Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2274: Tea Talk

Davis wanted to know if Lucia was also affected by him. After all, he had inextricably caused Glyn to die back then so what needs to be said about Lucia and others who shared a fair amount of time with him?

There could be many variables due to Fallen Heaven’s sheer yet invisible presence but he had no way to see through them all, only managing to spot a few; like now, where he found Diana’s blood had a minute amount of spirit blood.

However, he couldn’t help but doubt something.

“Founder, I’ve seen people who sometimes exude more potential as they grow up but to suddenly have what was not there or dormant, how do you explain it?”

Founder Alstreim smiled brightly, “Have you ever heard of inherited illnesses?”

‘Genetic disorders…?’ Davis wondered if they were thinking the same thing before he perfunctorily nodded.

“In this day and age, it’s rare for people to get sick like cultivation-less mortals but I won’t deny that there are plenty of harmful things in the world out there that would cause people to fall sick, even one’s own cultivation fallacies and deviations. If you’re saying that you had no idea that your second little sister had spirit blood, then this must be one of those rare cases.”

“Nothing has changed much from the time we were mortals. Inherited potential or inherited illnesses still follow the same rule as inherited illnesses once did, laying dormant in our bloodline. One fine day, it might pop up unbeknown to you, ruining or enriching your life depending upon the trait of the change. There are examples of people releasing more bloodline quality after puberty, or sometimes even having less than before, so there’s a bloodline check after puberty. You understand that, right?”

Davis nodded.

Talents are checked two times; preferably after birth, before three to five years of age, and after puberty. This wasn’t to just divide the heirs and peasants but to also see if there were any other changes to their talents so that they could be appropriately looked after.

Founder Alstreim continued, “This reaction happens due to the Spirit Blood hidden within the middle dantian not unleashing its full potential upon birth. There’s latent potential but this is different. Most of the time, the Spirit Blood would have only unleashed ninety-nine percent of its essence when a baby is born. The remaining one percent is released upon puberty, not making much of a difference but is still a difference.”

“But for some people, the potential unleashed upon birth wouldn’t be ninety-nine percent but lesser, even far lesser like eighty or seventy percent, making it so that they when they reach puberty, they seem like a carp leaping out of the sea to become a dragon as the remaining thirty percent of their talent is restored.”

“However, this kind of change almost never occurs after puberty. If the impossibility happens and the Spirit Blood brings out an inherited potential or illness from ancestors through bloodline, it could be life-changing or life-threatening. If you’re worried about what kind of change it is for your second little sister, don’t worry. It’s a positive change as she practices Wind Laws.”

Davis couldn’t help but keep nodding his head, understanding more and more.

However, his attention wasn’t on why the bloodline changed but on the very source of the change, something that no normal person would expect.

‘In other words, it’s still possible for fate to keep changing repeatedly even if the end result is set in stone…’

Davis had inferred this back then but now, he practically confirmed it, his expression turning wry.

After all, if Diana truly had the spirit bloodline, they would’ve found it after her Coming of Age Ceremony but they didn’t, which could only mean that she came to produce the spirit bloodline in her blood recently, perhaps a year or two ago.

‘Well, Diana did say that she improved drastically in Wind Laws and left Illusion Laws far behind…’

Davis felt that he wasn’t paying enough attention to his two siblings, giving Clara more special treatment than them.

“Descendant, you make a face like you want to have a break.” Founder Alstreim reached out his hand, grabbing the teapot, “Here, have some tea.”

“Founder is erudite and I had enough tea.” Davis stood up, “You have my gratitude but after a short time, let’s head to the Fifty-Two Territories Summit and infer the situation.”...

Founder Alstreim also stood up, “Sigh, the Fifty-Two Territories is in shatters.”

“However, the descent of these so-called Vacuous Beasts you spoke of given a boon. The atmosphere here has immortal aspects to it, enriching the quality of heaven and earth energy. I imagine that this would lead to a golden era of the Fifty-Two Territories.”


‘I don’t even know if this Fifty-Two Territories Formation is going to collapse or repair itself and neither does Lereza…’

Davis had already relayed his intent to Ancestor Dian Alstreim and Ancestor Tirea Snow, that if the remaining Territory Fog collapses, they must abandon everything and retreat to the Forsaken Phoenix Realm until his return.

At least, in the Grand Sea Continent, it would be difficult for non-aboriginals to forcefully invade due to the powerful spatial gate and suppressive pathway placed there. It was starkly different from the other mini-realms he had seen, perhaps because the Grand Sea Continent was connected to the Third Layer.

After all, that spatial formation in the Grand Sea Continent leading to the Third Layer was constructed by Tian Cangjie as seen in the murals.

Nonetheless, Davis was intent on using this brief moment of time to mix in as a denizen of the First Haven World. However, he was well aware that he must time it right.

There were hundreds and thousands of Vacuous Beasts that descended on the First Haven World, wreaking havoc. He couldn’t be too fast or too slow to enter. Otherwise, he would be swallowed by the Vacuous Beasts or hunted by the immortals for his secrets. Moreover, he didn’t know if his abilities were exposed but it was best if he assumed that they were exposed.

However, at what time should he exactly leave? he had no idea.

Only a day had passed but was it enough for the hundreds and thousands of Immortal Vacuous Beasts, perhaps even crossing the million mark to end up dead?

Davis turned with a curious expression on his face.

“Founder Alstreim, how many Immortal Kings are there in the First Haven World?”

“I don’t know but it’s safe to say that there are at least more than a thousand Immortal Kings.”

Founder Alstreim smiled, “However, the First Haven World is a vast world, at least a hundred times bigger than the Fifty-Two Territories from what I know. At that time when the Vacuous Beasts first attacked, only fifteen Immortal Kings helped us overcome it as they slaughtered the Immortal King Vacuous Beasts but that led to severe casualties. I hope this time, many more Immortal Kings head to the front lines or they can’t possibly contain this large of an invasion.”

“I see.” Davis’s brows narrowed, “Then let’s leave in half an hour.”

“Why not now?” Founder Alstreim blinked.

“I still have a few things to take care of. In the meantime, why doesn’t Founder think about how to convince Ancestor Cornelia? Perhaps you might have some luck.”

“You jest…” Founder Alstreim couldn’t help but wryly laugh, “But I’ll think about it.”

Davis nodded and left, returning to his chamber in the Mortal Hex Emperor Purple Palace. There, he met Yotan and Threelotus as he had told them to come.