Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3936: One And Only

Chapter 3936: One And Only

The crowd found this voice to be too familiar; their eyes followed the source.

They saw Li Qiye’s group slowly walking over with a relaxed expression.

“It’s Li… His Excellency.” One expert blurted then quickly corrected himself. Calling Li Qiye by his name was no longer acceptable.

“Your Excellency.” Five-colored Sacred Sovereign got on his knees.

The Monk of Wisdom placed his palms together and did the same: “It is an honor to finally meet you, Your Excellency.

With these two prestigious cultivators taking the lead, the rest of the holy ground’s members did the same.

Someone as prideful as Eight-tribulation Blood King had to follow the crowd. Li Qiye was the real deal - the true lord and representative of Sacred Mountain. War Camp and the Biandu followed suit as well.

A fair number of cultivators from Righteous and the east prostrated. As for the big shots, they cared more about face and only bowed from a distance.

One person who has yet to appear was the guardian in the carriage. Who knows if this person was bowing in there?

“Rise.” Li Qiye glanced at the crowd and said.

They finally stood up and stared at him.

“The sacred lord returned alive from the depths.” One expert was shaken but refrained from discussing this too loudly.

Most experienced the same astonishment, including the strongest ancient ancestors still in hiding.

When people sent him off, most thought that everything pointed towards disaster. They didn’t expect him to actually return.

After all, the inner region was extraordinarily perilous. The ancient ancestors themselves had no confidence traveling to that region. Thus, Li Qiye proved his ability once again.

“His Excellency is truly divine.” One expert praised.

“I told you, miracles always appear around him, he came back completely unscathed.” Another acted as if he knew all of this already, firing after the horse. [1]

His return allowed hope to resurface again. They wanted to see an attempt from him for this weapon.

“Sacred Lord, the immortal weapon is before us. Please display your might and take it, turning it into a holy artifact for the holy ground.” Someone from the last generation politely beseeched.

Everyone waited to hear his response.

“Mmm.” He had a faint smirk on his face as he stared at the weapon. ...

Yang Ling who was next to him took note of this peculiar smirk, not understanding the insinuation.

He was obviously familiar with this so-called immortal weapon since he was the one who broke it during the battle back then.

He then sauntered towards the peak while everyone had their full attention on him.

“Can he do it?” They became nervous, especially the disciples from the holy ground. The latter broke out in cold sweats.

This wasn’t only an issue of seizing the immortal weapon. It pertained to the prestige of the holy ground.

Righteous Supreme had failed so if their sacred lord could do it, he would be one level above Righteous Supreme. The holy ground would then rise above Righteous Sect as well. They thought that this was a perfect opportunity for glory.

“It ought to be.” An expert stated, albeit without confidence.

The issue was Li Qiye’s age compared to Righteous Supreme’s - definitely a considerable disadvantage.

Nonetheless, the holy ground’s members still hoped for his success while swinging their fists in the air. This act served to bolster their own confidence while cheering for Li Qiye.

By this point, Li Qiye stood at the base and didn’t head for the peak like the others.

“Okay, spectators, time to move back. I won’t be responsible for any injuries.” Li Qiye smiled and casually told the crowd.

They exchanged glances and many hurriedly retreated to a safe distance before stopping.

Li Qiye grabbed an iron chain and started pulling. “Clank!” The chains became agitated like slumbering dragons being woken up.

Since they started shaking violently, the rust spots fell off, revealing their true form. Each was radiant but wasn’t made from precious metal. The spectators noted that they were just dao laws created by numerous profound runes.

Each law represented a supreme grand dao that has lasted for an eternity. Just one alone would be able to suppress any monster for eras.

“Someone tried this before…” An expert became surprised.

Sure enough, a few wanted to pull the peak down using the chains. However, the chains didn’t react in this manner.

“It’s because they didn’t understand the grand dao enough. The sacred lord, on the other hand, is able to stimulate these dao laws.” An aged cultivator explained.

“I actually guessed from the start that they were dao laws, not chains. That’s the only way to suppress an immortal weapon like this. So I was right!” An ancestor became excited and loudly claimed.

“His Excellency just does things that no one else can.” An expert from the holy ground praised.

1. Giving advice/commenting in hindsight