Martial Peak

Chapter 2949: Be Gentle

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A normal Dragon Clan member couldn't have two Sources, and especially two diametrically opposed Source Strengths. Ice and Fire simply could not coexist in one body. If these two Sources had naturally formed inside Zhu Qing long ago, she likely wouldn’t have made it till today.

In a flash, a bold guess emerged in Yang Kai’s mind.

The Ice Dragon Source could have been the one left behind by the Great Dragon who died in the Frozen Earth.

The reason why Zhu Qing came to the Frozen Earth was not so she could seek out the remains of her fallen clansman. Li Jiao had said clearly back then that the Great Dragon’s bones had long withered away without anything left behind. The reason why Zhu Qing insisted on coming here was so she could bring back the Source left behind by her fallen clansman.

It seemed now that she had found it, but ended up becoming impaired by the Ice Dragon Source.

Sources had no sentience of their own, it was essentially just a mass of power with the lowest level of instinct. As two powers attempted to coexist in Zhu Qing’s body, they greatly repelled and confronted each other naturally. With Zhu Qing’s body as the battlefield, the two Sources fought each other endlessly.Read first at L i g h t n o v e l r e a d e r . o r g

Yang Kai could not see this internal battle unless the two powers directly revealed themselves as they did in front of him now.

While he was still taken aback by the situation, the two Great Dragons roared again in unison and disappeared back into Zhu Qing’s body.

Zhu Qing wailed in pain. At the moment, she had fallen completely unconscious, and even the way she opened her eyes earlier was not a conscious effort, but rather an instinctive reaction.

A thin layer of ice could be seen forming over Zhu Qing’s body as a trace of cold seeped out from her body, seemingly intent on freezing her completely.

But very soon, a burning aura rose up, lashing out at the coldness, shattering the ice. This caused Zhu Qing’s entire body to burn as if it were on fire. Her skin had become red and hot. Even the ground she was laying on was scorched.

Zhu Qing’s moans seemed to grow more and more painful as the two forces appeared alternatively in a cycle that seemed to go on and on.

Yang Kai was at a loss as he had no idea what to do at this point.

If it were just an injury, then it wouldn’t matter how severe it was, he would have a way to solve it, but Zhu Qing had been saved by the Immortal Tree’s essence, so there weren’t any real physical traumas left. The problem now was the two competing Sources.

Her body, which had been turned into a battlefield, was bound to be damaged severely.

Source versus Source… Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he quickly stepped forward and picked Zhu Qing up again, propping her against his body. Then, he silently circulated the Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength in his body.

The phantom of a dazzling Golden Dragon appeared behind him before disappearing into his body in a flash.

The temperature of Zhu Qing’s body changed quickly. One moment it was as hot as fire, but then it became icy cold the next as if it had just been fished up from a world of ice and snow.

When the aura of the Golden Divine Dragon Source revealed itself though, the alternating speed between hot and cold slowed down instantly.

[It works!] Yang Kai was ecstatic. He was just trying to see whether his Golden Divine Dragon Source would be able to suppress the conflict somehow, and now it seemed it was effective.

Right now, the most important thing was to wake Zhu Qing up. Only when she was awake would she be able to fully activate her Source Strength and suppress the Ice Dragon’s Source, either driving it away or exterminating it.

So, gritting his teeth, Yang Kai circulated his Spiritual Energy and was just about to act when Zhu Qing suddenly turned around and clung to him in a tight embrace. Seemingly having savoured the sweetness of relief, the aura coming from Yang Kai’s body caused Zhu Qing to make a subconscious reaction.

Zhu Qing’s body may be small and delicate, but she was a member of the Dragon Clan after all, so her raw strength was no lesser than Yang Kai’s. When they first met, Yang Kai had already experienced how immense her power was.

While she clutched onto him, Yang Kai almost felt as if his body was going to be snapped in half and even his face was starting to become blue.

However, the soft feeling around his chest made his heart flutter.

Things didn’t end there though as Zhu Qing actually began to rub her body up against his like a puppy, constantly sniffing his fragrance as strange noises began to leak from her lips. It seemed as if she had found a delicious meal and was eager to dig into the feast.

As if struck by lightning, Yang Kai’s body stiffened in an instant. He was only brought back to his senses by a burst of pain coming from his chest. Angrily, he pried Zhu Qing’s head away, holding her at a distance with his palms as he hissed, “What are you, a dog? What did you bite me for!”Read first at L i g h t n o v e l r e a d e r . o r g

Zhu Qing’s eyes looked unfocused, and they were covered in a strange glow. Her breathing had also somehow become hurried and Yang Kai could clearly feel that the breath coming out from her nostrils was burning hot. The exquisite delicateness of her features was exuding a charm that made it so one could not help but approach it like a moth to a flame.

It felt as if ten thousand ants were crawling around Yang Kai’s heart, so itchy he found it hard to restrain himself.

Zhu Qing opened her mouth once more, sinking her white teeth onto the hollow of Yang Kai’s thumb. It was a forceful bite that left a mark on his skin and drew Golden Blood from the wound.

His blood was just like the greatest delicacy in the world to her, and Zhu Qing devoured it in large gulps, her dainty and warm tongue actually lapping at Yang Kai’s palm, sending shivers through his body.

Yang Kai had originally thought of retracting his hand, but he suddenly thought it would be a pity if she were to stop....

