Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4519: Shadow Conference

Chapter 4519: Shadow Conference

“Let’s get this going already.” One big shot urged.

Everyone was interested in this treasure because it came from a legendary lineage. A few wanted to find out more about the lineage through this treasure, hoping to see some clues.

“Seven Martial Pavilion…” Jian Ming started talking to his group: “I heard there is a shadow conference that takes place there, really secretive stuff.”

“You know quite a bit.” Li Qiye glanced at him.

“Hehe, I’ve only heard about it out of coincidence, don’t know much more.” Jian Ming smiled.

“Spying on someone else’s secret can end with decapitation. You are always sneaking around trying to find forbidden things, be careful now.” Li Qiye smirked.

Jian Ming felt a chill coursing down his spine. He shuddered in response: “I don’t do anything like that, it’s just that I got lucky and occasionally heard a few things, not on purpose though.”

He tried hard to defend himself: “Yes, I was blessed by the heaven and somehow stumbled into that place. I saw something shadowy. Ancient existences were conversing but I was polite enough not to stick around for too long…”

“Quite a coincidence, huh?” Li Qiye smiled.

Jian Ming smiled awkwardly. He wasn’t sneaking around that time and only came there out of coincidence and luck. He became curious and couldn’t help himself. However, that scene was terrifying so he immediately ran.

“The shadow you mentioned looks like an ocean? Where did it come from?” The daoist became vested in the conversation.

“A swindler like you know about this too?” Jian Ming was surprised because he only got there by chance. However, the daoist seemed to know without having the same experience.

“As if you’re the only one who knows.” The daoist stared haughtily at him and said: “When I was reading the heaven, your ancestors were still playing in the mud.”

“Please.” Jian Ming glared at him and said: “Enough boasting, you wouldn’t be saying that if you were there to see it. I’m sure someone told you, you didn’t find out on your own…”

“Don’t look down on others with your dog eyes.” The daoist uttered coldly: “Our clan knows every eternal mystery and secret in the world, a regular person like you wouldn’t understand about the changes of the ocean and the existence of the shadow.”

“Hmph, then do tell, what is the shadow conference? Don’t tell me you don’t know after all the strong words.” Jian Ming retorted.

“That’s a…” The daoist opened his mouth, nearly falling for the trick. He immediately realized it and glared at Jian Ming: “Brat, don’t even dream about tricking me.”

“Haha, what trick? I just wanted you to prove your knowledge. Seems like I’m mistaken.” Jian Ming tried again. ...

In reality, he was just a frog under the well regarding this matter. He knew that the daoist had more information than he did.

Of course, this wasn’t the daoist calculating himself but rather, leftover pieces from his clan. Therefore, Jian Ming wanted to pry it out of him.

“You won’t understand even if I tell you. The secrets of the world are beyond your comprehension.” The daoist said.

“Still at it? At least tell me some proof of your knowledge.” Jian Ming said.

“...” The daoist turned red but refused to speak. He knew how to keep his mouth shut about certain things and wouldn’t bite.

His clan was privy to forbidden information. Alas, divulging these secrets could result in disasters. Therefore, the daoist ignored the brat.

Eventually, Jian Ming mumbled and complained then gave up.

Meanwhile, the auction was still ongoing with one bid higher than the previous.

Outside of the item from the pavilion, there was a supreme artifact from an ancient dao lord, an immortal treasure, and something from the river of time itself…

One auction originated from Blessed Dao Lord. This one caused quite a stir and everyone went all out, not just Alchemy Child from True Immortal.

All in all, any of these treasures would cause a bloodbath in the outside world. Cultivators would kill for them.

The big shots came prepared and had ample resources. They just didn’t bid early on so they had enough for the later rounds.

One thing kept on recurring - whenever someone made a high bid, the crowd would steal glances at Li Qiye.

They didn’t want to provoke and cause him to randomly make an insane bid. They assumed that he was here only to antagonize the other participants.

During the item from Blessed Dao Lord, Alchemy Child was as nervous as can be. Eventually, they understood that as long as they didn’t say something to offend Li Qiye, he wouldn’t make a bid. They heaved a sigh of relief after realizing this and refrained from saying anything negative.

In reality, he didn’t need any of the auctions. The fire dragon pills were only to help out Turtle-seeker Ancestor. As for the Shaking Immortal Grass, he disliked Alchemy Child and wanted to toy with him.

The subsequent treasures didn’t interest him either. Eventually, the item from Blessed Dao Lord had an owner. This was the ninth auction.

“Alright, there is still one last auction. Esteemed Guests, please take a break right now.” The auctioneer announced.