Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 495: All Forces Moves

Just as many factions were hesitating, When they were about to send out the second batch of people, a group of more than a hundred people was approaching the Evil Margin Valley.

There were both men and women in this group of people, all of them dressed in fresh clothes. They were all riding Spirit Beast, looking especially awe-inspiring.

If someone saw these people here, they would definitely be extremely shocked.

It was because they could tell from these people's characteristics that these people were shockingly the people of one of the top super great powers in the Phoenix Empire.

The person wearing the robe that looked like the Black Tortoise Divine Beast was from the Black Tortoise Sect, the number second power in the Phoenix Empire. The people with the lotus pattern on their foreheads were from the Lotus Sect.

Did the two superpowers actually form an alliance?

If news of this appearance were to spread, it would probably cause a huge commotion. 

The leading man and woman were the representatives of the two forces. That man was extraordinarily handsome. He had a bewitching aura and wore a blue robe. His hair was slightly disheveled, and he gave off a wild and unrestrained feeling. This kind of man was definitely the type that could kill any girl in an instant. The girl who was in line with her was like a proud and aloof Snow Lotus King, making people only dare to look at her from afar and not to desecrate her. She was like a celestial being that descended from the heavens, beautiful beyond compare. The beautiful women following behind her were all shameless and ashamed in front of her. It was hard for them to compete with her.

This man and woman stood together, their talents and looks like the sun and moon, giving people a feeling that they were so compatible.

This young man was one of the most popular candidates for Young Sect Master from the Black Tortoise Sect, Xuan Shuai. He was as handsome as his name suggested. He was a Late Stage Heaven Profound Realm warrior, only slightly over 50 years old. He was definitely a top monstrous genius in the phoenix empire.

The girl was the new Goddess of the Lotus Religion, Zi Ling, who had the Water God Body. She was not even 25 years old yet. The speed at which she broke through to the Early Stage of Heaven Profound realm was enough to be recorded in history!

Their objective for this trip was precisely the Evil Margin Valley, which was currently in an uproar.

"We'll reach the Evil Margin Valley in half a day's journey. Sister Zi Ling will be able to help big brother when the time comes!" Xuan Shuai looked at Zi Ling with infatuation and said.

He had said a lot to Zi Ling on the way, but she did not seem to hear him, which made him depressed.

However, he had plenty of patience. He believed that the Goddess of Lotus Sect was his woman in the end. Only such a peerless beauty was worthy of him, Xuan Shuai!

Sure enough, the Goddess finally responded, "Of course, I will do what I promised."

Xuan Shuai was stunned for a moment, then he laughed and said, "Haha, Zi Ling, you are finally willing to talk. I knew you would be moved by me."

Zi Ling rolled her eyes at Xuan Shuai and ignored him. She closed her eyes and allowed the Spirit bird to lead her forward.

She knew that Master Xuan was her master's arranged marriage partner. Xuan Shuai was undoubtedly outstanding in all aspects. However, for some reason, she was especially disgusted by the feeling of marriage. However, she did not go against her master's wishes and agreed to this trip.

She felt that after this trip ended, it was necessary to talk to her master. She would rather leave the  Lotus Sect than marry through an arranged marriage.

Xuan Shuai continued, "I'm afraid that the Heavenly Flame has already taken shape and gained sentience. It's a high-level Heavenly Fire, and ordinary heaven Profound Realm warriors can't get close to it. We have to be careful when the time comes and don't let it devour us. In return, many people had already discovered its existence and were besieging it. But those people are overconfident and all of them are going to die. In addition, an extremely interesting thing happened. It was rumored that the extinct Chaos Spirit Beast had appeared once again. It had also devoured many people who were trying to catch its attention, and it was in Evil Margin Valley just like Heavenly Fire. Currently, the Evil Margin Valley was getting more and more lively.

"Chaos divine Spirit Beast? Is there any basis for this?" Zi Ling finally asked curiously.

Xuan Shuai smiled and said, "Many people have been devoured. This is the evidence. This trip will be more interesting.

"Is that so? Then you mean that you have the ability to deal with the most bizarre spirit beast the Chaos Divine Beasts? Or... do you really have the Black Tortoise Divine Beast to help you?" Zi Ling asked.

