Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 841: Ranks

However, he was in dire need of those [Spirit Foundation Pills] provided by the academy, and being in the top 40 after defeating Atlas, he should have received 25 Spirit Foundation Pills per month. Since he had been gone for a little over four months, he was hoping to get 100 of them on his return.

To his surprise, when he went to the privileged center and asked for the 4 months’ worth of [Spirit Foundation Pills], he only received a total of 45 pills.

A little confused, Emery checked the list containing the number of pills received for certain-ranked privileged acolytes.

[Rank 1-5: 40 pills]

[Rank 6-10: 35 pills]

[Rank 11-20: 30 pills]

[Rank 21-40: 25 pills]

[Rank 41-60: 20 pills]

[Rank 61-80: 15 pills]

[Rank 81-100: 10 pills]

With the ranking reward list, Emery assumed that his ranking went down at least 20 in the first month and another 20 for the rest, causing him to only receive 15 in the first month and 10 each month after.

Seeing Emery’s shocked expression, the red-haired girl who came back to the center with him could not contain her chuckle.

“This is why I wanted us to go back as soon as possible—being away really cost us.”

The fact was, with so many privileged acolytes challenging each other, every time someone on a higher rank was defeated, the rank of every acolyte below would inevitably be pushed down sooner or later. This was especially the case for the two of them as they were placed in the middle ranks, which were the most competed range of ranks.

Emery was not sure if 45 Spirit Foundation Pills would be enough for his breakthrough, but either way, the end of the month was going to come just a few days before the mid-test. If he could return to the top 40 or even reach the top 10 of the privileged acolytes, he would be able to receive 15 to 25 extra Spirit Foundation Pills.

Because of that, Emery decided to quickly take the test as soon as he returned. The sooner he could rise up the ranks, the better it would be for him.

[Emery Ambrose]

[Test Ranking – Rank 9]

[Privilege Ranking – Rank 98]

Annara could not hide her amusement when she saw how large the discrepancy between his privilege ranking and his test ranking was. “Hahaha, this must be a new record! Don’t be too sad, though, look! We are sort of the same, don’t you think?”

[Annara Vermont]

[Test Ranking – Rank 47]

[Privilege Ranking – Rank 99]

Emery only gave a smile when he saw Annara’s test ranking. Being away for so long made them into the bottom two.

“Don’t worry we get back to the top in no time” said the red hair girl

Being aware of the large gap between his two rankings made him wonder about something.

“Do I need to fight from the bottom again?” Emery doubtfully asked the girl.

As much as he was confident in being able to repeat and even far surpass what he did last time, he would rather not do everything all over again. Not only would it be time-consuming, but considering his current strength, wouldn’t it be considered little more than bullying?

To Emery’s confusion, his question was met with a dumbfounded look on the girl’s face....

“No no no, what you did before was kinda stupid!” Annara said with a somewhat mocking tone before continuing, “With your ninth rank, you should focus on getting in the top 20. Other than coming to the arena at the end of the month, you should issue a challenge instead. Anyway, if you don’t issue a challenge, they most likely won’t show up at the arena, especially so close to the midtest.”

The girl then showed him how to access the privilege bracelet and connect it to the privilege information, and almost instantly after, the ranking information and the list of the top 100 privileged acolytes were shown.

“Remember, you can only send one challenge at a time.”

Emery quickly checks the name of the top 20 under his rank 9. The ones available to be challenged were those who either were not away for official business or haven’t had a scheduled challenge.

There were seven acolytes within the list that he could challenge.

[Zetto – Rank 10]

[Freya Faulen – Rank 12]

[Shar Mistra – Rank 13]

[Sigurd – Rank 15]

[Amelia Amatys – Rank 17]

[Jinkan Nephilim – Rank 19]

[Diyoo – Rank 20]

From the seven names listed, Emery recognized two of them; The first one was Sigurd, the strong acolyte with Titan bloodline who fought together with him during the magus game, and the other was Jinkan Nephilim.

Reminded of what Lord Izta said about the Nephilim, it would be wise not to choose one of them right now. If anything were to go wrong, it would only add more issues to them.

Emery was interested to know about the other names on the list, but his eyes were stuck on the name he first recognized. He was incredibly tempted to challenge Sigurd as he had seen the power of the Titan bloodline.

However, before he could decide on challenging the Titan acolyte, Annara interrupted his thoughts.

“Only one challenge issue at the time, and whoever you challenge has one week to accept or refuse your challenge, remember you only have 2 weeks before the midtest”

Considering the two factors she mentioned, Annara recommended Diyoo, the acolyte ranked 20th. According to the girl’s knowledge, Diyoo was both a strong martial artist and a fierce fighter, and knowing the other party’s personality, she was sure that he would accept the challenge right away.

“After defeating Diyoo, I suggest you try challenging Zetto next, which would be the most feasible plan to reach the top 10 right away” she continued.

After thinking about it for a moment, Emery agreed that it was indeed a solid plan. Just as she said, within minutes after he sent the message, Diyoo quickly accepted his challenge.

[Diyoo – Rank 20 has accepted your challenge]

It was followed with information about the time and place which will be tomorrow at noon.

Seeing Emery’s confident smile, Annara reminded, “Don’t think it will be easy, everyone in the top 20 are all crazy strong. Some of them even have unique one-of-a-kind abilities.”

Emery nodded in understanding.

Now that he had a duel scheduled, he suddenly felt extremely excited. At the same time, he could not hold himself back from checking the top 10 to find one particular name.

[Zach Talon – Rank 4]

“I’ll catch up to you soon enough.”