Chapter 871 Judgement Of The Lightning God

Chapter 871 Judgement Of The Lightning God

"Nathan, you can still back down." Eva tried to stop Nathan from fighting with Grey.

She saw Grey's talent when he was still at the Peak of the Overlord Plane. Now that he used a special technique to boost his strength to the Peak of the Sage Plane, it was impossible for another genius at the Peak of the Sage Plane to even fight against him, much less one that's in the Seventh stage of the Sage Plane.

All Nathan was asking for at the moment was a thrashing.

Nathan glared at Eva coldly, he felt annoyed by the fact that Grey and Eva were looking down on him. He heard of Grey's fight against those from the Syphilis Faction and was a bit impressed, but he didn't feel Grey was his match in any way. Even if Grey was currently ahead of him in terms of cultivation stage, it was with the help of a special technique, he believed Grey's strength wouldn't be on that level.

"He's looking for a good beating, and I'm very willing on my path. Since I'm in a good mood, I won't kill you." Grey said coldly. He didn't hide the disdain in his eyes when looking at Nathan.

This infuriated Nathan even more and he instantly attacked. He was a pure Fire Elementalist, and Grey couldn't deny the fact that he had a good talent from the first move he displayed.

But in the presence of the current Grey, he was not even an opponent for him. Grey had fought against old experts in the Seventh and Ninth stages of the Sage Plane, simultaneously, and still came out well on top. A single Seventh stage Sage Plane Elementalist was not worth mentioning.

With a wave of his hand, he dismissed the attack that was coming his way.

Nathan didn't let this affect him, without a second thought, he hurriedly attacked once again.

Grey didn't move an inch from where he was standing, he was casually blocking the attacks. He had a nonchalant expression which showed that he wasn't even taking the battle seriously.

Eva couldn't help but shake her head. She already knew that Grey would defeat Nathan, but she didn't think the power difference would be this much. Nathan had fought against a Ninth stage Sage Plane Elementalist from the Lutra race and won, this was one of the things that gave him this confidence. Not only that, but he was also a great genius who had immense strength.

But against a genius of Grey's level, it wasn't worth mentioning. Grey awakened his domain while he was still in the Overlord Plane. This was something that hadn't happened before, so it showed the level of Grey's competence. If even this didn't stop Nathan from fighting against him, obviously none of her words would.

Seeing how easily Grey was repelling his attacks, Nathan started to lose his cool. He attacked more aggressively, but Grey still didn't move an inch. His foot had been in the same place since the start of the battle, and he hadn't even attacked yet, just blocking all of Nathan's attacks.

Nathan felt insulted by this, Grey was purposely looking down on him. This was not something that had happened to him before.

Grey suddenly took a step forward, "I've given you enough time to shine, my turn."

After saying this, Grey's figure blurred and he appeared close to Nathan. Before Nathan could react, Grey sent a palm his way. The palm connected with his chest and it sent him flying.

His body crashed into the walls by the side, creating a crater on it. ...

When he opened his eyes, he saw Grey standing before him with a smile. Grey clenched his fists and threw a punch his way.

The strength of the punch was well above his previous attack. He hastily tried to set up a defensive wall around him. The blow connected with the defensive fire screen he prepared, but within a second it shattered and Grey's fist connected with him.

Grey's physical strength was already in the Sage Plane, and with the boosted strength he received from the Fusion State while also using his elements to increase his strength, his attack power was almost on the same level as a fusion orb at the moment.

Nathan was Grey's first test subject, and he was very satisfied with the results of the test.

The crater Nathan was on caved in deeper.

Outside the dome.

A few people were still trying to rush in when they heard a loud sound coming from the top of the dome. They looked above them and they saw a figure shooting out from a hole created in the dome.

The figure flew for over two hundred meters before crashing into some of the sand domes in the desert, destroying them in the process. Of all the sand domes in the area, only this one had something like an entrance.

Grey walked past the hole and flew into the air, shooting after Nathan who was still lying on the pit he caused on the ground.

Eva and the others could only follow behind Grey who appeared above Nathan.

The people from the Lutra race also followed them as well. The man Grey spoke with was shocked by Grey's strength. Now, he was grateful that he didn't carelessly charge at Grey, had he done that, Grey would've killed him without a second thought.

Grey could beat someone from his race so ruthlessly, it was unimaginable what he would do to others.

Unknown to him, Grey didn't care what race his opponents came from, he beat them up the same way. The only reason he was refraining from killing Nathan was that they were from the same Faction. Well, mainly because there were others here. Had they been alone, he would've killed him long ago.

Standing in the air, he looked down on Nathan who was struggling to get back on his feet.

"The only reason I'm not going to kill you is because we're from the same Faction. If you dare to act in this manner again, I won't be so merciful." Grey said coldly.

When he was done saying that, he activated his lightning domain.

It was like Nathan was being judged by the god of lightning as they looked at the present scene. Grey stood in the sky above him, while Nathan was covered by a sea of lightning.