But very quickly, Yang Kai discovered something strange. After swallowing his blood, Zhu Qing’s condition seemed to have improved a lot. The frequency of the alternating hot and cold flashes slowed more and more. Moreover, the icy aura only lasted for a fleeting moment before it was suppressed by the fiery heat.

His blood seemed to be of great help to her current state!

After a moment of contemplation, Yang Kai vaguely understood something.

Though he was born Human, his body had begun truly merging with the Golden Divine Dragon Source ever since he began cultivating the Dragon Transformation Secret Art. In other words, the blood flowing through his body was not merely that of an ordinary Human, but also that of a Dragon. What’s more, it was the bloodline of an extremely high ranking Dragon.

The Masters among the Dragon Clan’s bloodline had a strong suppressive ability towards those weaker than them.

If the aura of the Golden Divine Dragon Source could help ease Zhu Qing out of danger, then his own half-Dragon blood would naturally have an even greater effect. It was no wonder why Zhu Qing bit him, it must have been because she had realized this fact that she did such a thing.

Of course, Yang Kai could have broken free from her, but he just stood there and allowed Zhu Qing to drink his blood.

Zhu Qing was still in a muddled state and her consciousness was not restored. Her hazy eyes were filled with seductive charm and while gulping down Yang Kai’s blood, her deft tongue was constantly drawing circles around his palm.

Yang Kai’s body was about to explode with wicked thoughts. He had to try desperately to suppress them and maintain his calm. He turned away from Zhu Qing’s eyes, and he stopped paying attention to the numb feeling coming from his palm for fear of an accident breaking out.

It was not known how long had passed when he suddenly felt Zhu Qing let go of his hand.

Opening his eyes, the first thing he saw was Zhu Qing, who was looking red-faced at him. He quickly asked in pleasant surprise, “Are you better now?”

He could see that Zhu Qing must have regained consciousness now because the signals he got from her eyes were different from before.

In response, he received a Dragon Clan’s Secret Technique. Zhu Qing opened her mouth and an arrow of blood was shot out. The blood belonged to Zhu Qing herself as it was crimson in colour, like a burning flame. Mid-air, her dragon blood transformed into a strangely-looking talisman seal that stuck on Yang Kai’s forehead.

Bewildered, Yang Kai fell straight down.Read first at L i g h t n o v e l r e a d e r . o r g

This Dragon Clan Secret Technique seemed to have an extremely strong binding power, so much so that Yang Kai was unable to move even a finger. Surprised, he tried to circulate his Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength by instinct.

The Dragon Clan Secret Technique that Zhu Qing performed may be strong, but Yang Kai believed that he should be able to break free from it using the suppression of his Golden Divine Dragon Source. He had only been taken by surprise earlier as he never expected her to make a move against him.

But before he could make a move, he froze up once again, because a fragrance suddenly wafted over. Zhu Qing was kneeling between his legs, both hands on his chest, staring at him from above. Her fiery red hair was draped over her smooth back like the finest silk, and the way it covered her perfect bottom only served to add to her fascinating charm.

Her breathing was rapid, as if she were about to die from hyperventilation, and her towering peaks were constantly rising and falling, swaying with her body in soul-stirring arches.

The fragrance that made Yang Kai feel restless was growing stronger and stronger, as if it was being emitted from each and every one of Zhu Qing’s pores, trying to fill the world around them.

Her long lashes were trembling. She was clearly nervous, but her big eyes were just like a stirred pond. He could see the desperate struggle and unrest within.

“What… are you doing?” As soon as the question left his mouth, Yang Kai realized how stupid it was.

He recognized those eyes. Naturally, they were the eyes of a starved beast. Long ago, Shan Qing Luo would often show him a similar look.

It felt like his blood had been set alight in an instant. The meridians inside his body had begun to boil and it was as if the evil thoughts he had been suppressing desperately finally found a place to vent, burning away his reason.

With force, the delicate hands on his chest ripped away his clothes.

Yang Kai drew a sharp breath, opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Their clothes were quickly sent into disarray as the fabric covering their bodies was soon turned to shreds that danced in the air. A strange noise was constantly being emitted from Zhu Qing’s throat while she straddled Yang Kai with her hot tender body, squirming restlessly.

She knew what she wanted, but she had never experienced this feeling before, so it took her a long time before she was able to get the hang of it.

Her fair body arched down, teeth biting lightly against her red lips, her brow furrowed into a frown.

Yang Kai closed his eyes and spread his arms apart, grasping at the grass around him, whispering, “It’s my first time, be gentle…”

Zhu Qing’s suddenly pounced, snow-white skin flushing an abnormal red. She threw her head back as if she were suffocating, hair cascading down like a waterfall. She made no response for a while, and only after a long time did she let out a roar that tore the heart and rent the lungs.

Yang Kai also hissed, feeling as if he had fallen into a pit of lava. An unimaginable heat was wrapping him up from all directions, seemingly trying to melt him.

He had never experienced such a feeling in his life, and it gave him an indescribable sense of thrill.

Inside the Sealed World Bead, with the Heavens as their quilt and the Earth their bed, they lay with dishevelled hair and interlocked fingers, asking not for a lifetime of glory or wealth, nor the company of each other in the next life. When desires are laid bare, who could be blamed?