A look of disdain flashed across her eyes. She did not think that Xuan Shuai would be able to obtain the Chaos Divine Beast with his strength. She was afraid that no one would be able to attack him together.

Because she knew that even though the combat strength of the Chaos Divine Beast wasn't as strong as the attacks of the True Dragon and White Tiger Divine Beasts, their Heaven Devouring divine ability was absolutely the most terrifying divine ability in the world. Without the help of the ancient Divine Weapons or Divine Beasts, she didn't have the slightest qualification to resist it at all.

Therefore, she did not want to be as arrogant as Xuan Shuai....

"Haha, you don't need to worry about this. At that time, I will let you experience my power. The Chaos Divine Beast might be very terrifying in other people's eyes, but to me... it really is nothing!" Xuan Shuai said with a very confident smile.

The Evil Margin Valley occupied a vast area. There were mountains and mountains, towering ancient trees that covered the sky, and many Holy Beasts that roamed across the wilderness.

It turned out that there were many mercenaries hunting outside the Evil Margin Valley, but now there was no one here. It seemed very quiet.

Tens of thousands of miles away from the Evil Margin Valley, there were many people stationed everywhere. Among them, the Ice Blade Alliance was the strongest, followed by the Snow Bull Gang and their allies. The rest were only some of the weaker forces or rogue cultivators. However, every single one of them had the strength of a Heaven Profound Realm.

What surprised the people was that Phoenix Clan didn't come to take part this time. Phoenix Clan was naturally the strongest power in the Phoenix Empire, almost all forces showed interest in the Chaos Divine Beast, but Phoenix Clan didn't.

Despite being the overlord of the Phoenix Empire, Phoenix Clan don't interfere in other powers much, they remained low key mostly.

None of them dared to act rashly now, because the first group of people who went in to scout had already died.

They could only wait for the powerful reinforcements from within the faction to come over, and even invite out the sect protecting ancient Divine Weapons. Otherwise, they absolutely did not dare to enter again.

As the leader of the reinforcements from the Ice Blade Alliance, Bing Wuji was a middle-aged man. He had a handsome face, sharp edges, and a cold murderous aura. He was an Early Stage Sovereign Profound Realm warrior.

He brought the dozens of mutated snow eagles from the Ice Blade Alliance and brought a Divine Ranked Weapon, the Ice Sealing Divine Saber, to take down the Chaos Divine Beast.

When they arrived, the people from the Ice Blade Alliance immediately went forward to welcome them.

"Greetings, Elder Wuji!" Everyone greeted him respectfully.

Bing Wuji glanced at them with a proud expression, then asked one of the Heaven Profound Realm warriors, "What's the situation with Lan Wen?

The old man called Lan Wen stepped forward and said, "Elder Wuji, I ordered some people to investigate a few days ago, but none of them survived. I only heard Elder Fu's miserable scream, and finally confirmed that it was the Chaos Divine Beast!

  "It really is Chaos. Haha... Alright, let's set off immediately. This Divine Beast must be something that belongs to our Ice Blade Alliance!" Bing Wuji did not show any fear. Instead, he laughed loudly.

  With the Ice God Sealing Saber, his confidence undoubtedly soared. Unless that Chaos was sovereign Rank Beast.

"Elder Wuji, I don't think this matter should be rushed." Lan Wen suggested.

Bing Wuji frowned slightly and said, "Could it be that you want to wait for others to make a move first? I say that the old Sect Master of the Snow Bird Sect is already here. Rumor has it that they have an incomplete ancient Divine Weapon. If we let them capture Chaos first, then the gains outweigh the gains!

  "What? No wonder the Snow Bird Sect's people rushed in not long ago. Then we can't wait anymore!" Lan Wen cried out in alarm.

Bing Wuji nodded and said, "En, for safety's sake, all low rank strength people don't need to go in."

Lan Wen replied, "Yes." Then he turned around and gave the order.

Immediately after, with Bing Wuji leading the way, a total of forty-nine Heaven Profound Realm warriors and above flew towards Evil Margin Valley.

Those mutated snow eagles let out a series of loud and clear cries, scaring those weaker Spirit Beasts to the point that they didn't dare to move.

  As the people from the Ice Blade Alliance rushed in, those hesitant powers and rogue cultivators also rushed in.

  They all planned to fish in troubled waters and pick up the opportunity.