Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2273: Running Into A Unfactored Change

Davis remained alone in the hall, his hand hanging in the air before lowering it slowly.

‘Now then, the only remaining thing to do is to confront Founder Alstreim’s suspicious behavior and head to the talk conducted between the three races to bring an end to their long-winded banter.’

The feys truly didn’t have a representative as they lacked an apex powerhouse, leaving them vulnerable to the whims of the three races. Nonetheless, he truly wanted to know what they were discussing about as the Alstreim Family’s existence and safety should be secured.

After leaving Nadia’s two doppelgangers here to protect the Mortal Hex Emperor Purple Palace, he exited the hall and flew out of the palace as he sped past the Grand Alstreim City.

His destination was another one of the Alstreim Family’s cities where the person he was looking for stayed.

“Everyone, use the Spirit Formation before you to divide the Essence Orbs and keep another equal portion extra for another usage.”

Davis’s voice echoed in Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace, causing all the women who had entered to blink before they turned to look at the Spirit Formation Myria left behind.

They began using it, dividing the Essence Orbs Davis gave to them for cultivation. He had already divided them in two but since a few more needed them, they began dividing them into equal portions as he instructed.

Nonetheless, after instructing them, Davis’s gaze fell on Everlight.

Right now, Everlight was in the little yet spacious shelter in his soul sea, her expression churning with delight. Her expression only became bewildered for a moment before she loved the strange energy seeping into her, thinking that this was a beneficial place to grow, and thanked Davis for the treat, not aware she would be continually subjected to that life energy until she underwent a mutation.

Davis could sense the amount of energy Everlight was being provided was more than what Nadia received, which went on to say that the Transitory Beast Taming Pact’s absorption and bestowal were allowing Everlight to mutate faster than Nadia.

However, he wasn’t surprised, considering that he and Fallen Heaven had also grown in power from that time, literally able to kill immortals.

Still, his gaze couldn’t help but turn complicated when looking at Everlight.

Like how not anyone could receive the boon of reincarnation, Davis decided long back that not anyone can receive the boon of mutation invoked by Fallen Heaven.

If Everlight did not have affection for him and thought loyally with gratitude in her heart, he wouldn’t have allowed her to form a pact with him. If it were not for the former, he would’ve sent her away because gratitude alone isn’t enough for him to allow a mutation on Nadia’s level to be born into this world.

But because of her affection for him, he also felt guilty as he felt like he was using her. After all, the chances of mutating were unknown and could end in her death.

That’s why he had asked if she was prepared to die and her answer was a solid yes.

Although he could revive people, could he revive people who underwent a qualitative change in their body and soul through Fallen Heaven?

Would they not be submerged in the karmic burden of Fallen Heaven, becoming too heavy of an existence to be revived?

Davis didn’t know.

Perhaps he could revive them. Perhaps he could not. He wouldn’t know until he tried it out but hoped that Everlight sure does succeed on the first try.

‘If all turns out well and she’s fully proven herself to be loyal, I’ll make it up to her…’

Davis thought, not justifying himself but trying to redeem himself.

Although receiving this kind of boon was itself something almost no wolf could afford to get except Nadia, he still thought he was being rather cruel, knowing that Everlight liked him. If he could make amends later, then he felt that he could at least soothe his own conscience.

‘In any case. I intend to tell her about the mutation halfway anyway…’

On the high platform of the most luxurious guest palace floating in another Alstreim Family city, a crimson-robed woman leaned on a high, carved pillar. She had her eyes closed but at this moment, she opened her eyes, looking at the purple-robed man in front of her.

“Schleya, you have my gratitude for keeping an eye on him.”

“The pleasure’s mine.”

Schleya took a step forward as a heavy breeze rushed past her. She raised her hand and ran her fingers through her silky crimson-black hair.

“What else shall I do for you?”

Davis smirked as he placed his hand on her frail-looking shoulder, causing Schleya to momentarily freeze.

“Don’t resist.”


Her heart ceased to beat for a second and when she came out of her reverie, she was already in a spacious hall.

When she looked around slightly, she saw that she was surrounded by Davis’s harem while there was a Spirit Formation active towards the far front, causing her brows to twitch.

“Schleya, you’re back. I missed you~”

Mingzhi pounced on Schleya before she captured her hands, shaking them with vigor. The others also nodded to her, causing her to feel a strange warmth.

‘It hasn’t been even a day…’

Schleya complicatedly thought about their warm welcome, wondering why they were so good to her.

Davis saw that they were getting along from the outside. Indeed, as the master of the Nine-Treasured Immortal Ordeal Palace, he could peek into most accessible places, relay his voice almost everywhere and control all the formations; at least the ones he had found so far.

Only after he had bound its core did he find that there were living quarters in the far back connected to the ground floor, so he didn’t know what kind of places existed in Lereza’s control.

