Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2275: Training Spaces

After telling Yotan and Threelotus to not resist as he did with Schleya, he pulled them into his Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace, stepping foot into his palace himself.

Patting the dumbfounded Yotan and Threelotus, he walked past them and opened his mouth.

“Are you all done with splitting the Essence Orbs?”

From Evelynn to Dalila, everyone smilingly nodded their heads except Isabella who was working on the last share of the Space Essence Orb.

“We’ll be done in a few moments.”

“Good,” Davis nodded and gestured to his back, “These two are the main force of my Reaper Soul Legion, so give them two portions of Light Essence Orb.”

“Alright.” Sophie giggled, “Most of us don’t use Light Laws anymore, so it’s easily doable.”

As their cultivations and law comprehension increased, they were also driving their Soul Forging Cultivation to their main Law paths, no longer needing Light Laws for their Soul Forging Cultivations.

“However, Niera says that she’s going to still train her Soul Forging Cultivation with Light Laws,” Sophie added, causing Davis to nod.

“Go ahead.” Davis turned to look at Niera, “Take what you all want first and give me the last portion.”

“Truly…” Niera seemed like she wanted to say something, her face full of affection but she shook her head, “Do you truly not want a share of the Fire Essence Orb?”

Davis shook his head with a light smile.

The moment he stepped on the path of using heavenly flames and heavenly lightning, both Fire Essence Orb and Lightning Essence Orb could only give him average comprehension. Only the heavenly tribulation can give him the insights he needed to drastically improve his Fire Laws and Lightning Laws.

Thinking like this, he felt that it was better that they used Fire Essence Orb for themselves while he was planning on presenting the Lightning Essence Orb to Eldia. After all, she was only half heavenly lightning spirit while the other half still contained extinction lightning.

This way, it would benefit everyone in his group overall.

However, two figures who were brought in suddenly had no idea about the current situation.

Essence Orbs? Light Essence Orb? Fire Essence Orb? What was going on?

Yotan and Threelotus had no idea but looking at the pure sources that Evelynn and the others held in their grasp, safely stored in a transparent jade casing, their hearts couldn’t help but shiver.

Were they being gifted immortal-level resources…?

The aura of these elements was so pure and concentrated, perhaps even easily comprehendible that they couldn’t help but keep doubting their eyes and senses. How could such a thing exist in this world? And how could they be easily sharing this with each other!? Even appearing to gift them?

“Legion Commander and Vice Legion Commander… you’ll work hard as you two have always continued to have, right?”

Davis turned to look at Yotan and Threelotus, causing them to flinch.

“… Yes!” Their expressions couldn’t help but churn with excitement as well as intense gratitude.

From the moment they became his subordinates, their cultivations seamlessly increased, never actually hitting a bottleneck. To this extraordinary Legion Master who bestowed them with boundless rewards and care, not treating them as disposables despite the risks involved, their gratitude knew no bounds, which was also why their gazes turned complicated.

Davis nodded to them and walked to a crimson-robed woman beside Mingzhi, “Schleya, aren’t you interested in some Essence Orb?”

Schleya shook her head as she looked around.

From what the Essence Orbs she could see, Wood, Water, Metal, Earth, Fire, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Yin, Darkness, Yang, Light, and Space, there was nothing that garnered her attention as she practiced Blood Laws.

“The only other law I’m interested in is Karma Laws as I think that it connects with Blood Laws. I don’t need anything else, truly…”

Schleya sincerely spoke with some gratitude clear in her tone, causing Davis to stare before he nodded.

“Alright, then you should take her as your teacher.”


Davis pointed towards a lovely blonde-haired beauty, causing her to jump. Schleya saw that it was Tia, Davis’s little aunt.

“She has a unique physique that’s tied to Karma Laws, so her achievements in the future wouldn’t be lacking to any of you.”

Davis’s evaluation of Tia caused the person to blush while the others were also nodding their heads in approval.

“Mhm, I’ll do as you say.” Schleya lightly smiled, “I’ll also help guard her since she seems more vulnerable.”

“True, she’s the weakest out of us all.”


Tia reacted as though she got stabbed by his sentence, causing everyone to glare at him....

Davis simply chuckled, knowing that everyone was protective of Tia because she’s the youngest and the most adorable out of them all.

