Martial Peak

Chapter 2950: I’ll Never Believe You Again

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Amidst a gentle spring breeze, the sweet charm and soft whispers, the bits and pieces of what happened last night felt just like a dream.

Long eyelashes quivering, Zhu Qing slowly opened her eyes to see another pair in front of her that was filled with amusement.

The man who appeared in her dream was lying on the grass, pillowing his head with his arms and looking up at her with a smile. His eyes were filled with a mysterious light while she actually turned out to be lying on top of his body; as for how long she had been sleeping there, that was impossible to say.

Without a single article of clothing, they could feel the warmth of each other’s skin through their naked bodies.

Zhu Qing couldn’t help but scream and scrambled to get up.

But as soon as she moved, she fell back down again. She clutched her underbelly involuntarily, feeling so much pain that sweat covered her forehead.

“Don’t move!” Yang Kai reached his arms behind her waist, hands moving unreservedly over her bare back and waist.

Zhu Qing let out a stifled grunt whilst a fiery red crawled up her cheeks like two sunset clouds. The intimate touch and caress between two of the opposite sex caused her to feel limp and unable to exert any strength.

“What did you do to me?” She asked through clenched teeth, tears welling in her eyes.

“Hey…” Yang Kai’s hands stopped. Whether intentional or not, they just happened to stop on her perky round bottom, and he asked with a sulk, “That’s not the right question to be asking, is it? Don’t you remember what you yourself did?”

“I…” Zhu Qing’s mouth gaped and her expression changed. As the scene inside her dream gradually became clear, the rosiness of her cheek slowly receded and her tender body couldn’t help but tremble.

She remembered. All the memories from before were slowly coming back to her.

She came to the Frozen Earth and found the fallen Great Dragon’s Source, but an accident occurred when she was collecting it. For some reason, the Ice Dragon Source refused to cooperate with her and fled deeper into the Frozen Earth. Her pursuit came with many hardships and she finally caught up to it, but just as she was about to subdue it, the Ice Dragon Source rushed into her body instead and began clashing with her own Source.

She had no choice but to find a quiet place to resolve this crisis. If there had been no interference, then she would have been fine.

However, a sudden disaster disrupted her plans. She felt a terrible force approaching, and before she could escape, she was plunged into darkness.

Then, everything went on just as it did in her dream.

“Your blood!” Zhu Qing figured it all out.

“What?” Yang Kai asked.

Zhu Qing gritted her teeth with tears rolling down her cheeks, “Why is there so much wickedness and obscenity in your blood? What do you think about all day?” If she hadn’t drank his blood and become affected by his evil thoughts, then how could she possibly have done such shameless things as what she did in her dream?

“So now it’s my fault?” Yang Kai was speechless, “I didn’t ask you to drink it. You were the one who bit me and wouldn’t let go. I was…”

“I’ll kill you!” Zhu Qing was about to attack him as soon as she said that, but with just a slight movement, the pain from her lower abdomen would flare up again. She was simply unable to bring up any of her power.

Seems like they went a little overboard yesterday…

Yang Kai snickered, “You’ve had your meal and now you don’t want to pay the bill? And you’re even trying to kill me? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a woman like you!”

As he said that, he flipped Zhu Qing over and with some light force, held himself up with two hands on each side of her.

Zhu Qing looked nervously at him and asked in a trembling voice, “W-W-What… What are you doing?” His aggressive posture made her uneasy and kept her from putting on the airs of a Dragon Clan member.

Yang Kai rested a hand on her belly, stroking it gently as he poured his Emperor Qi into her body through his palm, easing her discomfort.

“It’s a first for both of us so it’s inevitable that we don’t know restraint. Things will get better once we slowly familiarize ourselves with this in the future. En, I don’t know what you think about this situation, but what’s done is done, so there’s no use complaining about it. Look at me, even though I’m a Human, I’m not bad, right? I’ve been looking at myself for several dozen years, and the more I look at myself, the more handsome I become. But you… Even though your temper isn’t very good, it’s not so bad either. So, can’t we be a little more accommodating to each other? Everything must have a beginning and an end after all.”

His serious look made Zhu Qing feel a little lost in thought for a moment.

Ever since she met Yang Kai, it was the first time Zhu Qing had ever seen such an expression on his face. The hand caressing her lower reaches also seemed to have some amazing power that could break through all her rigid defences and cause endless ripples in her heart, making it impossible for her to think calmly.

“You… want to take responsibility?” Zhu Qing also had no idea why but she couldn’t muster up any anger and instead asked him in a soft voice.

“No no no, you’re the one who should be responsible for me!” Yang Kai argued in earnest.

This answer was both hilarious and aggravating to Zhu Qing, so she did her best to put on a cold face, “Why should I take responsibility for you? Who do you think you are?”

Yang Kai did not answer, but instead asked, “Are you feeling better now?”

“Much better.” Zhu Qing nodded, but abruptly realizing that the topic had been steered away, she couldn’t help but glare at him.

Yang Kai began again, “Do you want to… try it again?”

The topic was changing a little quickly, and all the momentum Zhu Qing had gathered up earlier suddenly dissipated. The warmth in her underbelly was spreading like a wildfire, quickly spreading out and causing her entire body to heat up.

Her long eyelashes quivered, and before Zhu Qing could give any answers, Yang Kai had already let out a shout, got on his horse, raised his spear, and charged into the city. Soon, the defenders of the siege had tossed away their helmets and armour and were pleading for mercy.


