Monarch of Time

Chapter 835: Today you'll die!

''Heh, Dong Cheng, you look like you want to pick a fight with Shun Long... but are you sure that you can even win? Back then you couldn't kill him with a single attack even though he was just a Nascent Soul stage rookie, so doesn't that mean that you won't even be able to beat him now? I have to admit that now that he is a Dao King, even I don't dare to truly look down on that Shun Long!''

A young man with red hair and bright yellow eyes said to Dong Cheng in a mocking manner as he walked by Qiao Min's side.

Naturally, this young man was the person who was ranked 4th in the 'Martial Roll of Honor', Zheng Zihao.

The rest of the disciples in the top 10 of the 'Martial Roll of Honor' had mocking looks in their eyes as they stared at Dong Cheng, but in their hearts, they were also quite curious about Shun Long's real strength as well.

Even before he had broken through to the Dao King realm, Shun Long was strong enough to attract the attention of some of these disciples, since he was bound to enter the top 10 sooner or later.

Some people in the Holy sect had even started to say that Shun Long would even be able to rival Yang Hui in the future.

Although these disciples merely snorted at such a claim since nobody other than those in the top 10 knew how fearsome Yang Hui's true strength really was, there was no doubt that Shun Long was an extremely strong disciple as well, and nobody knew anything about his real strength right now.

Now that he had broken through to become a Dao King, even those in the top 10 didn't dare to look down on him and only considered him slightly inferior due to his cultivation base.

Staring at Zheng Zihao, Dong Cheng merely narrowed his eyes before he said in an extremely cold manner

''Zheng Zihao, you better not interfere in my matters or I will deal with you first before I destroy that bastard Shun Long! Don't think that I am afraid of you just because you are ranked 2 places above me!''

A mocking smile seemed to have formed itself on Zheng Zihao's lips when he heard this, but he simply shook his head and kept following Qiao Min, without saying anything else to Dong Cheng whose body had already started to emit vast amounts of killing intent.

A few moments later, Qiao Min and the others arrived at the very front of the Holy sect's group, before they turned their gazes towards the group of 5 newcomers that was casually strolling around the streets of the city.

At that moment, Shun Long seemed to have sensed a gaze that was filled with killing intent and was staring at his back coldly, as he suddenly turned his gaze towards Qiao Min and her group.

Staring at the violet-eyed Dong Cheng, a smile was slowly formed on Shun Long's lips, before he turned his gaze towards Qiao Min and the other disciples of the Holy sect shortly after.

''Shun Long!'' Qiao Min called out after a brief moment of hesitation, while her gaze seemed to have been fully engrossed on the silver-winged black panther that was slowly walking behind him, without paying the slightest bit of attention to Shun Long himself.

Sensing the aura of a peak rank 6 magic beast coming from Little Silver, Qiao Min was utterly dumbfounded, wondering how could have Shun Long possibly acquired such a powerful magic beast.

Even Qiao Min, as the heir of the Qiao clan, wasn't qualified to take a peak rank 6 magic beast with her when she entered the 'City of Immortals'....

A few moments later, Shun Long appeared in front of Qiao Min and the rest of the disciples who were gathered around her, before he asked them with the same smile on his face

''So many familiar faces. How may I help you?''

Many of the surrounding disciples near Qiao Min frowned when they heard Shun Long's words that sounded distant to them for some reason, before a bald young man looked at him and said seriously

''Shun Long, the Grand Elder said that you had your own reasons that stopped you from coming to the 'City of Immortals' along with the rest of us, but you should know that this isn't a place that you can roam by yourself! Since you are here, you should-''

The bald young man who had spoken just now was the person ranked 7th in the 'Martial Roll of Honor', Mao Lim, but his words were suddenly stuck in his throat as Mao Lim stared at Liu Mei and the others who were standing next to Shun Long with a look of utter disbelief on his face.

Mao Lim's eyes widened in shock when he sensed Liu Mei and the others' auras, before he asked in a disbelieving tone

''How- How is this possible?''

In fact, it wasn't just Mao Lim who was stunned by this, as everyone else who was also ranked in the top 10 in the 'Martial Roll of Honor' seemed to have been completely dumbfounded by Liu Mei's and the others' cultivation bases as well, with the only exceptions being Dong Cheng and Qiao Min who were still staring at Shun Long and Little Silver respectively.

Sensing the sudden change in her surroundings, Qiao Min finally looked away from Little Silver with great difficulty, before she turned her gaze towards the disciples by her side that looked like they had seen a ghost.


And yet, the moment that Qiao Min sensed Liu Mei's and the others' cultivation bases as well, her heart rate suddenly increased from the shock before a disbelieving look covered her face as well.

Meanwhile, Dong Cheng seemed to have been completely oblivious to what was going on around him as his gaze fully focused on Shun Long who was standing in front of him with the same calm smile on his face, before Dong Cheng waved his hand and said coldly

''Shun Long... today is the day you die!''


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