Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4578: Breaking The Seal

Chapter 4578: Breaking The Seal

“Poof!” Dao flame ignited in Li Qiye’s hand, nearly colorless. Despite its inconspicuous appearance, it was one of the strongest dao flames in existence.

It had a multiplicative transformation property, from one to three, from three to nine, and on and on…

This gave it a special characteristic - an ability to return anything back to the void. In other words, anything touched by it would turn into void.

This was countless times scarier than being burned. The latter was due to intolerable heat and the end result would be ashes. Of course, there were ways to stop it as well.

As for returning to the void - nothing would be left. There was no heat to produce a change, only a simple return to nothingness.

Not to mention cultivators, even an immortal would suffer from the power of this dao flame. Their hard-earned immortality would extinguish in no time.

The trio obviously didn’t understand the power of this dao flame. Nonetheless, they were still intimidated. This was an instinctive fear stemming from the depth of the heart. Power and determination forged by experiences weren’t enough to overcome this fear.

“I’ve never seen a dao flame like this one before.” Jian Ming murmured.

The other two felt the same way. This dao flame had no heat in the slightest and Li Qiye didn’t activate his power. Nonetheless, they knew better than to mess with it.

Li Qiye raised his fiery hand and touched the block of amber. The latter immediately melted, inch by inch, in a soundless manner without sizzles and crackles. There was no byproduct in the form of a liquid or ash. Nothing was left of the amber.

Keep in mind that chronoblood amber was one of the toughest substances available, capable of withstanding ultimate attacks and the withering of time. This was the reason why it could seal a living person for eras.

Using the amber required immense strength and painstaking effort, and so did melting it. In this case, the void dao flame bypassed all of that - a testament to its destructive potential.

“No… this is chronoblood amber, not temporal stones… such a large block too… we could have been so rich…” Jian Ming was on the verge of tears.

Temporal blood stones were highly coveted, especially by near-death ancestors. They served to prolong life via hibernation.

The resulting expense was sky-high even for the power of an entire sect or kingdom. In this case, chronoblood amber was the highest quality meant only for the strongest characters.

A tiny bit was refined from a huge quantity of temporal blood stones by a top master. The process was arduous and lengthy. ...

How many top masters would want to spend their time refining these stones? After reaching the peak, they have grown old. Thus, they valued their time and energy.

Given the priceless nature of the amber block, even the dregs or remnants after the melting process would still sell for an insane price.

Unfortunately, Li Qiye turned it back to the void. Not even ashes were left.

“At least leave a little crumb for me so I can sell it for something…” Jian Ming grieved the financial loss as if he was Li Qiye’s accountant.

Eventually, the girl appeared before them once the amber block was gone.

Jian Ming and the others didn’t dare to utter a single word, completely focused on observing her. She seemed to be sleeping and resembled a beautiful jade statue.

The trio became tense because she should be alive before entering the amber. No one was dumb or wasteful enough to encapsulate a corpse in chronoblood amber.

Sure enough, she suddenly opened her eyes.

“Boom!” A torrential force erupted and sent all three flying.

“Shit!!!” Jian Ming bellowed in astonishment.

Wise Ancestor was a relatively strong cultivator yet he still got blown away.

Their butt became sore after hitting the ground, causing them to grimace in pain.

“So strong, that was just a glance.” The daoist was astounded.

The girl merely opened her eyes and unleashed that unstoppable force. It wasn’t an attack in the slightest.

They calmed down and stared at her. She was clearly alive now with a flowing life force. Her eyes were blue just like the color of the ocean. They seemed capable of containing an entire world. Waves could come out of them and engulf everything.

There was no doubt that she came from the highest of nobility. Despite a lack of aura, the three had to look up at her with nothing but reverence.