Martial Peak

Chapter 3110

Chapter 3110 – I’m Her Husband

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Red Clouds Mountain was a beautiful place that was covered in forests and rivers. The mountain range was long and wavy. Birds and animals could be seen roaming, making the atmosphere refreshing and peaceful.

Outside the entrance of the mountain, the Star Shuttle landed on the ground, upon which the disciples, who were responsible for guarding the mountain, stepped forward and stared at Xiang Fei in shock, “Senior Brother Xiang, why are you back? Who are they?”

Although Xiang Fei had no backer in Red Clouds Sect and he wasn’t favoured by the Elders, he was still a Third-Order Origin King. That was why these disciples wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful to him.

Xiang Fei hesitated for a moment as he didn’t know how to explain himself. He had already broken the rules by coming back to the Sect without permission. If he wanted to go in, he had to give an explanation to these disciples so that they could inform the Elders about it.

The other disciples looked doubtfully at Xiang Fei as they didn’t know what he was hesitating for.

“We’re looking for someone!” Yang Kai was eager to meet Su Yan, so he didn’t want to waste any time. He waved his hand to sweep the disciples away and stepped into the place.

Xiang Fei’s heart skipped a beat when he saw that. [Damn it! I knew that things were going to be messy, but I didn’t expect that this guy would be so impatient! If we politely asked, we would be able to get in without any trouble, so why is he being so rude and charging forward directly? Because of him, I might be regarded as colluding with outsiders to break into the Sect! Should I run away now? If I don’t run away, I’ll be punished by the Elders. However, where can I go if I choose to run away?]

At the thought of this, he clenched his teeth and raced after Yang Kai before pleading, “Senior Brother, please wait!”

He Yun Xiang immediately blocked his way and put on a smile, “Many thanks for your help so far. Take this bottle of pills as your reward. You may leave now.” After tossing a bottle of pills at him, she ran after Yang Kai.

The disciples were startled for a moment before they came to their senses. One of them hurriedly took out a communication artifact and infused his Divine Sense into it. A moment later, deafening alarms from Red Clouds Sect started ringing out.

Xiang Fei turned ashen as he fell on his bottom. The bottle of pills in his hand seemed to have become scorching hot.

Following that, beams of lights could be seen rising from the Sect and heading to the entrance from all directions.

Soon, Yang Kai came across the first hurdle, the Sect Defending Array.

Every Sect had their own Sect Defending Array, but it wouldn’t be activated fully in normal times. However, it would still provide detection and alarm functions in a passive state. Without permission or special methods, it was almost impossible for anyone to pass through this barrier. During a war, a Sect Defending Array could even be turned into a powerful shield.

Yang Kai had no choice but to stop in his tracks because there was an invisible wall in front of him.

*Shua shua shua…*

Many figures appeared around Yang Kai and glowered at him. Although Red Clouds Sect wasn’t one of the top great forces, it wasn’t so weak it could be bullied at will. The man before their eyes was trying to enter without permission, so it was apparent that he had no regard for their Sect at all. This was a taboo for any Sect because this was a sign of hostility.

“Stop right there! Identify yourself!” A red-faced man at the front growled. This person was in the First-Order Dao Source Realm, so he was obviously one of the important Masters in this Sect. It seemed that he was holding a major position, and he was probably an Elder.

Yang Kai frowned not because he was blocked by the Sect Defending Array or that he was surrounded by so many people, but because he couldn’t sense Su Yan’s aura in Red Clouds Sect.

In the past, he and Su Yan had shared a fortuitous encounter where they obtained the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art and the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress inheritance. They became a couple after that moment and formed a kind of inextricable link between their Souls. As such, as long as they were within a certain distance, they would be able to sense each other.

Red Clouds Mountain was only a few hundred kilometres in diameter, so if Su Yan was here, he should have been able to sense her. Since there was no induction, it meant that Su Yan wasn’t in Red Clouds Sect.

[Is it just a misunderstanding, then? Does she just share the same name? Is the Su Yan in Red Clouds Sect not the one I know and love? However, according to Xiang Fei’s descriptions, that woman must be the one I’ve been longing for. Maybe Su Yan isn’t in Red Clouds Sect at the moment. En, that’s possible.]

The red-faced man was indeed an Elder of the Red Clouds Sect, but in front of so many disciples, his question was completely ignored, so he was rather furious. Then, he scanned them with Divine Sense and realised that one of the invaders was a Third-Order Origin King while the other two didn’t show any signs of cultivation. What shocked him though was that there was a little girl who was about seven or eight years old in this group.

[Has this family of three come out for a walk and lost their way or something?]

“Are you deaf? Did you not hear my question?” The red-faced man bellowed.

It was then that Yang Kai turned to look at him and raised his hand, upon which an illusory phantom appeared above the void, which looked so lively that it was as though it was a real Human. Her long hair waved in an invisible wind as her delicate gaze and alluring smile caused everyone to fall into a dazed state.

Yang Kai stared at the red-faced man and asked, “Is this woman in your noble Sect?”

Before the red-faced man could answer that question, the other disciples broke into commotion.

“Isn’t that…”

“Senior Sister Su?”

“She looks like Senior Sister Su. No, that’s exactly her!”

“My goodness. Senior Sister Su’s smile is so charming!”

The image of Su Yan that Yang Kai had formed using his Qi was her appearance that he remembered in his mind. However, these disciples had never seen Su Yan’s smile before. Her dispassionate temperament earned her the title of ‘Ice Fairy’. At this moment, these people almost couldn’t recognise her.

