Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4334: Support

Chapter 4334: Support

“I know exactly what happened. He must pay with his life for killing my fellow sect members.” The young lord coldly uttered while being under the spotlight.

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Furthermore, Little Diamond conspired with the darkness to harm Southern Desolace. This is a serious offense and we are responsible for eliminating all threats for the sake of the world. Am I right, gentlemen?”

He tried to garner the support of the crowd to go against Chi Jinlin.

The others exchanged glances but none wanted to speak. Li Qiye was certainly a murderer in this case but none wanted to prosecute him.

A while ago, it was Little Diamond versus Dragon. The choice was obvious. Now, Chi Jinlin had shown full support for Li Qiye.

This became a contest between Lion’s Roar and Dragon. Anyone with a little sense would want to stay away.

Joining the fight between two behemoths might result in being stomped to a pulp. Those who loudly supported the young lord earlier kept their mouth shut. It was best not to offend Chi Jinlin and Lion’s Roar.

The young lord’s expression darkened after seeing their passivity. Chi Jinlin’s arrival stole his momentum right away.

“Young Lord, that is a serious accusation. Be careful or you’ll damage your sect’s reputation.” Jinlin calmly responded.

“Hmph.” The young lord snorted: “Putting other matters aside, he must pay with his life for killing our disciples. There is no compromising here.” Others might be afraid of Lion’s Roar and its heir but not him.

Jinlin frowned after hearing this. He then responded: “Young Lord, if you insist on a resolution, there is no need to bother Master Li Qiye. I will overestimate myself and have a taste of your supreme merit laws. Let us spar.”

Listeners took a deep breath right away. Jinlin wanted to take responsibility for Li Qiye’s actions, whether it be the murders or his transgressions against the young lord.

In other words, picking on Li Qiye right now was akin to picking on Lion’s Roar – something unacceptable.

They still didn’t know why Jinlin was willing to go to such length to support this unknown sect master.

“You!” The young lord glared at Jinlin and started to contemplate.

He certainly wasn’t expecting this reaction at all. He wanted to become the leader of the young generation and defeat the heir of Lion’s Roar. ...

Everyone believed that the new leader would either come from Dragon or Lion’s Roar. In other words, these were two likely candidates.

The young lord had certainly thought about fighting his rival before. Alas, he never got the chance to have a duel. Plus, he had heard of Jinlin’s talent before as well.

He was not ready for a sudden fight so he hesitated. After all, a battle would be extremely important. He had to win in order to become number one.

Thus, ample preparation was necessary. To fight now was being too hasty and reckless.

The crowd also contemplated about these two successors. A fight between them was inevitable. Which one was stronger?

Jinlin went on and said: “Young Lord, you are a sovereign already, quite peerless in all of Southern Desolace. My cultivation has stagnated and I pale before your brilliance. It would be my honor to spar with you.”

Everyone naturally liked his humility and politeness more than the young lord’s imperious attitude. They had also heard about his dao stagnation before he became the heir. However, he improved quickly later so this comment wasn’t exactly accurate.

It still worked on the young lord. He felt better but maintained a strong tone: “A life for a life, this is how it has always been. Even if you ask me to show mercy, I can’t do so since I need to answer to my sect.”

“Senior Brother, it is just a trivial matter. His Highness has given us enough face.” The saintess of Dragon interjected, giving them an easy way out.

“Are you all finished yet?” Li Qiye stretched, looking bored of this conversation.

The crowd had nothing to say. His attitude was disdainful towards everyone including the heir of Lion’s Roar who was helping him.

The young lord scowled after hearing this but the heir didn’t mind. He cupped his fist and said: “I’m fortunate to be able to meet you again, Sir. I would like more guidance if possible.”

The crowd became confused and stared at Li Qiye. He was certainly not a big shot or anything. Why was the heir so respectful towards him?

The young lord didn’t buy it but the saintess looked to be lost in rumination.

“I came here to ferry souls, not to lecture.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Jinlin asked hurriedly, assuming the role of a junior to the astonishment of listeners.