Martial Peak

Chapter 3111

Chapter 3111 – Profound Frost and Clear Sky Snowfall

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Han Qian Cheng was baffled when he saw Yang Kai grinning at him. He felt that there was a hidden message behind this man’s grin, but he wasn’t willing to waste time pondering on it. With a dark expression, he uttered, “Little brat, you should stop spouting nonsense, otherwise, you might attract trouble towards yourself!”

Everyone in Red Clouds Sect knew that Su Yan was his! Although many disciples were fond of her, they would only dare to secretly admire her, and they would never have the guts to appear intimate with her. There was a brazen man who walked up to Su Yan and tried to talk her up in the past. The next day, all his bones were broken, and all his meridians were crippled.

Since then, no man in Red Clouds Sect dared to approach Su Yan again.

So, Han Qian Cheng couldn’t believe that someone had the nerve to claim to be Su Yan’s husband. He was so angered that he began sizing Yang Kai up with his sharp gaze, as though he was thinking about how to make him experience the most excruciating pain in the world.

Then, he turned around and spoke to Han Zheng Yuan, “Father, this man has broken into our Sect, so it’s apparent that he has no regard for us at all. He’s even damaged our Sect Defending Array. He cannot be forgiven! Please kill him now so that it will serve as a warning to others. Otherwise, others might think that we are cowards if this news is spread.”

With an impassive expression, Han Zheng Yuan simply declared, “Stand back. I have my own considerations.”

“Father!” Han Qian Cheng called out relentlessly.

“I said back down!” Han Zheng Yuan turned stern.

It was only then that Han Qian Cheng stepped back with a dark expression. He was seen mumbling something, so it was apparent that he was cursing at someone. Since he was a young child, he had always been favoured by Han Zheng Yuan, which was why he had grown up to be a haughty man who would willfully do whatever he wanted. He hated Yang Kai, so he wanted him immediately dead. However, he didn’t understand why his father, who had always doted on him, would reject his request at this point, embarrassing him in front of so many disciples and Elders of the Sect.

If anyone else was so arrogant in this place, Han Zheng Yuan wouldn’t have let him off. In order to protect their Sect’s reputation, he would certainly battle against that person. However, there was no aura fluctuation around the young man before his eyes, which gave him an eerie feeling.

Han Zheng Yuan had a feeling that if they got into a fight here, it would be Red Clouds Sect that would suffer a setback, so he had to be careful.

“Little Brother, what is your name?” Han Zheng Yuan asked.

Upon getting a reply from Yang Kai, he frowned and gave it a thought. [I’ve never heard of this name. This is a totally unfamiliar name to me.]

He turned to look at the Elders and realised that they appeared baffled as well. [Alright. Since none of us has heard about him before, it means that he’s without any powerful background. This matter can be solved easily, then.]

“You said you’re Su Yan’s husband. Do you have any proof?” Han Zheng Yuan asked. Then, he added, “I’m not doubting you. However, Su Yan is my Sect’s disciple, and I’m the Sect Master, so I have to look into this matter.”

Yang Kai replied, “Just tell Su Yan to come over, and you’ll know.”

Seeing that Yang Kai appeared so confident, Han Zheng Yuan started believing him. On the other hand, Han Qian Cheng’s expression appeared gloomier. [No way! That woman has a husband? When did she get married? She’s been in our Sect for more than twenty years, but I’ve never seen her come into contact with any outsider. Why is there a man who claims to be her husband all of a sudden? This is ridiculous.]

“Su Yan has been in our Sect for more than twenty years, but she’s never contacted any outsider before. How did you even become her husband?”

“I’m from Heng Luo Star Field!”

“What?” Han Zheng Yuan was shocked upon hearing that. Then, he mocked himself in his heart. [Have I grown timid because of my old age? Why am I so overly cautious now? I’m no longer as straightforward and bold as when I was young.]

The fact that Su Yan came from Heng Luo Star Field wasn’t a secret, as many people in Red Clouds Sect knew that. As the Sect Master, Han Zheng Yuan was aware of that as well. According to Su Yan, she believed that she was the first one who left Heng Luo Star Field and arrived at the Ancestral Domain.

In other words, Yang Kai must have come to the Ancestral Domain after Su Yan did. So, it hadn’t been a long time since he arrived in this place and there was no way his cultivation was very strong.

At most, he was probably a First-Order Dao Source Realm. The reason Han Zheng Yuan couldn’t sense his cultivation must be that Yang Kai had used a Secret Art to hide his cultivation or that he was wearing an artifact with a similar effect.

Then, Han Zheng Yuan shook his head and chuckled, “So, you and Su Yan come from the same Star Field.”

Han Qian Cheng’s face had turned livid as he cursed at Su Yan. [What a slut! She always appears pure, innocent and aloof, but I’ve never expected that she’d actually slept with a man before! And to think I’ve always treated her so well. If I knew this earlier, I would’ve forced myself upon her instead of wasting my years away!]

“Yes. Su Yan and I became a couple back in our Star Field. We come from the same Sect as well,” Yang Kai said in an impatient manner, “Sect Master Han, please tell Su Yan to meet me.”

He was here to look for Su Yan, so he wasn’t willing to waste time talking to them.

Han Zheng Yuan said, “Alright, then.” He suddenly changed his tone, “However, Su Yan’s place is pretty far from here, so it might take her some time to come here.”

“That’s fine. I’ll wait.” Yang Kai had been longing to meet her for years, so he wouldn’t mind waiting for a bit. [It’s no wonder that I can’t sense her aura. It turns out she is somewhere far from here.]

