Martial Peak

Chapter 2949.5: Wrapping by Zhu Qing

With their bodies exposed, Heaven being the only witness, a mighty grip clenched Yang Kai’s large member.

The female beast straddled on top of him looked at this piece longingly. She felt as if everything in the world would become Heaven if this piece of Yang Kai were to fit into place.

Eyes burning hot with desire, she could not wait any longer. Zhu Qing took it and placed it, barely touching her tight slit. She could feel the rod getting hotter and something slimy started to come out of her vulva.

Zhu Qing looked at her partner, who seemed to look back at her in anticipation. His eyes were obviously that of a predator. However, at this moment, the predator had become prey, awaiting to be devoured.

She bit her lips and took the plunge. His large member quickly filled her insides. She could immediately feel pain spreading from lower abdomen as red liquid slid down Yang Kai’s tower.

“Take it slow.” Yang Kai whispered but for some reason, his voice just seems to make her want to devour him even more.

Yang Kai could immediately feel his member being wrapped even tighter, with more love juices being accumulated at his nether region.

He wanted to steal away the initiative, but Zhu Qing was the first one who lifted herself up before slamming her whole body down.

“Ahhh” A growl-like roar came out from her soft lips. It was just the second thrust and Zhu Qing could already start feeling the pleasure of having someone deep inside her.

Her hips stop for a second before lifting up again. The feeling of emptiness when Yang Kai was about to disconnect from her made her slam her body down again.

It was not long before she started to bob up and down on top of him. Making him pierce her repeatedly without stopping.

“Ergh” Even Yang Kai could no longer hold back his voice. He could feel his legs stiffening as his whole body was trying to match her tempo. He could feel Zhu Qing’s hands clawing at his chest, as though she wanted to dig into him.

As both their nether regions slam into each other, their moaning seemed to intertwine.

Both their gazes met, and they instinctively moved their lips closer together.

It was Zhu Qing’s first time, but she was extremely explorative. Her tongue explored every inch of Yang Kai’s mouth. After marking every inch inside of him, Zhu Qing started to mark him using her lips. It first started with his tongue and then to his lips. Soon, she would mark his neck and chest....

Receiving such service, Yang Kai could not help but put her in his embrace. His arms initially wrapped around her back, but it quickly moved down to her bottom.

He could feel his fingers sink in once he touched the two marshmallows of hers.

Unable to hold back, he started to forcefully make her piston him harder.

“Mmm” “Mmm” “Mmm”

Biting on his lips, Yang Kai let off soft groans. Meanwhile, Zhu Qing would let off an occasional “Haa”

She seemed fully intent on marking every inch of Yang Kai with her lip to claim him as hers.

However, that goal would never come to pass as once she started to move to his ears, she could feel her whole lower abdomen being filled by a fiery blaze.

The pumping of liquid inside of her did not seem to stop as she felt like her whole body had been electrocuted. Losing control of her lower body, she felt something bubbling inside of her which released itself onto Yang Kai.

Zhu Qing could not help but scream “Ahhhh!” as her mind completely turned white. Her lower body had completely been soaked in their love juices.

Once both gifts had been delivered, Zhu Qing’s excitement quickly died down as if a hungry ghost had been satiated. Her whole body turned limp as she slid down Yang Kai’s chest and closed her delicate eyes. It did not take long before Yang Kai could feel her breathing soften.

“I guess that’s enough…” Yang Kai said with a soft smile on his face. He looked up into the sky, reminiscing for a moment before shutting his eyes as well. Naturally, feeling comfortable that they were still connected.

Silavin: Feels like this chapter isn’t the best :/

I don’t really find women taking the initiative to be all that appealing. Maybe it’s just me?

Do note that this is technically fanfiction. Not an official chapter like all the .5s.