Chapter 605: Locating Blake And Delia

Blue Wind Empire.

Outside the Capital. 

The Principal and the group just got there after only about thirty minutes or so. They could've gotten here sooner, but the number of Elementalists in the Overlord Plane they encountered was far greater than their expectations. 

The increase meant that the report of Blake and Delia escaping was accurate. The Principal was beside himself with joy. Now he didn't have to worry about their well-being. 

"Should we join in the search for them?" Klaus asked. 

"I'll be able to find them soon, I just need to get a general overview of this area. Pass me the map," The Principal said confidently. 

Klaus gave him the map that was in his possession. 

The Principal looked at the map for almost five minutes before finally making a move. 

"I know where they are, follow me," He said to youngsters. 

Grey and the others exchanged glances before following the Principal. 

The Principal was currently headed in the other direction, contrary to where most of the Elementalists were searching. 

They soon got to where the Capital was located, going past it. Just like most of the cities in the Azure Continent, the Capital of the Blue Wind Empire was also surrounded by forests. The Principal headed to the forest behind the Capital, when he got there, he did a quick sweep of the place. 

"Got them, let's go," The Principal said before rushing into the forest. 

The youngsters followed behind him, impressed at how quickly he was able to find the duo. They've escaped for over thirty minutes now, and the Blue Wind Empire has called out an array of people to search for them, yet it took the Principal only a few minutes of looking at a map, and he has already found them. 

There were a few people searching this area, but the group didn't have any issues with putting them down. They were only in the Early and Mid stages of the Overlord Plane, their job was to signal the others in case the duo was found in this area. 

Going up against an enraged Sage Plane Elementalist, of course they stood no chance. 

A cave deep in the forest behind the Capital. 

The Principal and the group could be seen walking into the cave. 

After multiple twists and turns, the Principal stopped in front of a dead-end, he lightly tapped on the wall, and it came crashing down.

When the wall crashed down, a tunnel was revealed to the group. 

"Always so cautious," The Principal chuckled as they walked into the tunnel. 

The group followed behind him and they encountered three more places like this before an attack came crashing in their direction when the fourth wall was destroyed. 

The Principal was already prepared for this, he stretched out his hands, and clamped onto the lightning spear coming their way. 

"Is this how you greet your Teacher?" He asked after the dust settled.

"Teacher, it's you!" Blake's voice could be heard from inside the cave. 

"Who else?" The Principal asked with a smile finally appearing on his face since hearing about the capture of the duo. 

"The Principal?" Delia's soft voice resonated from the cave. 

"Yes, it's me, how are you doing?" The Principal stepped into the cave to welcome the sight of the duo in each other's embrace. ...

"I'm okay, he made sure nothing happened to me," Delia replied. 

Cough! Cough! 

Klaus coughed as he walked into the cave, grinning from ear to ear, beside him was Reynolds who was also smiling widely. Alice had a soft smile on her face, while Grey was the only one who had his usual blank expression. 

When Delia saw Klaus and the others coming in, she quickly left Blake's embrace, her face red from embarrassment. 

She was already used to Klaus' teasing, but this was the first time she was with Blake while other youngsters were present. Of everyone, Grey's poker face made her feel a little odd. 

"For someone who has such a handsome face, you rarely smile," Delia commented on Grey's facial expression. 

"Hello, Instructors," Grey greeted the duo with a soft smile. 

Even though he was acquainted with the duo, he still wasn't a hundred percent free around them. 

"How are you?" Blake asked. 

"I'm okay," Grey replied gently. 

Alice and the others shook their heads when they saw how quiet Grey was. 

"How did you escape?" The Principal asked after they were done with greetings. 

"Someone attacked the carriage taking us to the Capital, and we used the opportunity to escape. The binds they used in holding us weren't strong from the start. Although they sealed our cultivation, I've learned a thing or two from you over the years," Blake explained calmly. 

"Haha, that's my boy," The Principal laughed happily. 

"Teacher, how did you find us?" Blake asked. 

"You're my student, of course finding you will be easy," The Principal said. 

Klaus went on to tell Blake of how his father managed to locate them just from looking at the map. 

Blake wasn't too surprised since the Principal was the one who taught him almost everything he knew in life. 

"What's happening now?" The Principal turned to Grey. 

Grey brought out the amulet old man Gerald gave to him. After a few minutes, he was given the news of the warriors from the Qilin Empire already getting close to the borders of the Blue Wind Empire. The Emperor of the Blue Wind Empire had already called all the experts from the empire to head to the borders. 

When the group heard of what was happening, they couldn't help but gasp in shock, especially Blake and Delia. 

"What the hell is going on?" Blake asked, stunned. 

"A war, that's what's going on," Klaus replied.

"But I never thought it had gotten to that stage yet," Blake said. 

Klaus used the opportunity to explain to them, telling them how their capture was the cause of the current all-out war. 

"Are they that desperate?" Delia asked.

"So it seems," Grey replied. 


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