“Elder Chen, please bring this Little Brother to the reception hall and serve him some tea. Then, send a message to Su Yan and tell her to come over.” Han Zheng Yuan spoke to the red-faced man.

The red-faced man was startled for a moment before he cupped his fists, “Yes!” Then, he made a gesture to Yang Kai, “This way, please.” ...

Normally, a cultivator from a Lower Star Field wasn’t worthy of such a treatment. However, the power Yang Kai just showcased was incredible, so he deserved a little more respect.

In a calm manner, Yang Kai nodded and followed Elder Chen.

The other disciples watched them leave as they found the situation baffling. [Is this matter over just like this? Someone broke into our home and destroyed the Sect Defending Array, but the Elders and Sect Master don’t seem to have the intention of holding him responsible. Moreover, they’ve even invited him in for tea. When did the Elders and Sect Master become so amiable? Also, Senior Sister Su Yan isn’t in the Sect!]

Some could see that it was a trap, and they disdained the way the Elders and the Sect Master dealt with the young man. However, there was nothing they could do as they sighed and looked pitifully at Yang Kai.

[If this man really is Senior Sister Su Yan’s husband, he’ll be doomed today.]

Upon entering the reception hall, Yang Kai took a seat and looked around. While He Yun Xiang stood behind him, Liu Yan directly sat next to him.

Only the red-faced Elder Chen was there to keep them company, but he was reluctant to talk to Yang Kai, so he just said briefly, “Just wait here. I’ve informed Su Yan about your arrival so she’ll come soon.” Then, he closed his eyes to take a rest. It seemed that he still had a grudge against Yang Kai for grabbing his collar earlier.

[Just go on being arrogant. You’ll soon know the consequences of offending me!] Worried he might accidentally show signs of hostility if he opened his eyes, he decided to keep them shut.

Just then, a female disciple came in and put down cups of tea for them, upon which the aroma of tea permeated the place.

The red-faced Elder Chen opened his eyes and put on a smile, “This is Red Clouds Tea, which is exclusive to our Sect. This is quite famous in the Ancestral Domain. Little Brother, please give it a try. The average person wouldn’t be able to drink it. The Spirit Teas in the Star Field are not comparable to this.” His voice sounded arrogant as he gazed at Yang Kai as though the latter was a bumpkin.

Yang Kai just stared fixedly at him without uttering a word.

Elder Chen kept a smile on his face, but he was vigilant in his heart. [Has he found out about it? No, it’s colourless and odourless. I’m not even able to tell if it's been added, so how could it be possible for a brat from a Lower Star Field to have such sharp vision? Nevertheless, Sect Master is basically making a big fuss over a trivial matter. Yes, this brat has shown amazing strength, but with so many people in our Sect, we should be able to take him down with ease. It’s quite pointless to use this kind of trick to deal with him.]

Despite his displeasure, he still had to carry out the order in a serious manner. After all, this was a task given to him in secret by the Sect Master. [In any case, Sect Master has overly doted on Young Sect Master. Just like Su Yan, this brat is a talented person. If we could have pacified him, we might have been able to take him in as a disciple so that our Sect will have one more powerful member. What a shame… Since he has the guts to snatch Young Sect Master’s woman, he won’t be able to see the sunrise tomorrow.]

With this thought in mind, Elder Chen asked, “Little Brother, do you not like this tea?”

“That’s not it.”

“Then, why don’t you drink it?” Elder Chen’s expression darkened. His red face appeared stern even though he was actually calm, “Do you have no regard for our Sect at all?”

With a faint smile, Yang Kai picked up the teacup and said, “Elder Chen, since you’ve said so, I’ll drink it. I’ll just take this tea as wine to thank all of you who have been taking care of and nurturing Senior Sister Su over the years.”

Whatever the case, the reason Su Yan was able to reach Dao Source Realm and gain a footing in the Ancestral Domain was because of Red Clouds Sect. Drinking this cup of tea would serve as his gesture of gratitude towards them. Then, they would battle against each other to resolve the grudges between them.

[I hope they won’t have any complaints.]

“Boy, put down that tea!” Suddenly, a loud voice called out from outside.

Elder Chen’s expression changed when he heard that voice and raising his head, he saw a figure leaping into the hall and pouncing at Yang Kai, reaching for the teacup in his hand.

Enraged, Elder Chen slammed the table and got up before snarling, “Elder Ruan! What are you doing!?”

Yang Kai twisted his wrist slightly and avoided the hand grasping for his own before lifting his head and pouring all of the tea into his mouth.

Elder Chen was stunned for a moment before he started laughing boisterously.

The person who barged into the hall was startled as well. Given her Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, not only was she not able to snatch the teacup from Yang Kai, but the latter was also able to avoid her attack without even getting up. This young man indeed had incredible reflexes.

Upon a closer look, she realised that, just like what she had heard, there was no aura around the young man, as though he had never cultivated before.

“Elder Ruan?” It was then that Yang Kai turned to look at the person and realised that she was a middle-aged beauty. Her plain clothes could not conceal her well-defined curves or her mature charm. He had never expected that she was such a lovely lady, totally different from his imagination.

The only person in the entire Red Clouds Sect with this kind of cultivation who was also surnamed Ruan must be Su Yan’s Master.

“Boy, you say you’re Su Yan’s husband?” Ruan Bi Ting asked with a frown.

Yang Kai nodded, “Indeed.”

“How can you prove it?”

“Hmm… Her sword is called Profound Frost! She also uses a Secret Technique called Clear Sky Snowfall!”

Ruan Bi Ting turned solemn, “It’s really you!”