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Chapter 1258: Miracle Young Man

Chapter 1258: Miracle Young Man

Chapter 1258: Miracle Young Man

“What is it?” Yun Xin Er asked curiously.

“Can you call Ning’er as sister Ning? I think it’s better to call her sister Ning than Mrs Ning. After all, you two are at the same age.” Liu Ning and Yun Xin Er had a close relationship now, so in his view, it was better to call each other as sisters.

“What is this? Do you want me to call her like how your women call each other?” Yun Xin Er replied as she giggled. “I will do all your requests once we become lovers, but not now. After all, we are only friends now.”

“Then let’s become a couple now?” even though Liu Ning was sitting next to them, Xiao Tian still said it without feeling afraid.

“Then let’s meet my mother after this.” Yun Xin Er challenged Xiao Tian to meet her mother.

“Then let’s stay as friends for now.” it was not like he was afraid of Yun Xin Er’s mother, but he had a complicated relationship with her mother because her mother found out his fake identity when he became her bodyguard.

“Hehe, coward!” Yun Xin Er made fun of Xiao Tian.

“Hey, I’m not a coward!” Xiao Tian defended himself. “You know I have complicated relationship with your mother, right? I’m not a coward.”

“Yes, I know. I know you have complicated relationship with my mother, Shi Hao. Hehe.” Yun Xin Er giggled after saying that.

The corner of Xiao Tian’s lips twitched.

Not long after that, they went home.


Time went by quickly, and without realizing it, it had been a week since Xiao Tian’s film, The Ruler, premiered in the cinemas.

His company made a lot of profit because his movie was a big hit. Not only that, but the soundtracks of the movie were also a big hit, especially the ending soundtrack.

Xiao Tian was thrilled.

He smiled from ear to ear because he was more famous now.

‘Haha. As expected of the great me, I’m indeed an amazing young man!’

He immediately walked out of his room and headed to the living room to spend time with his women.

After Xiao Tian was in front of his women, he stopped his footsteps and acted politely like a royal family member. “Ladies, how are you today?”

Lin Xing Xue and the others were stunned.

‘What’s wrong with him? Did he hit something on the head?’

They exchanged a glance with each other.

They did not know why Xiao Tian suddenly behaved weirdly like that. He was not from a royal family, so they did not know why he acted like that.

“Big brother, you are funny!” Mu Ai spoke abruptly.

“And weird too.” Shi Fei added.

Long Jingxian and the others nodded their heads, giving a sign that they agreed with Shi Fei and Mu Ai’s words.

Xiao Tian immediately sat on the couch and put Mu Ai on his lap. “Little Ai, how could you say something like that? You are so cruel.”

“But you did something funny just now.” Xiao Tian’s previous behavior was funny in Mu Ai’s eyes.

“Tian’er, a child always tells the truth.” Liu Ning added, “You action was indeed funny earlier.”

“Hehe.” Long Jingxian giggled. “Little Ai, hurry up and kiss big brother’s cheeks. He is sad because of your words, you know?”

“Eh, really?” of course, Mu Ai still did not understand Xiao Tian’s feelings.

“Un.” Xiao Tian put on a sad face as he nodded his head.

“Mmmuch….” Mu Ai kissed Xiao Tian’s cheeks. “Don’t be sad again, big brother. Your previous behavior was not funny. I was only joking.”

“Little Ai is really the best!” After saying that, Xiao Tian kissed Mu Ai’s cheeks.

“You are really close to little Ai.” Su Ruanyi uttered, “It’s like a father and a daughter. Isn’t that right, sister Jingxian?”

“Yes.” of course, Long Jingxian loved it when she saw Xiao Tian and her daughter getting along like that.

“Now he only needs to think of a way to improve his relationship with little Yu.” Ye Qingyu knew that Xiao Tian still did not have a close relationship with Feng Yu.

Of course, she knew that he had been trying to deepen their relationship, but she also knew that all of his efforts were in vain.

When Xiao Tian looked at her, Feng Yu immediately said, “I’m not interested in something like that.”

Xiao Tian could only sigh after hearing her words. He was used to her cold behavior, so he wasn’t as sad as he used to be.

“Little Yu, you should start treating him nicely.” Lin Xing Xue really wanted Xiao Tian and her daughter to get along like his relationship with Mu Ai. ...

Feng Yu did not answer and only looked at Xiao Tian before finally returning her attention to the TV again.

Xiao Tian sighed again.

“Tian, you can do it!” Ye Xueyin cheered him up.

When all of them returned their attention to the TV again, they saw shocking news about Xiao Tian.

Chinese Magazine wrote an article about Xiao Tian!

Chinese Magazine was a magazine that discussed the wealthy and successful people in China.

It was one of the most popular magazines in China because it always wrote articles about rich and talented people.

Chinese magazine also had several teams that calculated people’s wealth.

Rumor had it that people would know all the rich and talented people in China if they read all the Chinese Magazines.

And this time, they wrote an article about Xiao Tian!

They said Xiao Tian’s net worth was now around 200,000,000 Yuan.

That meant Xiao Tian had managed to raise his family status again from a middle-class family to an upper-class family.

Two years and five months!

Xiao Tian was able to raise his family status from a lower-class family to an upper-class family in less than three years.

This kind of thing was very, very rare in Chinese history!

This was the reason why China Magazine wrote such a great title for Xiao Tian’s article.

Miracle Young Man!

Yes, the title of his article was miracle young man.

They called Xiao Tian as miracle young man because he could achieve something almost impossible to achieve.

“Tian, that is news about you.” Ye Xueyin’s eyes shone brightly when she saw good news about Xiao Tian on TV.

He also caused an uproar when he managed to raise his family status from a lower-class family to a middle-class family.

At that time, he also got interviewed by one of the most famous magazines in China. Not only that but he was also invited by a famous TV Show.

She just didn’t expect him to cause another uproar. Of course, she was pleased because Xiao Tian was one step closer to his dream now.

“Little brother, you are amazing!” Shi Fei stated.

“Student Xiao, I know you are a cleaver young man, but it seems like I still underestimate you.” even though Su Ruanyi knew that Xiao Tian was an intelligent person, she was still shocked.

“Miracle Young Man? Wasn’t that title too good for him? After all, he is only a pervert who always takes advantage of the situation.” Even though Ye Qingyu said something like this, she was thrilled deep inside her.

“Aunt, you are so cruel to me!” Xiao Tian put on a sad face. “I’m indeed a miracle young man, you know?”

‘Un, un. That title is not bad! It fits me really well.’

He was satisfied with his new nickname.

“Why are you making a face like that? Did I say something wrong? That’s the truth, isn’t it?” like before, Ye Qingyu did not praise Xiao Tian.

“That’s right. Tian’er is indeed a pervert young man.” Liu Ning played along with Ye Qingyu’s joke.

Xiao Tian instantly turned his head to look at Liu Ning. “Ning’er, not you too.”

“Mmuch…” Mu Ai kissed Xiao Tian’s cheeks again. “Big brother, don’t be sad anymore.”

Xiao Tian immediately kissed Mu Ai’s hair. “As I thought, only little Ai can understand big brother’s feelings in this house.”

Lin Xing Xue and Long Jingxian giggled when they saw them.

At this moment, most people in China knew that there was one more person who had succeeded in raising his family status to an upper-class family.

Xiao Tian!

Yes, the name of the person who managed to raise his family status from a lower-class family to an upper-class family in less than three years was Xiao Tian.

From that day onwards, Xiao Tian got another nickname.

People started to call him a miracle young man.

[End of season two. Next season is the last season: the truth.]