Cultivation Online

Chapter 1071: Stone Bandits’ Hideout(3)

“Hmph! So what if I have worked as a guard for the Lin Family? What are you trying to say?” The bulky man coldly snorted.

“I will get straight to the point then.” Yuan said, “Did the Lin Family tell you to mess with the Tian Family?”


The bulky man kept his mouth shut this time, not daring to respond to Yuan’s question, as this was the only flaw for Grail of Truth. However, one could argue if this was really a flaw, since if someone refuses to answer when they know what will happen if they do, it could only mean that they were going to lie.

“If you think silence will save you, I have bad news for you…” Yuan calmly said to the man.

“And what are you going to do to me? Kill me? You don’t even have any concrete proof that I belong to this Stone Bandits or whatever.” The bulky man sneered.

“Proof? In a world where the powerful is always right, proof is not necessary.” Yuan spoke with a cold smile on his face, and his peak Spirit King aura that could suppress even a Spirit Emperor filled the hallways and nearby rooms, causing everyone to tremble before it.

Tian Yanyu stared at Yuan with wide eyes.

‘This aura— He’s a Spirit Emperor?! No! That’s not possible! Spirit King is the peak in the Third Heaven! There’s no way he’s a Spirit Emperor!’ She cried inwardly.

The bulky man subconsciously took a step back when he felt Yuan’s aura, and he spoke in a nervous voice, “Y-You are powerful, I will give you that, but you won’t be able to handle the Lin Family by yourself!”

Yuan chuckled, “Who said anything about dealing with the Lin Family by myself?”

“Anyways, are you going to tell me or not? I will not ask you again. My patience is running low.”

The bulky man showed him a bold smile and said, “Go fuck—”


Yuan suddenly retrieved his Empyrean Overlord and slashed it at the bulky man in a speed that was too quick to react.

The bulky man’s head rolled on the floor the next moment before his body collapsed.

Tian Yanyu’s jaw dropped a little after seeing this.

“Y-You actually killed him?” She almost couldn’t believe that Yuan would kill the bulky man so quickly.

“It’s pointless talking to him. There should be other high-ranking bandits that know about their deal with the Lin Family.” Yuan said with a nonchalant look on his face, feeling not even the slightest guilt from killing a mere bandit that has caused the Tian Family so much trouble.

He turned to look at the horrified young bandit and said, “Go grab his head and bring me to the other bandits.”

“Y-Yes!” Now realizing that Yuan was the real deal, the young bandit didn’t dare to hesitate to listen to his commands.

He quickly went to pick up the bulky man’s decapitated head and proceeded to bring Yuan around the building.

Whenever they encountered a bandit, Yuan would use the Grail of Truth to make sure that he wasn’t troubling anyone innocent.

He would also ask the bandits questions, and when they refused to answer or try to run away, Tian Yanyu would act according to her own will and slay them. Of course, she would still kill them even if they answered their questions, as she could not forgive these bandits that have ruined their family business.

It was mayhem within the Passion Palace with blood being spilled all over the place....

Eventually, the guards arrived at the scene to stop the commotion.

“Halt!” A dozen peak Spirit Lords and a few Spirit Kings showed up before Yuan and Tian Yanyu.

“You are…” The guards immediately recognized Tian Yanyu because of her beauty, but they did not recognize Yuan.

“Lady Tian! What in heaven’s name are you doing?! Why are you involved in this unscrupulous massacre?!” The guards asked her.

“Unscrupulous? How rude. I am merely cleaning up the bandits that have been messing with my Tian Family for years.”

“Bandits?” The guards were taken aback by her words.

“The Stone Bandits. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They’re quite famous for human trafficking and robbery.”

“Do you have any proof that the people you’re killing are related to the Stone Bandits?” The leader of the guards asked after some pondering.

If Tian Yanyu was telling the truth— that she’s cleaning up the bandits, the city would be awarding her for her efforts instead of being punished.

“Of course.” Tian Yanyu nodded, and she pointed to the small group of bandits that they had captured and been dragging around the whole building.

“They all admitted to being part of the Stone Bandits, and they even confirmed that the Lin Family had paid them to mess with my Tian Family.”


The guards were shocked after hearing this information.

The leader of the guards approached the group of bandits and asked them with a stern expression, “Is what she said true?”

“Y-Yes! We’re all part of the Stone Bandits! Please! We’ll tell you everything! Just save us from these monsters!” The bandits began crying.

They’d rather spend time behind bars than to deal with Yuan and Tian Yanyu.

The leader of the guards was speechless, and he said to Tian Yanyu, “We will deal with the rest from here. Please return to your home for now. We will visit you once we are done here.”

She didn’t say anything and turned to look at Yuan instead.

“We have already fulfilled our purpose here. Let’s leave for now.” Yuan said.


However, before they could leave, the leader of the guards asked Yuan, “Excuse me, who are you? I know of Lady Tian and the Tian Family, but I don’t recognize you.”

Yuan then answered, “My name is Xiao Yang. I am just a rogue cultivator who is currently in the process of repaying a debt my ancestor owed the Tian Family. If you need to speak with me, you can find me at the Tian Family.”

“I-I understand…” The guard nodded in a dazed manner.

Yuan left the building and returned to the Tian Family with Tian Yanyu shortly after.


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