Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 496: The Chaos Divine Beast

In the outer region of the Evil Margin Valley, close to a hundred cultivators had arrived.

The leader was an old man, Mo Yinniu, the leader of the Snow Bird Sect. He was also a Early Stage Sovereign Profound Realm Cultivator. He was riding on a Three-Horned Snow Bull, and he was carrying an ancient bow on his back. This bow didn't look special, but it was definitely not an ordinary bow that Mo Yinniu was carrying at all times. At the same time, he was wearing a Defensive Artifact that was emitting strong energy. He looked fully armed.

Beside him were several Heaven Profound Realm cultivators. Each of them was full of vigor, their expressions were extremely cautious.

Such a team of God King warriors was enough to destroy everything, yet they acted like this in Evil Margin Valley. It could be seen what kind of terrifying existence they were going to face.

"Why haven't I seen that guy yet?" Mo Yinniu roared impatiently.

A man beside him said, "This place is very strange. Our divine sense can't search in a large area, and we don't know if it has already returned to that place."

"Impossible. Since it has come out, how could it return so easily? Let's continue searching!" Mo Yinniu said.

He had come with the ancient Divine Weapon he had obtained in a secret realm many years ago to take down the Chaos Divine Beast. He definitely did not wish for it to return to the depths.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in front of them.

Mo Yinniu and the others became nervous. They took out their Divine Weapons and entered a state of alert.

Roar! Roar!

Numerous shocked roars began to roar. Numerous medicinal Holy Beasts began to appear around Mo Yinniu and the others.

Lion, tiger, leopard, wolf... A group of mutated Spirit Beasts, there were Sky rank and Heaven Rank existences. There were a total of several hundred of them, and it simply caused their scalps to go numb without end.

They directly attacked Mo Yinniu and the others.

"These might just be standing in front. We must end this quickly!" Mo Yinniu shouted softly. He held a trident Divine Weapon in his hand and took the lead to welcome them.

Although there were a lot of these Spirit Beasts, not many of them reached the Heaven Rank.

Therefore, Mo Yinniu and the others didn't feel too much pressure when dealing with them.

All the Heaven Profound Realm cultivators unleashed their terrifying spirit power one after another, raising their weapons and starting a frenzied slaughter.

While Mo Yinniu and the others were working hard to kill these Holy Beasts, it wasn't far from here. There was a figure standing there. He was sitting on a fallen tree.

This figure was round like a ball. The fat on his body fell down like several hundred kilograms. It looked extremely disgusting. This lump of flesh was still completely naked. There was nothing covering it. His head was also extremely big, but his facial features were extremely small. He looked extremely ugly.

In front of it were the bones of many human martial artists. In its hand, it was still chewing on an arm.

It was devouring human flesh. That bloody mouth looked so hideous and disgusting.

Its pair of fine eyes continuously moved about. Its gaze was looking at the battle in front of it, revealing an incomparably cold expression.

"Humans... Humans are delicious!" It said in an extremely unpleasant voice.

After swallowing the arm and bones, it slowly walked towards the direction of the battle.

When the spirit energy arrived near it, it was immediately turned into nothingness by a terrifying aura.

In the battle, Mo Yinniu and the others were having a killing spree. Even if they didn't find the Chaos Divine Beast, they could still kill these Holy Beast corpses and bring them back to the auction house to earn some money.

Not far away, Bing Wuji and the others finally rushed over with dozens of riders at high speed.

"Could it be that they discovered chaos? Let's hurry up. We can't let them get ahead of us!" Bing Wuji shouted in shock. He urged the mutated Snow Eagle King under him to fly even faster....

Just as the people from the Ice Blade Alliance rushed down, Bing Wuji shouted, "Don't worry. They don't seem to be fighting against the Chaos Divine Beast.

Lan Wen also looked in that direction. He immediately sneered and said, "Haha, they are fighting against the Holy Beast group here.

"Let them waste their energy. We will not participate." Bing Wuji said.

To them, there was no need to waste time on these Holy Beasts.

On the contrary, these Spirit Beasts consumed the strength of Mo Yinniu and the others. To them, it was a hundred benefits and no harm.

Just as Bing Wuji and the others were watching the show, the corner of Bing Wuji's eyes glanced in a direction. His eyelids twitched as he muttered, "What is it?"

He gathered his vision and looked down into the forest. He saw a pile of meat slowly rolling.

Bing Wuji did not feel like retching. On the contrary, he frowned. A rare sense of danger began to fill his entire body.

Suddenly, two beams of light shot out from the two balls of meat in his direction.

Bing Wuji's body trembled. His expression changed and he shouted in shock, "The Chaos Divine Beast is there!"

As his voice rang out, the Chaos Divine Beast sneered at him. Then, its huge mouth instantly became incomparably huge. A terrifying suction force attacked in the direction of the battle ahead.

Those Heaven Profound Realm cultivators who were fighting with the spirit Beast had just heard Bing Wuji's roar, but they still didn't know where the Chaos Divine Beast was.

Suddenly, a terrifying suction force was pulled towards them, causing their bodies to turn blurry. He couldn't help but fly in one direction.

Everyone's expression changed!

Mo Yinniu sat tight on his spirit beast. His strength began to burst out completely, stabilizing his body firmly.

Then, he looked in the direction of the chaos and shouted, "Everyone, don't be anxious. Follow me and attack it!"

Mo Yinniu was once the leader of a group. He was the first to launch an attack. A lot of Ice Spirit Power rushed towards the Chaos Divine Beast.

Meanwhile, those Heaven Profound Realm experts also forcefully halted their movements. The weapons in their hands were unleashed one after another.

Multi-colored Spirit Power rushed towards the Chaos Divine Beast.

When they attacked, all the trees and mountains in this place were destroyed. Numerous spatial cracks appeared and brought with them a destructive power. It was a shocking scene.

The Spirit Beasts in the surroundings took advantage of this opportunity to run as far away as possible. It seemed like they didn't dare to stay here for even a second.

Unfortunately, they could not organize a unified attack like humans did. At the same time, they were afraid of the divine might of the chaos, making them unable to muster any will to resist. They could only let out a series of terrified roars.

Their enormous bodies were actually sucked back by the terrifying suction force. The weaker spirit Beasts followed the attacks and directly fell into the black plate's mouth.

Chaos Beast was brave - Devour everything!

Chaos Divine Beast relied on its huge mouth to kill its enemies. Its huge mouth seemed to be able to contain the entire world, and it actually swallowed all the weaker Heaven Profound Realm experts and Spirit Beasts.

  At this moment, Chaos Divine Beast had also transformed back into its true form.

They only saw a lump of mountain-like Divine Beast appear in front of everyone's eyes. There wasn't a single strand of hair on its body. It only had flesh and a pair of extremely tiny wings. It also had a pair of claws and feet. The most peculiar thing about it was its huge mouth. Rows of cold fangs were filled with bloodlust, and streams of greedy water kept coming out of its mouth. It was as if it had not eaten for ten days or half a month and was extremely hungry.

It did not have the mighty body of a True Dragon, White Tiger, and other Divine Beasts. Instead, it was like a kind of poisonous beast. Its image was extremely disgusting.. However, it was indeed the Chaotic Divine Beast.


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