Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4546: Godwhip Princess

Chapter 4546: Godwhip Princess

The two were legends with a strong friendship. Eventually, Enveloping joined Dao Sanqian and became his strongest follower.

The two of them created Three Thousand Dao. Keep in mind that in the beginning, Enveloping Monarch’s background was more prestigious.

Bones Sect was a dao lord lineage and the Golden Cycle of Death was a supreme art. Dao Sanqian’s background wasn’t bad in the slightest but it couldn’t compare to Bones at its height.

Moreover, the ancestors of Bones had high hopes in Enveloping Monarch, hoping that he would become a dao lord in the future.

His departure was a great blow. Bones even declared their intention of punishing this bad seed. Unfortunately, he became too strong already so there was nothing they could do.

Of course, this was understandable since he left and still continued to train with the Golden Cycle of Death. This could be considered traitorous.

Three Thousand Dao went on to become a behemoth. Outside of Dao Sanqian’s domination, Enveloping Monarch also contributed greatly. These contributions were well-documented and recognized by recent generations.

Alas, Enveloping Monarch’s sacrifice was not in vain. For eras, their sect produced dao lords and became a wonderful lineage. The deep friendship between the two became legendary as well.

“It’s understandable why Bones Monarch is doing this. He has been the sect master for five generations now, it is his responsibility to carry out this mission.” An expert aware of the story said.

Bones Monarch seemed hellbent on fighting or even killing Enveloping Monarch. No one had a problem with this since the latter could be considered a traitor.

“It’s more than that, Bones Monarch might be Enveloping Monarch’s junior brother too.” An older big shot shook his head.

“Really?” Many became surprised.

“No, he’s more likely to be a martial nephew.” An ancestor from an eastern clan said: “I don’t think they were from the same generation.”

“Yes, the bond only makes the will to cleanse stronger.” A sect master said.

Whether Bones Monarch was a junior brother or martial nephew, he must have looked up to Enveloping Monarch then. The relationship made the betrayal even more unbearable.

“Brother’s golden cycle might not be at grand completion but it is still more than enough to suppress you.” The ancient voice from the pavilion answered.

“Bullshit.” Bones Monarch laughed and said: “One day, Bones will topple your sect.”

Others took a deep breath after hearing this. Just saying this line could herald a disaster but Bones was different.

He had still lived for so long in spite of his arrogance. Stronger foes might have taken him down but he would always come back in the next generation. As for these foes? They were either dead or in hibernation.

“I’m afraid you lack the strength to do so.” The voice didn’t become angry and had only disdain.

“Very well, I’ll start with you then.” Bones Monarch declared: “Come out and become a victim of my cycle.” ...

“I’m not here today to play with you.” The man inside had no intention of fighting.

“Hmph.” Bones snorted after hearing this.

Suddenly, a loud explosion was caused by a figure descending from the sky. Next, a dozen more or so landed and caused debris to go flying.

Once the scene became clear, the crowd saw radiant armored soldiers standing there. The leader was a girl in an armor made from gold and platinum. She had both an intimidating yet feminine appearance when the wind blew the strands of hair in front of her forehead.

“Godwhip Princess!” A crowd member blurted after seeing the flashy entrance. [1]

“The current Heavenly Phoenix, gorgeous and powerful.” One youth had nothing but admiration in his eyes.

“She’s definitely a sight for sore eyes.” Another youth praised.

“Enough of this infatuation since you have no chance. Godwhip School and Three Thousand Dao are too close.” A senior glared and said.

The princess was the successor of Godwhip, rumored to be the final disciple of Godwhip Deity. Her talent and background are both exceptional. Therefore, her future companion needed to be brilliant as well.

After stealing the spotlight, she lowered her head in the direction of the pavilion and respectfully said: “Greetings, Heavenly Monarch.”

“Congratulations, Virtuous Niece, you have obtained the legacy of Brother Deity.” The voice in the pavilion answered: “Visit Three Thousand Dao sometimes and spar with Shenjun.”

“May I ask how Brother Shenjun is doing recently?” She happily said, not hiding her affection.

“He’s recently left his isolated cultivation so you can visit.” The voice answered.

“I will definitely go and see his supreme arts.” She excitedly responded.

Many exchanged glances after hearing their conversation. Of course, this was bad news for some of the youths.

“So she’s really Godwhip Deity’s disciple.” A big shot has heard about this before. Now, it was finally confirmed.

Godwhip Deity was renowned and considered to be on the same level as the six monarchs of Three Thousand Dao.

The two sects had a deep relationship due to a particular person - Eight Stallion Dao Lord.

The dao lord was original from Godwhip, an immemorial lineage that has declined.

1. This title has too many meanings, I might have to change after getting more contect ?