is just quite superfluous, akin to painting a wall to make it look luxurious when it could, in truth, crumble anytime. Your lifespan didn't extend. However, your cells became revitalized as I imbued you with vitality, so for the remainder of your lifespan, you'll enjoy a stronger prowess, much better movements, good reaction time, better capability to make decisions, and just about everything you think you can do in your prime. When it is time, you'll unnaturally drop dead like a withered corpse, so you must quickly step into the Immortal Stage, okay?"

Davis solemnly warned after some time, causing Ancestor Cornelia to come out of her reverie before she turned to look at Davis, taking a deep breath before she bowed again.

"I will be eternally grateful for allowing me to regain my prime and have a better chance against my immortal tribulation."

Indeed, the point of this treatment wasn't to revive Ancestor Cornelia's beauty but to have greater chances to cross the tribulation.

"Ancestor Cornelia, congratulations on recovering your beauty."

Shirley bowed as she reached out her hands and held a jade container in her grasp.

Ancestor Cornelia became taken aback before she smiled and took it.

"Thanks. I wonder what this is-"

As she opened the jade container, her lips halted.

"This is… Fire Phoenix Immortal Essence Blood…?"


Shirley grinned, "Although it's diluted, it's still better than nothing. Perhaps, if Ancestor Cornelia meets the unknown conditions for a mutation like your husband did, it should be possible for you to transform into a Fire Phoenix."

Ancestor Cornelia blinked before she couldn't help but smile.

"Silly child, it doesn't work that way. We Burning Phoenixes are a mixed offspring of a Fire Phoenix and Vermilion Bird. We are not lesser than them, as you may know, but that doesn't mean we can't transform into either one of them. Still, that's extremely rare and wouldn't happen even if we absorbed a lot of Fire Phoenix Blood Essence or Vermilion Bird Blood Essence."

"In fact, if we do transform into a Fire Phoenix or a Vermilion Bird, we would be considered a Variant Magical Beast who has inherited certain traits and uniqueness from our ancestors and nothing more, nothing less. In my husband's case, his variant was that he inherited the characteristics and uniqueness of the Fire Phoenix but eventually lost it because the transformation wasn't complete."

"Ah, I see." Shirley nodded her head as she understood.

"Still, it's better than nothing, as you said, revitalizing my Burning Phoenix Blood. Even if it doesn't, I can use this diluted immortal blood essence to help me boost my prowess, even if it is for a short time. With this, I have more than ninety-five percent confidence to cross my immortal tribulation."

"Thank you, little Shirley~"

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Ancestor Cornelia bowed to Shirley, causing the latter to jump before she hurriedly lifted Ancestor Cornelia up.

In fact, Shirley felt somewhat awkward as Ancestor Cornelia wasn't a granny but appeared like an elder sister with a sharp yet wise appearance on her face. Her back was also not hunched but straight, slightly taller than her, that Shirley had to slightly incline her chin to maintain eye contact.

Ancestor Cornelia gently smiled. She still couldn't believe that she had returned to her prime looks and had regained her vitality for the remainder of her lifespan. Nonetheless, knowing that she should follow Davis's words, she quickly couldn't help but ask him.

"Is it safe to undergo tribulation in this estate? In this city?"

"It is safe."

Davis nodded before he continued, "According to the rules of any Fire Phoenix City, no one can trespass upon another's property, much less sabotage a citizen's heavenly tribulation. Doing so will result in being bestowed with a heavy penalty by the city patrol with a minimum of hundred thousand years in prison and a maximum sentence of a million years, including death."

"Is that true?"

"I'm sure your husband would better know, but of course, this rule only applies to Immortals and below. This kind of rule isn't applicable to Immortal Kings. After all, how could they enforce it on Immortal Kings easily? It would kick up a storm that could decimate the city."

Davis shrugged, causing Ancestor Cornelia's lips to twitch. However, she deemed that it was still safe.

After all, why would an Immortal King take notice of her tribulation?