[Who is this person? Why was he able to see Senior Sister Su Yan smile?] At that instant, all of them felt furious and found the young man before them loathsome. [Why was he so lucky?] ...

The answer was pretty obvious now as Yang Kai listened to their chatters. He heaved a sigh of relief and asked, “Where is she?”

“Who are you!?” Having been ignored by Yang Kai several times, the red-faced man was infuriated.

“Where is she!?” Yang Kai stared at him and growled.

The red-faced man was so angered that he broke into laughter, “Why should I tell you?”

With a loud boom, the mountain shook as the Sect Defending Array in front of Yang Kai shattered into pieces and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Then, Yang Kai withdrew his fist and uttered calmly, “Today, I am feeling a little impatient, so please forgive me if my behaviour is abrupt.” As he spoke, he stepped forward and instantly arrived in front of the red-faced man.

The red-faced man was still reeling from the shock when he was confronted by an intense aura. When he raised his head and saw that Yang Kai was only a few centimetres away from him, he couldn’t help but step backwards and question in a vigilant manner, “What do you want?”

Yang Kai had managed to destroy their Sect’s barrier with a single punch. Although their Sect Defending Array wasn’t running at maximum capacity, it should have been impossible for anyone to break it with such ease. Moreover, from beginning to end, this young man had not exuded any kind of energy fluctuation, so how was he able to do that with pure brute force?

Following that, Yang Kai grabbed his collar and questioned, “Are you deaf or dumb? I’ve asked you many times already. Where is she!? Tell me!”

The red-faced man was soon covered in spit, causing his rage to win out over his cautiousness, “Stop being so arrogant! You are now in Red Clouds Sect! If you’re clever, leave this place immediately, otherwise, you’ll regret it for the rest of your short life!”

Yang Kai had showcased incredible brute force, but as an Elder of the Sect, the red-faced man couldn’t appear weak. They had more than a thousand disciples in the Sect, and there were more than ten Dao Source Realm cultivators serving as Elders and Protectors. The Sect Master was even a Second-Order Dao Source Realm Master. If Yang Kai dared to make a scene here, they would be sure to make him leave this place on his back.

Moreover, after Yang Kai broke the Spirit Array, the red-faced man had secretly sent a message to the Elders and the Sect Master, so they should already be on their way.

Just then, a beam of cold light approached Yang Kai and turned into a long sabre before it slashed at him.

Yang Kai just flicked his finger at the spine of the sabre, upon which it flashed and was sent flying backwards. Following that, an old man grabbed the weapon as his face contorted as he felt that the spirituality of his artifact had been greatly damaged.

[Who is this young man?]

*Shua shua shua…*

More powerful auras appeared as eight people showed up. When the Sect’s disciples saw these people, they immediately turned respectful. These were all Dao Source Realm Masters as well as the Elders of the Sect. Normally, it would be quite hard to meet any one of them, but at this moment, so many of them had shown up in one place. Besides the Elders who were currently outside the Sect, basically all the powerhouses of the Red Clouds Sect had gathered.

Just then, a man in black clothes stepped forward as his long sleeves flapped in the wind. He appeared authoritative, and his aura was stronger than the others.

“Sect Master!” The man in black nodded slightly as all of them saluted him.

He was the Sect Master of Red Clouds Sect, Han Zheng Yuan. Since the Sect Defending Array had been damaged, he had to personally look into it without needing the red-faced man to inform him about it.

When he saw that a young man was clenching an Elder’s collar, his expression darkened.

“Let go!” The red-faced man sneered as he glared at Yang Kai with his sharp gaze.

By now, Yang Kai had calmed down slightly. He was partly responsible for this farce, as he became agitated since Su Yan was involved. Then, he released the red-faced man as he was told.

Upon seeing that, those from Red Clouds Sect thought that he was afraid. The red-faced man arrogantly scoffed at him before he turned to look at Han Zheng Yuan and cupped his fists, “Sect Master.”

At the very least, the red-faced man didn’t embarrass their Sect and still appeared very confident.

Han Zheng Yuan nodded and shifted his attention to Yang Kai, “May I ask who Your Excellency is and what your purpose here is?”

Yang Kai replied, “It doesn’t matter what my name is. I’m here to look for someone.”


“Su Yan!”

With a frown, Han Zheng Yuan questioned, “What’s your relationship with her?”

Yang Kai uttered, “I’m her husband!”

After he finished speaking, all of them broke into commotion. All the disciples were dumbfounded as they looked at Yang Kai as though he was a fool. Su Yan had been in the Sect for more than twenty years, but they had never heard that she had a husband. It was already quite rare for her to speak to a man, so how was it possible that her husband would appear all of a sudden? They first denied this statement and then became furious.

Su Yan was a popular figure in the Sect as many of the male disciples were fond of her. Certainly, they’d be enraged if a man came out of nowhere and claimed to be her husband. They felt that this guy had blasphemed the goddess of their hearts, so they were all eager to charge forward and rip him apart to soothe their anger.

“Lies!” Before Han Zheng Yuan could even reply to him, a young man suddenly stepped forward and scolded Yang Kai.

Yang Kai turned his head and saw a clean-looking man. His skin was fair, and his figure was thin. Although he was an Origin King, his aura was fairly unstable. Apparently, his foundation wasn’t solid, indicating that he had reached his current cultivation only with the help of many pills and precious treasures.

Upon a closer look, Yang Kai realised that the man looked similar to Han Zheng Yuan, so he immediately knew who he was.