Half a day later, Zhu Qing lay on the ground with her face looking as if she’d lost her soul. She was just like a living corpse with her hair in disarray, and she heaved, “Please, let me put on my clothes.”

“I’ll help you!” Yang Kai grinned widely.

“No! That’s what you said earlier. I’ll never trust you again!”

“It’s true this time, I promise.”

“Don’t lie to me again.”Read first at L i g h t n o v e l r e a d e r . o r g

“No more lies, absolutely.”...


A day later, Zhu Qing lay curled up in Yang Kai’s arms, as quiet as a sleeping kitten, breathing softly. Suddenly, she said, “The future is still far. Let’s end this session here.”

“En,” Yang Kai responded.

“Let go of me. I’m getting dressed.”


“What do I have to do before you’ll let me go?”

“One more time!”

“The last time?”

“The last time!”


Another day and many ‘last times’ later, the pair finally cleaned their bodies and dressed themselves.

Zhu Qing still felt a bit of discomfort inside her as she sat quietly on the ground, combing her long hair while facing the clear pool of water in front of her. The mirroring figure in the water seemed a little melancholic, but her delicate brows could not help but rise a little.

Yang Kai stretched his body and a crackle sounded through all his joints. He could feel an indescribable sense of relief going through his being now. Looking down at the person in front of him, he reached his arms out to her and gently encircled her body from behind.

Zhu Qing’s body trembled faintly, but when she realized that Yang Kai showed no signs of taking advantage of her and only buried his face in her hair, breathing in deeply, she relaxed.

“How many?” Zhu Qing suddenly asked.

Yang Kai nuzzled his chin against her shoulder and looked at the figure reflected in the pool of water, asking blankly, “What do you mean how many?”

Zhu Qing sighed, “How many were there before me?”

“You’re the first. Didn’t I tell you before?” Yang Kai answered her in a serious manner.Read first at L i g h t n o v e l r e a d e r . o r g

Zhu Qing scoffed, “With all the tricks you have, you can’t tell me you learned all of that by playing with yourself, right? What’s more… After what happened these past few days, do you think I’d trust you so easily?”

Yang Kai said with a sad face, “We’re already so close, why can’t you trust me? That makes me sad.”

Zhu Qing pinched the hand that was slowly moving towards her chest and turned her head around with a cold smile on her lips, “You have one chance to be honest with me. Think it over before you answer.”

Yang Kai blinked his eyes, looking at the delicate face so close to him, and immediately moved in for a kiss.

“Hey… you bastard!” Zhu Qing tried to struggle, but the force of her hand grew smaller rapidly.

The clothes they had just neatly put on were thrown into disarray again.


“I’ve really had enough of you,” Zhu Qing, who had dressed herself once more, complained. Seeing that Yang Kai still wanted to come over, she quickly pointed at him, “You’re not allowed to get close to me for ten days. Otherwise, I’m cutting you off and we’ll never meet again until our deaths.”

“Alright, alright,” Yang Kai raised his hands up and surrendered, “No need to be so nervous. I won’t get close to you.”

Zhu Qing furrowed her brows, sulking by herself for a while before her face cleared up again.

In fact, she was angrier with herself than with him. To think she could hardly even think of resisting this man whom she was having skin-to-skin contact with for the first time. A member of the Dragon Clan shouldn’t be taken advantage of like this!

“I won’t ask about the past, but the future… No one can say what’s going to happen. You have to do what you have to do, but I have only one request. If I don’t consent, do not use force on me.” Zhu Qing eyed Yang Kai with a serious face.

Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll do whatever you say.”

The bit of grievance in Zhu Qing’s heart instantly disappeared.

“How are you feeling now? That Ice Dragon Source won’t cause any more danger, right?” Yang Kai asked with concern.

Even though Zhu Qing’s condition had been stable for the past few days, the Ice Dragon Source was still inside her body after all, and they had no choice but to keep their guards up.

“It’s fine now. I’ve already suppressed the Ice Dragon Source. It will be put in the Dragon Tomb once I return to Dragon Island.” A blush suddenly appeared on Zhu Qing’s cheeks, which puzzled Yang Kai.

After a pause, she asked, “Did you come especially to find me?”

Yang Kai answered, “What else would I run over to the Frozen Earth for? This damned place is really worthy of being called the most dangerous Forbidden Zone in the Star Boundary. If I hadn’t been as lucky, who knows how long it would have taken for me to find you.”

He spoke casually, but a sweet feeling suddenly welled up in Zhu Qing, filling her chest with warmth.

“Oh, by the way, your younger brother is here, too.”

Zhu Qing frowned, “My younger brother? Zhu Lie?”

“Yeah, that little brat. If he hadn’t used a Dragon Clan Secret Technique, then I would never have been able to find you.”

“He didn’t ask you to go to Dragon Island with him?”Read first at L i g h t n o v e l r e a d e r . o r g

Yang Kai snorted, “He tried to, but he became much more obedient after I’d taught him a good lesson. The little brat is fierce, but his strength isn’t much. I, your husband, beat him crawling in just a few hits.”

“What… What husband!” Zhu Qing’s face reddened instantly and she couldn’t help but glare at him with an appearance filled with fascinating charm.

Yang Kai once again found himself gazing wolfishly at her.


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