Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 648: Level Five

[Congratulation on clearing level four]

[You are awarded 50.000 contribution points]

[Total number of acolytes: 48/692]

[Five minutes until level 5 starts]

"We did it! We did it!"

From the grueling battle a moment ago, the five friends were exhausted. sweat made their clothes clung to their skin, but the moment they saw the notification, it was as if all their fatigue disappeared into nothing, leaving only joy at finally finishing level 4.

The fact that only 48 acolytes managed to make it past the fourth level only amplified their happiness.

That number was even less than the total number of elite and privileged acolytes combined, which numbered 60 in total. This was the undeniable proof of how hard level 4 was, a testament to the worth of the Earth acolytes.

Every time they remembered the fateful moment they grasped victory together, the feeling of joy blooming in their heart only got stronger.

With this victory, their main objective to ensure Emery managed to enter privileged class was also completed.

The Thracian, in his happiness, couldn't help but tell the others. "If this continues, maybe we can get past level 5 together, too!"

Thinking about the last challenge, they were all skeptical of their chances to make it through level 5. However, the thought brought a smile to all of them. "Maybe we can."

Right as they were about to celebrate, their joy was cut short, as they felt the bridge they were on start to shake. Stones and debris started to fall through the cracks that formed on it.

The group looked around. It did not take long for them to realize the entire bridge was slowly descending.

"What the fu** are we fighting now?!" Thrax exclaimed in frustration.

Eventually, the movement of the bridge could no longer be described as descending anymore, but falling. Below them, there was nothing but endless darkness, an abyss threatening to swallow them.

Until, as they hit the void, their fall came to an abrupt stop.

They definitely have touched the ground. It was just a plain filled with dirt and rocks but a thick gray fog-shrouded through the whole area, making them unable to see more than a few meters around them.

"Prepare yourselves!" Emery shouted, before he cast [Nature's Blessing] on everyone in his team, so they could be ready for what would come next.

While everyone looked around, wondering what was going on, the fog gradually dissipated, as if it was blown by the wind. Almost immediately, everyone tried to see beyond the fog, but what caught their attention was not the sight, it was the mixture of different sounds coming from every direction.

The sound of shrieks, roars, screams and shouts rang through the air all at once, creating a blur of cacophony that was truly uncomfortable to the ears.

"What the hell are we going to fight now?!"

As soon as the fog fully dissipated, the group was able to see the far away horizon - they were nothing short of shocked....

There were thousands, no, tens of thousands of creatures charging from all around them. From goblins, orcs, Uruks, trolls, ogres, the combination of all they have been fighting in this challenge. In the air, a swarm of wyverns covered the sky like a bunch of storm clouds, darkening the ground.

It was such a crazy scene, even those without knowledge of magic knew that there was no way any acolyte could survive such a mass onslaught.

It was at this moment, a notification came to mind

[Level 5]

[Survive the hordes for 30 minutes]

When they saw the objective, they were a little relieved, but on the other hand, there were thousands upon thousands of enemies. Surviving an endless onslaught for 30 minutes was not an easy feat.

Klea looked at the sky and quickly thought about flying one more time, but Julian grasped her shoulder and said. "No, you wouldn't be able to hold yourself for too long against those wyverns. At least, not in your current condition."

"We can't just stand around and do nothing, either! Let me cast my Storm spell again!"

The two's discussion quickly turned into a massive debate for plans, while Chumo used his [Eye of Raven], confirming the number of enemies had exceeded 20.000 and was still rapidly increasing. It appeared the virtual space was configured to keep creating an infinite number of them.

"1 minute and 40 seconds until the first goblins reach us!"

Hearing the announcement about the enemy numbers and the time they needed to survive, the group couldn't help but feel tense. The debate ongoing between them only made them feel worse.

It was until Thrax barked a loud, boisterous laughter. "Hahahahahaha! Why are you all so tense?!" The Thracian spun his glaive, his expression even more excited than before. "Let's stop being so dramatic and just have a blast in this fight, guys! This is exciting!"

Wording aside, Thrax had a point. So everyone decided to calm themselves down.

It was after all only virtual. Other than the lump sum of 100.000 contribution points awarded that they would not receive, there was actually no penalty for any of them if they lost in this level.

The previous worries they harbored had all disappeared completely. All of them glanced at each other in affirmation, before they prepared all their weapons.

The hordes were not idle, as they kept getting closer and closer with the ticking of each seconds. Even the massive land had started to shake from the violent stampede.

Only a few hundred meters of land separated them and the horde now, but thanks to the recent calm, Julian suddenly thought of a strategy.

"Although Thrax is right, I still think we really should give the best we can to win. I hope at least one of us can pass this level!" 

The thought was quickly accepted by the others. 

Julian quickly briefed the important points of the plan. He was able to convince the team to follow the plan with a few seconds to spare, before they had to face the enemies. In that short span of time, everyone's gaze was brimming with the hope of surviving the fifth level.

Right as the noise of the clash rang throughout the field, a huge smoke created by spells covered up the group. At the same time, a bird wreathed in lightning came descending from the sky and picked up one figure in the air, while the other four-figure quickly ran towards in four different directions.

The hordes quickly chased up the five figures relentlessly