Cultivation Online

Chapter 1070: Stone Bandits’ Hideout(2)

“Y-You! Who are you?! Do you know where you are?! How dare you cause a commotion here!” The manager of the Passion Palace showed up shortly after Yuan entered the building with Tian Yanyu.

Yuan glanced at the middle-aged man, who had a furious face, and said, “If you had brought us to your boss in the first place, we wouldn’t have needed to resort to this.”

“Guards! Throw them out of here!” The manager shouted, and over a dozen Spirit Lord cultivators surrounded them the next moment.

“Are you aware that this place is being run by the Stone Bandits?” Tian Yanyu asked them in a calm voice.

And she continued, “If you are aware of this fact and still decided to help them, we have the authority to kill you all. This is your last chance to walk away.”

Tian Yanyu retrieved an elegant sword with a thin blade and casually swung it at the empty air in front of her.

“Stone Bandits?! That is a baseless accusation! What proof do you have that this place is run by these bandits?!” The manager exclaimed.

“I have worked in this place for over 30 years and I have never seen anything related to those bandits from this place!”

Tian Yanyu smiled and said, “To not notice something like this after so long, you must blind, but that’s not even the worst part. If you’ve worked here for over 30 years and do not know about the Stone Bandits, that must mean they don’t trust you enough to tell you about it despite the amount of time you have spent here.”

The manager trembled in anger after hearing such words, and he roared, “They’re just spewing nonsense to mess with our heads! This place isn’t run by any bandits! Kill them!”


The guards shouted as they encircled Yuan and his small group.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” Tian Yanyu said as she went into an offensive position.

However, before the guards or Tian Yanyu could move, Yuan suddenly activated Heavenly Domain, instantly overwhelming the guards and forcing them to their knees without seriously injuring them.

“Let’s all just calm down and wait for the boss to show up, shall we?” Yuan spoke with a nonchalant expression on his face.

Even though the guards couldn’t see Yuan’s cultivation, they instinctively knew that he was not someone to be trifled with, so they all remained on their knees with their heads lowered even after the Heavenly Domain was deactivated.

Meanwhile, somewhere inside the building, the young bandit was kowtowing before a bulky bald man, who had an enraged expression on his face.

“So you failed your mission and even brought trouble back to our hideout, huh? I knew you were trouble since the day we accepted you. I should’ve killed you sooner…” The bulky man suddenly jumped out of his bed, where several naked women were resting, and landed in front of the young bandit.

“I hope you’re prepared for your punishment, young one…”

However, the young bandit immediately jumped to his feet and rushed outside.

“You think you can run away?!” The bulky man got dressed in less than a second and chased after the young bandit, who didn’t dare to look back as he rushed back to Yuan and Tian Yanyu.

“Young Master! I brought the boss here!” The young bandit shouted even before he could see Yuan’s face again....

“Die, you useless trash!” The bulky man had caught up to the young bandit and prepared to strike him.

However, before his fist could reach the young bandit, a figure appeared between them and causally blocked his fist.

“So you’re the Stone Bandits’ leader? I have a few questions for you.” Yuan calmly spoke as he stood before the bulky man like an immovable mountain.

“W-Who the fuck are you? Stone Bandits? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” The bulky man was greatly surprised by Yuan’s sudden appearance and was even a little nervous.

Even though he didn’t go all out for his strike, it was still enough to kill a Spirit Lord with ease, yet Yuan had managed to block it with one hand and with seemingly no effort at all.

“So you’re not affiliated with the hooligans that have been causing trouble for the Tian Family?” Yuan asked.

The bulky man retrieved his fist and spoke, “Tian Family? I have heard of them, but what do they have anything to do with me? Don’t tell me you believed that brat over there without any proof?”

“So you’re not the leader of the Stone Bandits, and you have no affiliation with the Stone Bandits?” Yuan asked again.

“The answer is no to both of your questions. You should do some investigations before you accuse someone. I also expect some kind of compensation for the commotion you have caused my business today.” The bulky man said.

Yuan suddenly smiled and retrieved an object that was emitting a golden glow.

“When someone lies before me, this Grail of Truth will light up, so what you just told me is a lie.”

The bulky man took a few steps back after seeing this treasure. ‘Where the fuck did he get such a powerful treasure?!’ He cried inwardly.

Yuan turned to look at the young bandit and asked, “Have you been lying to me?”

“N-No!” The young bandit quickly said.

The Grail of Truth did not emit any light after hearing his words.

Yuan turned to look at the bulky man again and said, “This is all the proof that I need to deal with you.”

“Xiao Yang! Is everything okay?! Why did you suddenly disappear like that?!” Tian Yanyu appeared at this moment with Xiao Hua following behind her.

“Hey, I just found our bandit boss.” Yuan said.

“Really?!” Tian Yanyu frowned when she saw the bulky man’s appearance.

“Y-You… I know him! I have seen him working as a guard for the Lin Family before!” She exclaimed after recognizing the bulky man’s face.