The Tale of the Void Emperor

Chapter 642: Meeting Linci again.

"Athan!" Linci directly rushed towards Athan and hugged him after seeing him coming out of the portal.

Seeing this, Tiana, Avelia, and Sen smiled wryly at each other while Shiromi involuntarily displayed a longing expression on her face before she shook her head.

"I missed you, Athan," Linci said before she separated from the bug and blushed intensely.

"Welcome, Athan. Hmm, I can't see through you as usual. Still, others have actually reached chaos king-realm already?" said Elena with a shocked expression, "when did you ascend to upper-chaosverse?"

"Eh, we actually only took a month to go from Evagon-realm to chaos king-realm due to a very fortuitous encounter," Sen said with a smile.

"Oh? Linci also had a fortuitous encounter and reached chaos king-realm a month ago. What a coincidence," Elana said with a surprised smile.

"Well, it may not be a coincidence," Athan said with a faint smile before he sound transmitted to Linci, 'did a strange but unfathomable being approached you?'

'How did you know?' Linci was shocked, 'I was about to tell you, but...judging by what you said, it seems that a being like that approached you as well.'

'Indeed. Anyway, we will talk about it later."

At this time, Linci's father arrived and said with a smile, "why don't you all come inside and have some food? Athan, you have tasted Elena's cooking, but others haven't."

Avelia's eyes shined as she looked at Linci's mother and asked, "Auntie, are you are a powerful mystic chef?"

"Sure, I am, darling," Elena smiled gently with a nod.

"Say, Athan, why don't we stay for a bit?" Avelia said with a puppy smile, "I can learn from auntie and make good food for you."

"Hahaha, alright. We can stay here for a few days," Athan said with a laugh.

"Hehe, it seems that we are going to taste even better food than Avelia," Theo said while grinning.

"No food for you after we leave here," Avelia snorted.

"No, no, please forgive me, lady lord Avelia," Theo started begging.

"Hahahaha, that's what you get for speaking without thinking," Eldest's brother said while laughing out loud.

Suddenly, Elena's gaze went to Drizzly as she spoke, "Chaos Eargia dragon's bloodline? It's quite pure. Did you try to make bloodline resonance yet?"

Drizzly shook her head, "I don't want to go there. I want to stay with Athan and others and be a part of the new organization we are going to make."

"But if he activates bloodline resonance, he will easily discover you due to your purity," Elena frowned, "I don't think he will let you roam like that. His forces are powerful, and he had just recently broken through to Chaos Monarch realm as well."

Athan cracked his knuckles and spoke with a grin, "no worries. If he comes, then we can have a taste of Monarch-grade dragon meat."

After saying that, Athan deactivated his Obscure veil....

"This chaosverse has stripped me of all my accumulated powers,, I am unfettered and not bound with chaosverse at all," Athan spoke with a faint smile as a dominating aura oozed out from him.

Everyone was shocked because they...couldn't sense Athan's powers. His order was entirely gone.

"Y-your order base is will you progress?" Elena's father spoke with shock.

"Hahaha, it's fine because with everything gone, has gone my constraints as well. As long as there is a power here that can refine my body, I will continue to make it strong since I can enhance it without limit. And as long as I continue to enhance my soul with chaotic soul powers, I can control essence chaotic powers as well."

Athan pointed his finger to an empty space as a Burning Aion Wind portal appeared, "as it matters, I can actually directly connect to the source dimension of the chaotic powers I comprehend even in upper-chaosverse."

"I am telling you all this because I will put a proposal to your House of Crow after six months. But we will talk about it when the time comes. Now let's go and dig into Aunt Elena's cooking," Athan said with a smile.

Elena and Gaarshil snapped out of their thoughts as they wryly smiled. Just how much a freak their son-in-law was?


A few days passed here.

While everyone enjoyed some days here, Athan was testing out on his new path.

Currently, he was refining his body with wild, untamed chaotic power in one of the training dimensions of the crow family.

Linci, Sen, and Tiana were watching him as Athan suffered under this chaotic black waterfall with burning silver flames in it with a plain expression on his face.

Athan was forcefully quenching his body by using this chaotic power's energy. He forcefully imbued this chaotic energy in every fiber and cell of his body to refine them and make them strong.

"Athan, your current physical body power is 878k," Linci said as she scanned Athan's body with her high-grade power sensor, "Your soul strength is 1.349 million while essence power is 0."

"Good. I can still enhance my body a bit with this chaotic power. Maybe a few hours more. You three can go now and prepare some food for me because I am getting very hungry," Athan said with a smile.

"Alright, we will find the best nourishing ingredients for your body," Tiana said as she, Linci, and Sen left.


After an hour, Sen suddenly returned and spoke seductively, "hey Athan, why don't you eat me first?"

Athan grinned as he jumped out of the waterfall with his bare upper body that had rock-hard muscles and six-packs with perfect linings.

He waved his hand as he created a large abyssal darkness barrier around them.

Seeing it, Sen approached Athan as her dress slowly fell off, revealing her supple and juicy tits with erect pink cherries on them.

She placed her big melons on Athan's chest before her tongue went inside Athan's mouth as both of them started a long passionate kiss.