However, watching Schleya approach, Tia hid behind Clara, appearing a bit timid.

“Teacher, I’m under your care from now on.”


Schleya went on one knee, causing Tia to jump frantically before she rushed to help her up.

Davis watched the scene with heartened eyes as well as some amusement over the awkwardness of a bold yet daring blood-driven woman and shy yet hard-working karmic-driven woman. He watched them accept each other as they formed their teacher-student relationship while the student promised to protect the teacher from all evils of the world.

Schleya’s move instantly garnered many eyes of approval. In fact, they secretly glanced at Davis’s expression, wondering why he hadn’t made a move on her yet but it wasn’t their place to put this strange relationship into question as Mingzhi didn’t say anything about it either.

“Alright, let me show you the living quarters before we return to the cultivation quarters here.”

Davis gestured towards the staircase. They walked over but instead of going above the staircase, the wall parted, inviting them into another grand hall. Each floor had seven units, three to the left, three to the right, and one to the end in the subsequent hallway.

He showed them around before displaying that each floor was also connected with the training chamber on the other side.

The only location they couldn’t enter is the ninth floor’s living quarters but Davis imagined that was where Lereza was actually living, so he didn’t bother with kicking her out or making space for him.

‘She’s a child. Let her have her safe space…’

He imagined, not wanting to offend her or scare her as he scarred her enough, making her accidentally cry in the name of finding her weakness although he kept wondering what was there in the ninth floor’s living quarters. In due time, he thought of gaining her trust and vice versa before finally heading to check what the ninth floor’s living quarter hosted.

After they explored the eighth floor’s living quarters and moved on to the cultivation chamber, he thought of letting Nadia practice her Death Laws in this place. However, he felt like since she hadn’t become an Immortal yet, there was no need for her to use the Death Essence Orb as it wasn’t like she had anything else left to increase.

Nadia was maxed out as she could be in his mind and even if she could advance further, the Death Essence Orb was definitely not enough in his evaluation.

Subsequently, he didn’t use the Reaping Death Formation of the eighth floor either.

As for the seventh floor, it held the Nurturing Life Formation where they previously recuperated. He didn’t activate the formation but he allowed Schleya to practice her techniques here as no one other than him practiced Life Laws.

Descending to the sixth floor, there was the Vast Temporal Space Formation that he activated using both Space Essence Orb and Time Essence Orb. Here, Isabella, Lea, Clara, and Tia decided to practice Space Laws.

The moment they entered, it was like they had stepped into another world as they couldn’t see the horizons. It was a dark space but there was also a bit of light allowing them to see. Here, there were many vortexes connecting one space to another, time flowing backward and forward, causing fissures to break out before stitching back themselves, maintaining an eerie equilibrium.

The entire scenery was a mystery to them at a glance but it only made them excited, causing them to jump inside.

“Be careful!”

Davis warned them with a loud shout but he saw Lea staying back, stepping out of the formation.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well,” Lea pulled him to one side and whispered through soul transmission, “What’s going on with your Founder? I’m grateful to him for protecting my sect but don’t you think he’s forcing Ancestor Cornelia?”

“She’s a mother-like existence to me, so I care about her as much as-“

“It’s fine, Lea.” Davis interrupted her, a serene expression appearing on his face, “Trust me.”

Lea became taken aback. Her alluring crimson pupils gazed at him, her eyelids fluttering before she nodded her head.

“I believe you.”

“Great. Then help me do this…”

Davis instructed Lea before he grinned, “You want to allow her to live a long life, at least long enough to let her see our child, right?”

“…” Lea blushed, “Yes… but don’t misunderstand. I have not become pregnant.”

“That’s fine.” Davis winked, “We can try as many times as we want here as long as you don’t mind us not being married yet.”

“Hmph~ You wish!”

Lea’s nose cutely scrunched up as she pushed him away, causing Davis to turn around in a good mood as he left while Lea deeply smiled at him.

She shook her head and entered the Vast Temporal Space Formation, intending to increase her comprehension of Space Laws. On the other hand, her newly created avatar was with Ancestor Cornelia, but they were in the Fifty-Two Territories Summit, so she didn’t make a move.

As for Davis and the others, they descended to the fifth floor, arriving at the cultivation chamber that was embedded with a Yang and Light-Attributed Training Formation.


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