Nonetheless, after absorbing Schleya into his palace, he walked into the guest palace and knocked on the master unit.

A few seconds later, the door opened and a smiling face appeared in front of his sight. He paid that smile no heed and entered the room, turning to look around....

“No suspicious activity, check. No woman hidden in the closet, check. No erotic books hidden under the bed, check.”

“Descendant, aren’t you openly suspicious of me… if I may say so, rather too much?”

Founder Alstreim Windstorm cried but no tears came out. On this one day, he knew that he was under heavy surveillance. He could still go out as he pleased but there must be someone accompanying him at all times.

However, was this any different from being a prisoner?

Davis made himself comfortable on a luxurious sofa as he spread his hands and crossed his legs.

“Well, I already explained to Founder what took place during the final descent of the Calamity Light.”

Founder Alstreim closed the door and walked towards him, sitting opposite Davis.

“Descendant, I understand that the Heaven Gazing Sect’s Immortal had been possessed and backstabbed the Heaven Mandate Temple’s Immortal but I’m simply not possessed or even relatively influenced.”

“I bet the Heaven Gazing Sect’s Immortal thought the same thing until he was truly taken over.”

“…” Founder Alstreim’s expression looked as though he had no comeback to that.

“Founder, I understand your concerns but right now, you’re the only immortal left. I don’t want that crazy bastard to suddenly appear in your body and say, ‘Haha, you thought I wouldn’t appear just because the Calamity Light closed? Retard!’, then proceeding to effortlessly kill me and my family. Wouldn’t you feel sorry for your carelessness then? Isn’t it better to cooperate for the moment as much as you could?”

Davis raised his brows, causing Founder Alstreim to cry but still have no tears. A while later, the latter sighed.

“Descendant, you scare me.” Founder Alstreim took out tea cups and poured tea for Davis and himself, “What do you want to know?”

Davis couldn’t help but smile as he inhaled the fresh and natural aroma filling the room, knowing that Founder Alstreim was still stronger than him although not here as the suppression still existed. He took the teacup and sipped the tea, nodding his head in approval as he felt his cultivation churn positively.

“Then tell me for what reason Founder went to visit Ancestor Cornelia five times in this one day?”


Founder Alstreim innocently blinked.

“Do you love her?”

Davis was unapologetic about his suspicions, leaving Founder Alstreim speechless.

“Fine. I can’t keep quiet after you asked all this.” Founder Alstreim lowered his head, “Otherwise, I know I’ll unwittingly shatter whatever little left of trust there is between us.”

“You’re absolutely right.”

“Sigh, the thing is…”



Davis had his gaze on the ceiling as he comfortably laid on the sofa but his expression was muddled, to say the least.

Founder Alstreim Windstorm had a bright smile on his face as though he had won for the first time. His gaze couldn’t help but narrow as he poured another cup of tea for Davis, reaching for round seven.

“I had the opportunity to take a look at your little sister Diana a few days ago. I must say, she’s talented in Wind Laws, garnering my attention on the very first day.”

“Wait…” Davis sat straight instantly on hearing his second little sister’s name pop up, “What does that have to do with what we have discussed just now?”

Founder Alstreim Windstorm smilingly shook his head, “When I first visited the Alstreim Family, I noticed a talented woman who caught my eye but later turned out to be your second little sister.”

“I told your Ancestor Dian Alstreim to check her bloodline through a normal Bloodline Formation and a newly upgraded Bloodline Formation and it was as I expected. Both the results showed the same thing, that she possesses a minute amount of Windstorm Binding Spirit blood in her body.”

“There’s a valid chance that if I transfuse my blood essence to her, she might be able to able to increase her spirit bloodline to my level almost, causing her to become more powerful. This could also be considered as my immortal inheritance although I’m only willing to give three drops of my blood essence.”

“…” Davis remained speechless while Founder Alstreim Windstorm continued.

“I didn’t expect someone other than my sons and daughters to rekindle this bloodline after such a long time. Perhaps, in the passage of time, a few had this blessing as I feared but was never noticed as the Alstreim Family has decided to inherit my Fire Laws since their talent in Wind Laws had been generally lacking.”

“Nonetheless, I want to accept your second little sister as my disciple as I can’t let this talent go to waste. What do you say as her elder brother?”

Founder Alstreim’s voice was sincere and joyful, seemingly rejoicing at finding a fellow-blooded individual within his descendants unlike the monster in front of him. However, Davis lowered his head, his eyes exuding a complicated glint.

‘Edward, Evan… even Laura. At least, you’re all normal, right…?’

Although Diana’s spirit bloodline might just be a pure coincidence, he couldn’t help but feel worried if they had their own skewed high destinies of their own.

Raising his head, Davis’s gaze became sharp, “There’s also another woman I want Founder to test for spirit bloodline.”


Founder Alstreim raised his brows, his gaze a bit intrigued.

“My cousin sister, Lucia Alstreim.”