Against Heaven's Will

Chapter 283: Xu Family

"I want you to lead me to the Xu family," Jiao ordered without hesitation. 

"Huh? Xu Family..." Uncle Liu was taken aback. "Xu Family is one of the top 3 families in the Capital. Can I ask you what kind of business does Miss—" 

"I'm going to kill them," Jiao replied before he could finish. "The whole Xu Family will cease to exist today." 




Not only was Uncle Liu speechless but Liu Mei and Wu Kong were also dumbstruck. Did they just commit to helping her with mass-murder?

"Can I know how they did you wrong, Miss?" Uncle Liu asked calmly but one could tell he was getting tense. "Killing one of the top 3 families in the Spirit Land would most likely destabilize the city for a while." 

"Do you think I give a fuck? They kidnapped my family when I was gone and used them as a lure to trap me. After stealing my treasures, they killed them and then imprisoned me in the Hellhole for thousands of years," Jiao announced coldly. "Do you need more reasons? All of them will die today and you will join them if you try to stop me." 

"Well, I'm just a mediator. There is no need to get angry at me," Uncle Liu calmed her down. "Let me lead you to Xu Family Patriarch so you two can talk. Their family is located only thirty minutes away by flight."

Jiao nodded coldly and they all followed him. 

Liu Mei wasn't dumb though and immediately questioned on the way, "Big Sis Jiao, I don't want to be rude but how come this happened when we came from the Earth Realm?" 

They weren't sheep that would follow without asking a single question. Thankfully Jiao didn't try to hide anything. 

"It's complicated but I'm not her. The Jiao you know allowed me to take over this body to take my revenge. I will give her back her body once I'm done with my matters," Jiao revealed. 

"Can I talk with her?" Liu Mei asked suspiciously but Jiao shook her head. 

"Nope, but you are free to go if you don't believe me."

Jiao's appearance was the first familiar person they met so they couldn't simply leave. If what she said was true, they had even more reasons to stay and protect Jiao's body. 

"We will follow and observe then," Liu Mei decided as she tightened the grip on her spear. 

As they conversed, none of them noticed a small communication token appear in Uncle Liu palm. It shone for a second before disappearing on the spot. By the time Jiao arrived at the Xu Family's territory, they were already prepared. 

Instead of running away, everyone gathered to defend their home. A barrier connected all five Mountains that the Xu Family controlled while hundreds of Cultivators hovered behind it to defend. 

"Alright, I brought you here so I will just stand on the side. You all figure out how you want to solve it on your own," Uncle Liu called out as he rose above the battlefield. "Please fight within the territory or else I will be forced to stop you."

"Lord Liu! This is ridiculous!" ...

An old man at the front of his forces cried out to claim injustice. "We don't even know this woman and even if my family did something in the past, all the guilty are dead. We can't even sentence anyone for past sins!"

"As I said, you two talk it out. I'm not meddling in this business," Uncle Liu replied with a shrug, making his stance clear. 

"It seems like we were too loud and someone has warned them," Liu Mei muttered as she nudged Wu Kong with her elbow. "Do you think you can break it if you use full strength?" 

Liu Mei knew that Wu Kong seemed peaceful but underneath his muscles hid a strength even she wouldn't underestimate. As long as he had Fate Qi, he could constantly improve his body without any limits. 

"Maybe, but we should observe until we are forced to act," Wu Kong replied calmly when Jiao approached their side. 

"Actually, I will need your help," Jiao suddenly informed as she ignored the old man's yapping. "I see you are a spear user. Would you mind breaking this barrier for me if I give you a Spear Art?" 

"Huh? You want to give me a Spear Art?" Liu Mei questioned with her eyes widened. She searched the Earth Realm for various Spear Arts but none of them were powerful enough to be considered a threat in the higher level of Heaven Realm. 

"That's right. I would break this barrier by myself but I want to save my power to slaughter them," Jiao replied honestly which caused everyone behind the barrier to rage. 

"It's just the three of them! Let's fight!" 

"We are not scared of you!"

"We have a number advantage! Let's show them the power of the Xu Family!"

All the elders cried out proudly but the Patriarch quickly silenced them. 

"Shut up you idiots! Do you think Lord Liu would let her attack us if she was a nobody?!" Patriarch cursed them and turned to Jiao again. "Miss, you don't need to do this! Let's talk it out!" 

"We can't talk it out," Jiao finally responded, as she reached with her finger. "I don't talk to dead people."

Her finger shone with violent energy and cracked the space around it as if it was nothing. Everyone got confused at what she was trying to do aside from few people who actually held a spear in their lives. 

"Big Sis, please teach me!" Liu Mei accepted her offer on the spot.

How could she not? Jiao created the Spear Intent with her finger as if it was nothing. Liu Mei had to perform a perfect move to actually create one yet Jiao did it almost seamlessly. It was a no-brainer to accept art from her. 

"Good choice," Jiao nodded and tapped on Liu Mei's forehead without wasting time. "Don't resist it." 

Liu Mei stood still and soon felt something stab into her mind. It only lasted for a moment and was replaced by an overwhelming amount of information. Not only did Jiao grant her the whole complete manuscript but also valuable insights and advice. For anyone who was trying to master Spearmanship, it was priceless. 

"This…" Liu Mei muttered as a happy tear rolled her cheek.. "Big Sis, who do you want me to kill? I will help."


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