Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4525: Ignorance

Chapter 4525: Ignorance

“Don’t make claims you can’t carry out.” Jian Ming sneered.

There was already an existing feud. If Alchemy Child could, he would absolutely kill Jian Ming. Therefore, he instantly retorted: “Fool, our Immortal Monarch is an apex existence while you all are mere worms. Being disrespectful to my sect and the monarch will leave you with a burial-less death.”

“Yeah, yeah, our young noble doesn’t give a damn about your monarch or sect. If he wants this auction, he’ll get it. Be smart and get out of the way.”

Alchemy Child naturally couldn’t compete in a childish argument since he hasn’t done it before. After all, Jian Ming traveled extensively and lived on the streets, honing his tongue with experience.

“Why are we dragging this trivial matter out? Grotto Courtyard, make a decision already.” Li Qiye waved his hand at the auctioneer.

Meanwhile, the auctioneer was still stunned after hearing Li Qiye’s bid earlier. He finally regained his wits after the comment.

“Our monarch said that the courtyard could state whatever demand, everything is negotiable.” Alchemy Child said confidently: “Thus, please carefully consider and pick our sect. This is the only right choice that will help your auction house exist for an eternity with a supreme foundation. Let me know what you think.”

Others exchanged glances. Alchemy Child wouldn’t dare to make this claim without permission. Therefore, he was acting as an official representative of True Immortal. It seemed that this monarch truly wanted the item at all costs.

“We appreciate True Immortal and the monarch’s kindness.” The auctioneer bowed toward Alchemy Child.

This made the latter think that a decision has been made. Victory was his. Therefore, his expression changed as he started gloating with total satisfaction, looking down on the rest of the crowd and telling these mere insects to never mess with True Immortal.

He arched his chest forward, smirked, and didn’t try to hide it in the slightest.

Alas, the auctioneer’s next line brought him back to reality: “After careful deliberation from our ancestors, we have chosen a winner for the final auction of the night, Young Noble Li. Thank you, everyone, for participating in the auction. It was our pleasure to serve you all today…”

This took most by a storm. Only a few big shots didn’t find this surprising, albeit still unexpected.

Alchemy Child’s expression was still one of jubilation as he stood there frozen, unable to process the outcome. His complexion then changed color repeatedly, matching his internal emotions.

His haughtiness has been slapped back to reality by the auctioneer. This turned into anger and unacceptance.

“Auctioneer, you must deliberate with the auction house regarding this important matter. Don’t make the wrong choice and mess up the future.” Alchemy Child raised his voice at the auctioneer. ...

The big shots snorted and sneered after hearing this. Participants of auctions didn’t always win and had to accept the result. After all, the highest bidder would always be the winner. Therefore, the opportunities were equal for all.

Now, Alchemy Child had threatened both Li Qiye and the auction house. This was unbecoming and detrimental to his reputation.

Of course, he was only an alchemy servant. His action didn’t necessarily harm True Immortal’s image.

The auctioneer didn’t like this and waved his hand, no longer using honorifics: “You need not worry about our future. We have discussed this thoroughly already and came up with this decision. Your sect’s conditions were indeed generous but they aren’t suitable for us. I apologize.”

“The decision came so fast, what is this about thoroughly, such nonsense.” Alchemy Child stopped choosing his words.

Despite their business creed, the auctioneer’s patience grew thin. They didn’t need True Immortal to interfere with their method. Moreover, Alchemy Child was a nobody. Even a big shot from True Immortal was not qualified to preach.

The crowd also thought that he was a sore loser. This was truly hard to watch.

“Bah, you’re making a fool out of yourself and your sect. It’s just one auction.” Jian Ming said: “How did the so-called number one sect in the world not find anyone better to act as their representative? Maybe it should change its name to True Asshole instead, except learn to hide it with your pants instead of exposing it and making a fool out of yourselves.”

“True Asshole, hah!” A few youths started laughing while imagining the image.

“This brat’s mouth is too foul.” A big shot shook his head and smiled.

One cultivator in stealth laughed: “The brat is annoying but he got it right this time.”

“You!” Alchemy Child was livid: “Our sect will annihilate your…”

“I know, I know, annihilate my clans and make servants out of us after your young emperor becomes a dao lord, wait, flay my skin and drink my blood, flattening our ancestral ground… anything else? I’ve heard it all before.”

“...” Alchemy Child nearly vomited blood from anger.

“The auction is over, please leave.” The auctioneer told Alchemy Child, politely telling him to leave but in reality, workers were ready to escort him out.