Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4507: 30,000

Chapter 4507: 30,000

The frustrated Cloudgrasp couldn’t do anything right now since Li Qiye’s bid has become authentic.

“10,000 void coins, any higher?” The auctioneer enjoyed this development.

“Going once…” He repeated.

All eyes were on Cloudgrasp since he was the only person here capable of contending. Moreover, he desired it the most.

He took a deep and told the auctioneer: “Please give me some time to discuss this, is that possible?”

The auctioneer asked the guests: “Any objection, gentlemen?”

This auction was rather flexible. The big shots exchanged glances and allowed to give more time.

Cultivators like them had plenty of time. Most importantly, they had no intention of participating in this round anyway. There was no reason to refuse and they wanted to see what Cloudgrasp can do since he was here to represent Skybreak Monarch.

“Young Noble?” The auctioneer asked Li Qiye since he was the highest bidder and the ultimate decider.

“Let him, benevolence has always been a part of my nature.” Li Qiye smiled.

Cloudgrasp heaved a sigh of relief.

“Sigh, the great Three Thousand Dao has trouble over such a tiny sum. Looks like this auction is lower-level than expected.” Jian Ming’s foul mouth didn’t waste this opportunity.

Cloudgrasp’s expression turned ugly. If it was any other time, he would rip the kid to shred. Alas, there was something more important to do.

He nodded to the auctioneer and took his leave, clearly wanting to communicate with the monarch about the void jade.

A while later, he came back and sat down, looking calmer than before.

“11,000.” He raised the price by 1,000.

“Oh, he received more authority and resources.” One youth murmured.

Previously, he only raised the price by 100 each time. It seemed like the monarch has given him more flexibility. The jade appeared to be rather crucial to this top master.

Because of this, the elder looked more confident than ever as he gazed at his peers.

“12,000.” Li Qiye, on the other hand, remained relaxed.

“13,000.” The elder snorted.

“14,000.” Li Qiye’s tone didn’t change.

“15,000.” The elder coldly uttered.

“16,000.” ...


“20,000.” Li Qiye smiled and raised the increment.

“Hmm…” The big shots found this astonishing.

“You!” Cloudgrasp Elder thought that he would win for sure but Li Qiye showed no sign of relenting.

“Giving up yet?” Li Qiye smirked.

The elder hesitated. He himself thought that the void jade was no longer worth another bid.

“Forget about it.” Jian Ming tried to act like a good guy: “I know what you’re thinking, is this jade really worth that much? But our young noble’s problem is having too much money. He’s just buying a few things out of boredom, the same can’t be said about you. Spend it frugally instead.”

“Hah, you’re being too kind, it’s just a matter of not being able to afford it.” The daoist decided to join the fun: “It’s tough for everyone when compared to the young noble. A drop in the ocean for the young noble is a mountain to Cloudgrasp Elder. Elder, don’t waste the monarch’s retirement now.”

The two of them infuriated the elder who glared intimidatingly at them.

“These two brats talk too much.” One big shot commented.

The participants couldn’t handle the jeer and wanted to slap the two. This was already merciful; some actually thought about flying them.

“21,000.” Cloudgrasp calmed down and focused on business instead.

“30,000.” Li Qiye casually replied.

“!!!” The participants clamored again, even the experienced big shots.

This current bid was now ten times higher than the starting price, something truly illogical. Moreover, this currency was extremely rare.

“Is he crazy?” One big shot said.

“Is the void jade really worth this price?” Another from an ancient clan wondered.

Some thought that maybe they didn’t know the actual worth of the jade, unlike Li Qiye.

The elder’s expression became unsightly. 30,000 was exceeding his threshold. Alas, the monarch told him that he truly wanted the jade. This was a matter of reputation as well.

Competitions over face were inevitable. As the saying goes - men argue over face, Buddhas argue over incense sticks.

Beads of sweat could be seen on his forehead as he struggled for the next move.

“Is your sect struggling recently? Thinking so much over 30,000 coins, you are making the monarch look bad. On the other hand, our young noble didn’t even bat an eye.” Jian Ming started again.

Though he was trying to provoke the elder, everyone could see Li Qiye’s nonchalant expression and that it wasn’t a lie.