Cultivation Online

Chapter 1087 Lin Family's Gathering(2)

"Now this shouldn't even need to be said, but I will still say it just in case. These people coming from the upper heavens are NOT to be trifled with. Many of them come from backgrounds that could easily wipe out our Lin Family and get off scot-free." Patriarch Lin said with a serious expression on his face.

"If you encounter one of these people, you will give them your utmost respect and treat them as if they are your own ancestors. Most of them will have their cultivation suppressed to peak Spirit King, and they will all be wearing a special badge on their clothes that will distinguish them from the others."

Patriarch Lin proceeded to show them a golden badge that was shaped into the word 'Heaven', which could also be read as 'Tian'.

"While I said that these people will come down in a month, in reality, some of them could have already made it down here for all we know."

Unbeknownst to the Lin Family, Patriarch Lin had received the news about the people from the upper heaven literally right before he showed up to the gathering, so he was just as surprised as everyone there.

And in his mind, the young man from the Celestial Overlords was part of this expedition team.

'How fucking unlucky for our Lin Family to offend someone from the upper heaven right before the news even spread.' He sighed inwardly.

"Now then, let's move onto our second topic and the main reason why I gathered all of you here today." Patriarch Lin spoke a moment later.

The Lin Family was baffled after hearing this, and they all wondered what could be even more important than the upper heavens sending people to their small world.

A scary expression suddenly appeared on Patriarch Lin's face, and his eyes emanated with killing intent, "As some of you have probably heard by now, there is a rumor going around that claims our Lin Family had hired the Silent Rippers to mess with the Tian Family."

"What? Such a thing happened?"

"My god…"

The people there were shocked to hear this, as if such a rumor was true, this could very well be a death sentence for whoever caused this trouble.

Meanwhile, within the crowd was Lin Minghai and Steward Jin, and both of them were sweating profusely at this moment.

The two of them exchanged worried glances with each other. If Patriarch Lin learns the truth, not even the Heavens would know of the aftermath.

'I really hope that you'd erased all evidence that could indicate us as the culprits…' Lin Minghai stared at Steward Jin in the eyes.

Steward Jin returned the stare with a confident look in his eyes, 'Don't worry, Young Master, there's no way they know that we were responsible.'

Patriarch Lin's voice resounded again, "To tell you the truth, I already know the culprits behind this incident."

'What?!' Lin Minghai and Steward Jin snapped their heads to look at Patriarch Lin with looks of disbelief on their faces....

"Bring him in!" Patriarch Lin suddenly shouted.

A few moments later, two peak Spirit King experts approached Patriarch Lin while pulling on a chain that was restricting a heavily injured individual.

This person was so badly beaten that his entire body was covered in bruises. It was clear as day that this individual had been tortured to a great extent, but nobody there said a word about it.

"Do you know who this man is?" Patriarch Lin asked them.

The Lin Family quickly shook their heads.

"What if I told you that his name is Zhan Shichai? Do you recognize him now?"

"Zhan Shichai?! Isn't that the leader of the Silent Rippers' name?! I have heard it before!" Someone there exclaimed.

"Indeed, this person is the leader of the Silent Rippers— or should I say was?" Patriarch Lin confirmed, sending another wave of shock throughout the Lin Family.

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Patriarch Lin looked at the pitiful-looking Zhan Shichai and smiled, "No matter how strong you think you are— you will never be able to beat someone from the upper heavens, as we're akin to ants before their eyes."

Patriarch Lin's words implied several things. One, that Zhan Shichai was beaten by someone from the upper heavens. Two, that the Silent Rippers are no longer in operation. And lastly, that people from the upper heavens are already in the Third Heaven. Not everyone noticed these implications, but those that did were greatly shocked.

"Although it took some effort, I was able to extract a lot of information from Zhan Shichai, the former leader of the Silent Rippers, including the names of the people who hired them. However, I will give the culprits a chance to step forward and admit their mistakes. If you do so, I will lessen the punishment." Patriarch Lin spoke in a loud and clear voice, but he had just spoken two lies just now.

First of all, no matter how much they tortured Zhan Shichai, they were unable to extract any information from him. Secondly, they did not know the culprits behind this whole fiasco.

In other words, Patriarch Lin was bluffing to trick the culprits into revealing themselves.

This was a cheap and sly tactic, but it was effective and Patriarch Lin had no time to spare. After all, the quicker he deals with this situation the more likely that Yuan wouldn't wipe the Lin Family from the face of this world.

Lin Minghai and Steward Jin looked at each other again, and on their faces showed absolute despair and desperation.

'Steward Jin, you fucking useless bastard!' Lin Minghai cried inwardly, silently cursing his most reliable servant, something he has never done before.

'What the hell is happening?! Even if that Xiao Yang had help from the Tian Family, they shouldn't have the capability to defeat the Silent Rippers, much less capture their leader, Zhan Shichai!' Steward Jin had a hysterical look on his face from being unable to comprehend the situation, and he felt so weak that he was on the verge of collapsing on the spot.