Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4200: Silkworm Dragon Sword Dao

Chapter 4200: Silkworm Dragon Sword Dao

The crowd watched the duo with bated breath.

“Clank!” Dong Ling unsheathed his sword. Its radiance fully displayed its extraordinary nature.

“Scion, let’s get started.” Dong Ling said while assuming a battle stance.

“Clank!” The scion also readied his Violet Abyss, releasing its permeating dao lord aura.

When he channeled his vitality and energy into the sword, it pulsed brightly and dao lord laws manifested into reality, rendering the crowd breathless.

It was as if he wielded the sword of order, capable of delivering the ultimate judgment. The dao lord aura intensified as a result – one wave higher than the previous.

“The scion has the weapon advantage.” An expert stated the obvious.

Dong Ling’s sword was brilliant but there was quite a gap between the two swords.

“Excuse me then. Evening River Sun!” Dong Ling roared and performed a vertical solar slash, creating rays as bright as sun rays.

The slash crossed through the air and resembled a temporal river. The rising sun looked tiny and ephemeral in comparison before this sword dao.

“Impressive!” Many shouted. Even the ancestors stronger than Dong Ling were impressed by the attack.

The slash wasn’t restricted by time and space, instantly appearing before the scion.

“Not bad!” The scion was unperturbed and retaliated: “Earth Eater!”

As Violet Abyss swung down, the sky vault seemed to be smashed. An abyss was formed and ate up Dong Ling’s dao river.

The power of the abyss was immense since it contained a heavenly dao on top of a dao lord sword. Spectators naturally trembled before its might.

Nonetheless, Dong Ling still didn’t give up and continued to maintain his momentum.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Their swords collided three times.

Dong Ling had no problem keeping up in terms of internal energy and cultivation. Alas, his sword broke into two pieces.

The aftershock caused Dong Ling to stagger backward and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“It’s over so fast?” One spectator asked.

“The scion is untouchable among the young generation.” A youth said.

“Actually, I don’t think Dong Ling’s cultivation is inferior, he can keep up for quite a while.” An ancestor said: “It’s a shame that his weapon and merit law are inferior.”

The crowd felt bad for Dong Ling, thinking that this match was over.

“Your life is forfeited.” The scion pointed his sword forward. Its murderous aura seemed eager to pierce through Dong Ling’s body. ...

“It’s too early to say that. Your sect isn’t the only one that has capable weapons.” Dong Ling laughed and said.

He decided to summon a different sword – one of the fire affinity. The flames oozing from it had the appearance of dragons.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Other swords in the audience resonated, clearly approving this sword.

It was rather old and has been passed down for millions of years. Alas, time didn’t weaken its imperial aura – one of an Immortal Emperor.

He looked spirited while being illuminated by the flames. Its imperial aura made him regal and domineering.

“What is this sword?!” Everyone thought that this new weapon was on the same level as Violet Abyss.

“A fine sword you have there.” Even the scion praised.

“ A divine sword left behind by an ancient emperor.” One ancestor said.

“Earth Eater!” The scion attacked right away, splitting heaven and earth apart along with the celestials.

“Bring it!” Dong Ling used a new technique: “Soaring Silkworm Dragon!”

The imperial sword flew upward and transformed into a hybrid dragon. Its sword energies ravaged the sky.

The contest between an imperial and a dao lord sword caused fiery sparks to splash everywhere. Destructive shockwaves emanated outward since they didn’t hold back.

“Azure Dragon!” Dong Ling performed the second variation even before the first was finished.

He whirled his sword and the entire world was engulfed by it. The dragon started shooting out annihilation rays.

“Boundless Abyss!” The scion’s sword exuded a violet radiance. His Abyss Sword Dao intensified and resembled a primordial beast opening its jaws, successfully devouring the second variation.

“Source-seeker Dragon!” Dong Ling pulled back his technique and focused it at a single point to stop the incoming abyss.

“Rumble!” The battle shifted from the sky all the way down to the ocean floor then up again.

One had access to a heavenly dao while the other utilized the art of an ancient emperor. The profundities of their techniques mesmerized the spectators.

“I can’t believe Dong Ling is this strong, it’s an even fight.” One expert said.

“I suppose he’s among the top three too, we were mistaken.” A last-gen member added.

“It looks like Heaven Silkworm School is not weaker than any dao lord lineage. His sword dao is magnificent.” One ancestor commented.

“How strange. Rumor has it that his sect was created by two ancient ancestors. It never produced an emperor or dao lord before, so how does he have access to these two things?” One king found this astonishing.

“This type of ancient sect is old beyond traceability, they might have resources unknown to outsiders.” A high elder answered.