Hitman with a Badass System

Chapter 350: Rampage of Gaya

The fire realm had no sunrise or beautiful morning like in the outside world. The red sky just got brighter, indicating that the dark night has gone. When the cave got brighter, Gaya and Noah ended their meditation and stood up to leave the cave.

"Stay inside" Gaya warned Vedora, especially Ayag before putting them back into her saddlebag. They soon left the cave heading towards Hell City. Considering flying might attract the crows, they chose to walk. They both knew it would take a long time but it was the safest way to reach Hell City without getting into any trouble.

"Hey, I still don't understand why people choose to come to this dump?" Ayag craned her neck up to peek outside.

"Most of them don't choose. Two-thirds of the people here are criminals who were exiled from various kingdoms. Even guardians sent the ruthless criminals here instead of putting them in prison" Noah said while walking in front of them.

"I thought criminals supposed to be in prisons" 

"Prisons are expensive and a hassle to maintain. They would get overcrowded in a snap"

"Why can't the rulers sentence them to death?"

"Because most of them are stupid" Gaya snickered,

"And stupidest ones believe those criminals deserve a second chance"

Noah chose not to put his head into their conversation. 

"I hope you have gold coins in your ring, I'm starving and I'd literally kill someone to eat" Ayag complained,

"Gold coins means shit here brat"

"What?!" Ayag almost shouted,

"People deal in beast cores here. Don't worry, I'm sure the Glass Wraith core will be enough for us to survive and treat you to a meal"

"Good because your hands are beginning to look real juicy" Ayag let out a burst of evil laughter.

"Keep them hidden. Although many don't know their species, they would still hunt you down to sell them as an exotic pet or worse, they will capture them and do experiments" Ayag frowned hearing Noah's words,

"The guardians have a safe house in Hell City. We'll get a takeaway"

"Whoa, slow down. I'm not gonna stay in a guardian safe house. What if it's a trap?" Gaya stopped following Noah,

"Then rent a tavern and stay there. If I wanted to capture you, I just need to tip the elites and they will do the rest"

Hell City was located right in the center of Fire Realm. It was a huge city that covered more than a few hundred miles in circumference. It looked like a historical city with dolled colors, scars, and marks everywhere. It was the remains of time, which proved that Hell City had been around for a long period of time. At least, it had been here since the discovery of the Fire Realm.

"No fights from here" Gaya wanted patting the saddlebag. 

"Just get me something to eat," Ayag whispered silently.

"I will now shut up" Gaya yelled at Ayag as they walked towards the city's main gate.

Hell City's main gate was actually a huge breach on the city wall, and it didn't fit the standards of a city gate. When Noah got closer to the main his expression became a focused one, and a grin emerged on his face.

"Why are you grinning?" Gaya asked. She was kinda familiar with Noah's expression. Every time Ghost got something good, he would smile just like this. She didn't want to admit it but Ghost and Noah seemed the same and opposite at the same time.

"There are hidden treasures in this city, I can sense it." Instead of hiding the truth, Noah told her the truth.

"You can sense treasures? What kind of treasures?"

"The kind that helps our fight with the five-headed serpent easier"

Noah said to Gaya.

"I was thinking about why those beasts don't attack Hell City, there must be some reason behind it, and perhaps it's related to this hidden treasure." He continued,

"We must get it before someone else does" Noah's eyes lit up.

"Don't get too excited, if no one unearthed the treasure to this day, it must be guarded or hidden carefully. I doubt with our current strength and abilities, we can get it" Gaya dampened Noah's enthusiasm....

"I'm lucky" Noah smiled,

"Luck? Are you fucking kidding me? We can't depend on luck. You know what Ghost said about luck" 

"What?" Noah asked,

"He said that I don't believe in luck, I believe in hard work"

"Stop right there."

Right at this moment, a group of ten middle-aged men leaped out from the dark bushes on their path, blocking Gaya and Noah.

"This is a robbery. You two, hand over all your belongings now! If not, we will take it from your corpses!"

A man with a ferocious scar on his face threatened them. Gaya looked at the ten men frowning. They were all at Core Formation stage 10. It was true that they were ten and they were two and in normal situations, ten Core Formation stage warriors had a higher chance to defeat the Core Strengthening stage cultivator if they fought with coordination.

However Gaya and Noah were not normal, they were two abnormal monsters.

Looking at them, Noah burst out into laughter. Pretty good luck for them to bump into some robbers right as they arrive in the city. These ten men had pretty strong cultivation bases, therefore he knew they would have more monster cores with them. 

"Fuck you luck Noah"

"Welcome to Hell City. I heard about bandits in Hell City. Some people group together and hide outside the main gate, and when they see someone with weaker cultivation bases or loners like us, they will strike and rob them.  I also heard these men are really smart, they know about all the alliances, and their strengths, in detail. They know who can be offended and who can't be offended like the back of their palm. However, it seemed like today was their bad day" Noah still had his usual calm smile on his face.

"If you give everything you steal,  I will go easy on you. You know it'll be hard to survive in Fire Realm with broken bones and no monster cores"

Noah shrugged his shoulders, then he looked at Gaya. He could tell she was ready to take out her bow and kill them on the spot,

"Broken bones? Since you shitheads decided to rob me, I'm gonna rob you and send you to another hell"

The ten men were startled to hear Gaya. Despite her cultivation base, the ten of them were underestimating her because she was a girl. They didn't know what she's capable of. The superiority of numbers on their side blinded their eyes.

"What the fuck?! How could a bitch be so aggressive?"

"Hey, what the fuck? We are the ones robbing you, not the other way around! Look carefully at the current situation and the difference between our strengths! Hurry up, hand over all your belongings, and we will spare your lives. If not… well, it's perfectly normal for people to die in fire realm"

"Let's kill him and keep the bitch alive. She could entertain us for a few days. It has been so long I felt the touch of a woman"

Noah turned to see Gaya shivering in anger. She was already in a bad mood by hearing the truth about the innocent people she killed, the state of her father, and him finding out her true identity. These guys just poured oil into her flaming fury.

"Are you sure you want to piss her off more than you already have?" Noah asked, rubbing his temples.

"Damn it, looks like these idiots don't even know how to judge a situation. Let's teach them a lesson! Brothers, let's do it, strip everything they got and kill him. We can keep the girl alive"

The man who looked like the leader of this group shouted out loudly. Six men dashed towards Noah while four picked Gaya as their target. They dashed at Gaya, licking their lips.

"Poison Flame" Gaya didn't even try to hide her spells. She just went straight for the killing move. As far as she was concerned, Noah could run away or die of poisoning. 

The four who dashed at Gaya were stunned to see the emerald green smoke coming out of her mouth. However, it was too late as what they thought was a cloud of gas turned out to be a poisonous flame. Noah didn't expect her to cast such a powerful spell in such a short time too. He dashed away to avoid the flame.

The emerald green mixed with her poison was too powerful as the four bandits melted in a few blinks of an eye. The other six were stunned to see their colleagues die such a horrible death in such a short time. Just as they were stunned, two silver arrows materialized in Gaya's hands.

"DIE MOTHERFUCKERS!" she leaped into the air before landing in front of two bandits who were a couple of meters away from their colleagues.

When they realized she was in front of them, she stabbed the arrows straight into their throats.

"DIE DIE DIE!" She withdrew the arrows as blood gushed out of their throats yet she continued to stab them again and again. The blood gushed out from their bodies painted her fair skin and the silver dress red.

"Xanali was right. She is a murdering psychopath"