Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 647: Achievement



The sounds of the flying creatures shrieking in pain resounded through the air, as Chumo stabbed one of them with a dagger straight in its nape. An abundant amount of blood spurted from the sky, as the wyvern went barreling in the air before crashing onto the stone cliff killing both the creature and the Asian Prince, as both fell into the abyss.

Fortunately, the Chumo whose body just got splattered was merely one of his shadow clones.

Klea herself was no longer using her magic staff, because she had drained too much of her spirit energy earlier. At the moment, she just completely focused her entire attention on controlling the thunderbird she rode.

Not only was it required very little to almost none spirit force, the bird was also capable of fighting by charging toward the wyverns and using its two sharp talons as means of offense. Still, it wasn't enough.

It was at moments like this that Klea dearly wished she could use her special bracelets to somehow affect the wyverns. It was truly a pity that her bracelets surpassed the restriction ceiling of tier 4 equipment put in the game, hence it was not transported into the virtual arena along with her. After all, every bit of help would definitely be useful in their current precarious situation.

Currently, there were still four wyverns in the air and eighteen stone trolls on the bridge. The group had almost reached their wits' end, but they only managed to take care of a little over half the challenge.

"Just a little bit more time!" Emery told himself, as he watched how his friends struggled against the enemy. He was on the verge of being completely healed.

With this number and the fact that Emery still needed more time, Julian decided to take extreme measures. He stomped the bridge and leaped to the air, landing right into the middle of the trolls, as he used his hammer battle art.

[Majestic Smash]

The blow caused a shockwave that sent the stone trolls around a few steps back, pushing one of those who stood on the outer formation to the edge of the bridge.

Julian's eyes flashed speedily across the trolls around him, before locking onto the one on the edge of the bridge that was the closest to him. Without further ado, he dashed toward the chosen troll and struck its knee with his legs, making it lose its balance as it staggered closer to the bridge edge.

Afterwards, he used [Shield Bash] with all the strength he could muster, shoving the unstable troll off the edge and into the void below the bridge.

One down.

The other trolls roared and quickly charged at Julian. Seeing this, he decided to use [Shield Throw] to buy him some time. The shield sped in the air as it spun and perfectly hit three of the trolls in the head with its massive frame, making them dizzy for a second.

However in return Julian lost his only defensive tool, but he didn't seem to be dismayed by it. The other reason why he did that, besides to stall the trolls, was to increase his mobility. Simply put, he sacrificed his shield to trade with speed.

His figure was skillfully moving around the trolls' feet, causing them to be really angry when they accidentally hit each other as they tried to catch him. Of course, there was a limit to the number of times he could move before being cornered. Fortunately, Julian was prepared for such a scenario.

[Greater Stone Skin]

Julian's body started to be covered as the spell took effect. But instead of a normal stone layer, it gradually turned glossy and then started to let out a beautiful golden glow. This seemingly abnormal phenomenon was the proof that the Roman managed to improve his defensive spell by incorporating his divine technique into it.

Julian had promised himself not to be the deadweight for the group even though he was considered to be the leader of the group and the one making the call. He didn't want to be someone who just ordered around, he wanted to truly make some achievement in this game.


Julian received a hit that sent him flying several steps, almost making him experience the same fate as the stone troll he just killed. Fortunately, he was able to stop his body at the last moment and stood up before moving around the trolls again.


Julian got hit once again. This time, he found it hard to stand again. Even so, he forced his body to do so and eventually it did. If one saw the expression on his face, they would immediately know he was prepared to sacrifice himself to buy his friend more time if needed.

Seeing how his rival got thrashed again and again made Thrax fall into rage. Brandishing his glaive forward, the Thracian stomped his feet against the ground and shot towards the stone trolls with ferocious intent.

At this moment, however, Emery had finally recovered. While he was trying to recover just now, he was also watching and observing the progress of the battle, trying to think of a solution. Ultimately, he found a way.

He cast [Blink], appeared at where Thrax and Julian were and whisked them out of danger to the center of the bridge.

"Emery, you!!" The Roman was a bit disappointed, as he was in the heat of the battle just now. But of course, Emery wouldn't let the former sacrifice himself like that.

Even though their prey disappeared once again, the crowd of stone trolls did not become flustered. In fact, they quickly looked around and immediately ran to where the trio were at the moment they saw them.

Seeing this, Julian threw a questioning gaze at Emery. If the latter wanted to buy time, then he should have taken them to the other end of the bridge and not the center. 

Luckily, the Roman didn't have to wait long for his question to be answered.

Emery quickly used his [Fey transformation] to turn into his shaman form and immediately [Blink] on top of the wyvern that flew close to the bridge.

He had targeted this wyvern trajectory before and now when he rode it, Emery pierced the wyvern with his blade and forced it with brute strength to make the creature follow his targeted direction. 

That direction was the bridge, to be exact, at the passage where the stone trolls would pass.

Emery got this idea from watching Chumo fight the wyverns, and the result appeared to be similar to what he predicted.

The wyvern Emery forcefully controlled crashed into the horde, seriously injuring it, while also taking four of the trolls with it down into the abyss.

Naturally, Emery didn't sustain any injury, as he cast [Blink] before the crash. However, he didn't stop there.

He appeared right in front of the stone trolls whose formation was destroyed by the wyvern and he exploded the spirit force of his dark core into the blade and consecutively used [Shadow Edge], unleashing three destructive sword energies..

The blade was instantly brokes, but the attacks struck squarely on the trolls creating three powerful blades that struck the bridge, injuring the troll's hordes and managed to kill three among them. 

With this, there were now only a dozen stone trolls left on the bridge and with Emery joining the fight, the stone trolls had no chance of winning this fight.

Emery, Julian, and Thrax three of them standing together, killing the incoming trolls one by one. It only took them several minutes to defeat the last standing troll. Finally, Emery used [Blink] and arrived at the last wyvern that Klea and Chumo fought..

It took Emery three [Heroic Strike] to finally cut off the head of the last wyvern. 

In the end, all of Team Earth's acolytes survived, albeit just by a thin hair.

[Congratulations on clearing level four!]

"We did it!!"