Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 494: Evil Margin Valley

Feng Yun and others are waiting in the guest house of the Lotus Sect while Liu Fangyi went to talk to the Sect Master. It has been two hours already, yet there was no sign of Liu Fangyi, Feng Yun started to became a little restless.

"It has been two hours already. Where is she?" Feng Yun murmured slowly.

"Feng Yun, What will we do if the Sect Master refuses you to meet her," Cheng Yu asked curiously.

"Do you remember how I saved you from Cao Clan?" Feng Yun looked at her and said with a soft smile.

"Hehe, count me in as well. This sect must have lots of treasures." Cheng Yu giggled. She was kidnapped by Cao Clan in the past, Feng Yun rescued her from the Cao Clan as well plundered their entire treasury house.

While Feng Yun was waiting for Liu Fangyi to come back, he didn't know Zi Ling was going out of the sect. Zi Ling was leading the disciples of the Lotus Sect to the Evil Margin Valley by orders of the old sect master.

Another two hours later, Liu Fangyi finally come back to him.

"Elder Liu, can I meet her?" Feng Yun immediately asked.

"Sorry, Feng Yun. Zi Ling is no longer in the sect. She just went to Evil Margin Valley for an important task." Liu Fangyi shook her head and said in low voice.

Actually, Sect Master didn't want Feng Yun to meet Zi Ling.  But Liu Fangyi plan to help Feng Yun a bit.

"Oh?" Feng Yun was a little disappointed.

Feng Yun looked at Liu Fangyi gratefully and said, "Thank you so much, Elder Liu. I'll go look for her now!" After saying that, Feng Yun inquired about the location of Evil Margin Valley from Liu Fangyi before leaving the Lotus Sect.

The Evil Margin Valley was a dangerous place in the Phoenix Empire Region. There were many Heaven Ranked Beasts there, and ordinary warriors wouldn't dare to enter.

It was rumored that there was some kind of unknown Spirit Beast in the depths of that place, and that was why it gave the order. They had obtained many Spirit Beasts to guard this place and didn't allow humans to enter the depths at all.

This place was surrounded by mountains. It stretched for who knows how many tens of thousands of li, and at the center of these lofty mountains was flat land, forming a valley. Many evil and cold energy were emitted from within as if it had formed an ancient vicious beast. It gave people a feeling of not being able to approach it.

Many ancient trees covered the sky and the sun. The Spirit Beast's long roars were low, and numerous spirit herbs that emitted a strong medicinal fragrance flickered with brilliant and brilliant light.

Even though the Evil Margin Valley was filled with danger, there were always many adventurous mercenaries roaming in this place. One was to make a living, and the other was to get lucky and obtain some holy materials or divine materials so that they could cultivate better.

Of course, while they were hunting Spirit Beasts and looking for spiritual herbs, they had long forgotten about life and death. They must have been walking in such dangerous places all year round. They were used to seeing many life and death situations, so their eyes turned numb.

The mercenary group that often hunted spirit beasts in Evil Margin Valley, it was as if they had encountered something terrifying at this moment. They all flew out of Evil Margin Valley in fear.

Their expressions were filled with incomparable fear. Their speed was extremely fast, as if they were afraid that if they were a little slower, their lives would be in danger.

Among these people, only those Heaven Realm warriors fled the fastest. As for those lower than Heaven Realm warriors, there was naturally some disparity. Their speed is much slower.

Just as they were about to rush out of the valley, a black storm suddenly appeared, bringing with it a terrifying suction force as it enveloped those people.

Those Half Heaven Profound Realm or Sky Profound Realm warriors's bodies were all sucked back.

All of them revealed incomparably panicked expressions. They kept crying and crying, hoping that someone would come and help them escape.

Unfortunately, no matter how they screamed, it was completely useless. In the end, they disappeared in a single direction. All sounds stopped. There was no more movement.

Those fleeing Heaven Profound Realm warriors didn't even have the courage to look back. They ran as far as they could. Only when they were far away from Evil Margin Valley did they stop and recover their consumed Spirit Power.

Those few Heaven Profound Realm warriors who could escape had pale faces filled with hope.

"Did you see what that thing was just now? How could there be such a strong suction force, as if it could devour anything? It's... it's too terrifying!" A man wearing a black robe said with lingering fear....

The other one frowned and said," It might be the Strong Heavenly Beast inside. Haven't they always only been active inside? Why did they suddenly come out? They're really unlucky."

"What kind of Spirit Beast is it? "If it's like this, we'll call for the others to come together. If we can capture it alive, that would be great!"

"You have guts, go do it yourself. Don't drag me to die with you!"

"No matter what, let's spread this news first, lest more people suffer!"


After a few  warriors escaped from the Evil Margin Valley, some of them said that a mysterious Spirit Beast had appeared in the outer region of the Evil Margin Valley. It was a terrifying existence that could devour everything.

It made those mercenaries who had been in and out of the Evil Margin Valley for many years not dare to enter the valley again.

However, all the major powers in the vicinity of the Evil Margin Valley had heard the news. They all wanted to capture this mysterious Spirit Beast.

If they could subdue it and turn it into a Protective Spirit Beast, it would definitely be a very glorious thing.

At the same time, they speculated through various skills. That mysterious Divine Beast might be a Primal Chaos Spirit Beast.

Primal Chaos Spirit Beasts were the most bizarre existences among all Spirit Beasts. They possessed the most terrifying devouring power, capable of devouring all things. They were naturally savage and liked to eat creatures.

When they found out that it was this kind of terrifying Divine Beast, ordinary small powers immediately gave up on joining the hunt.

If they didn't have absolute reliance, then no matter how many people went, it would be useless. They would only be sending themselves to death in vain.

Because Chaos was a type of Spirit Beast that was least afraid of group battles.

The biggest force that dared to attack the Spirit Beast in the outer region of Evil Margin Valley was the people of Ice Blade Alliance. Because they were the closest to Evil Margin Valley, the news they received was also the earliest. As for the other two or three major powers, they were only second to Ice Blade Alliance. Although they couldn't challenge the Ice Blade Alliance directly, they wouldn't be afraid of the Ice Blade Alliance even if they joined forces.

They were sure that everything in the Evil Margin Valley was the owner of nothing, including the Spirit Beast. Whoever captured it would have it.

Just as these powers gathered and headed to the Evil Margin Valley, another shocking piece of news spread out.

In another place in Evil Margin Valley, a high-grade Heavenly flame was found.

After this news spread, all the martial artists boiled over, especially those who were alchemists and Artifact Refining Masters.

A type of Heavenly flame was undoubtedly as important as a second life to them.

Compared to Spirit Beasts, this source flame was even more tempting and easier to obtain.

Hence, many powers that did not dare to pay attention to Spirit Beasts began to place their attention on Heavenly flames again.

Unfortunately, none of the warriors who went to capture the Spirit Beast and search for the Heavenly flame were able to return alive. All of them were sent to the Evil Margin Valley.

Immediately, everyone started panicking.

They never thought that this would actually be the result. This was too terrifying!