Ancient Strengthening Technique

Chapter 831: Massacre, Life’s Encounter

AST 831 – Massacre, Life’s Encounter

Qing Shui didn’t expect them to be this immoral in front of everyone in broad daylight. For some reason, this reminded him of a similar scenario on a particular island back in his past life…….

The two old men with towering bodies seemed well-built as they continued to walk towards Long Lingyun.

Qi Gang had bloodshot eyes as a stream of blood rolled down from his eyes, similar to how blood was flowing out of his mouth too. Long Lingyun, Qian Mo, and himself were part of the Cloud Adventurer Guild and had been doing missions together for a long time. Long Lingyun and Qian Mo were like his daughters, so how could he not be furious when he was about to witness an immoral act being performed upon them…….

Long Lingyun was terrified, evident by the pale complexion of her face. Her body was shivering, and she clearly didn’t want to see the image of two naked old man coming towards her. However, she remained adamant on keeping her head high. If she lowered her head, it would essentially mean that she had surrendered herself. In any case, she had no intention of raising a white flag to her enemies that easily.

She naturally turned her head to face Qing Shui, but as she did so, she was startled. Qing Shui was showing a calm expression on his face, akin to the serenity of calm water.

She then recalled how mysterious this man had seemed from the beginning. If he were in her shoes right now, he should be scared to death too or even be pleading for his life desperately. But now, he was acting like it wasn’t a big deal at all.

“Are you not scared?” asked Long Lingyun. Surprisingly, she became a bit calmer after noticing the undisturbed expression on Qing Shui’s face.

“They want you, not me.” Qing Shui smiled. His voice was soft, yet everyone could hear him clearly. However, no one was able to notice the abundance of qi in his voice…

“You, you.. They will still kill you in the end!” Long Lingyun couldn’t control her emotions as she spoke with Qing Shui.

“Are you scared then?” Qing Shui let out a slight chuckle as he asked Long Lingyun.

“I’m not scared. But I’m disgusted to the point of being terrified.” Long Lingyun said in a miserable tone as she looked at Qing Shui.

“Well, let this uncle kill them for you, alright?” Qing Shui was calm as he showed her a smile.

“Tch, what uncle? You’re still a snotty brat in my eyes.” Long Lingyun pouted her lips and scoffed.

“If you don’t call me ‘uncle’, then I won’t kill them.”

Long Lingyun was confused about her situation. There were clearly two naked men trying to rape her right now. Despite that, she somehow had the time to talk to Qing Shui, and she didn’t know whether she could entrust her life in his hands or not.

Those old men were both undoubtedly Peak Martial Saints. It would be extremely easy for them to kill her with only a lift of a finger.

“Uncle. Is that good enough for you?” Long Lingyun said loudly with a hint of anticipation in her tone. She realized how excited she was, and it felt quite bizarre.

“Good little niece. Now that I have adopted a niece, I’m feel quite happy. As promised, I will gladly destroy these men for you.” Qing Shui said casually. Then, he turned his head back to the old men who were approximately ten meters away from Long Lingyun.

“Why do you like to show off so much?” Qing Shui shook his head in disappointment and stood up slowly. With one casual fling of his sleeves, a Frosted Iron Ball appeared and shot towards one of the old men. It was impossible to miss as the old men were so close. Furthermore, they were weaker than him in terms of power, as Qing Shui had already improved his strength before.


The whole area was silenced. One of the old men was hit in the testicles and the Frosted Iron Ball had mashed his balls into mush. The other old man who had been blazing his pride just a moment ago immediately shriveled back down. Whether his ‘pride’ could become erect again would be his own problem.

The old men hadn’t even considered Qing Shui and the others as a threat since they had been inflicted with the ‘Bone Softening Powder’. If they hadn’t considered that they would send out a distress call after they were trapped, they wouldn’t have used the ‘Bone Softening Powder’ to drain their strength completely.

Who knew this outcome would occur when the old men had completely let down their guard?

Even so, they were still Peak Martial Saints – they could’ve evaded the attack easily through their intuitive senses.


It took quite a while before the first old man let out a piercing cry. He slumped to the ground and writhed in intense pain. Drenched in his sweat, the old man clenched his legs as blood profusely flowed out. He couldn’t immediately register where he was wounded, but in a few seconds, his body had been stained with red blood.

It was too sudden, so everyone was stunned for a few moments.

Long Lingyun widened her eyes as she stared dumbfoundedly at the situation. Despite the disgusting torment of the old man, she couldn’t take her eyes off of his suffering. The sudden change of situation was oddly entertaining to watch.

“You two deserve to die!”

Hu Yuanqing abruptly leaped at the Cui brothers and hit them with a dense cold light from his palms. The pitiful Cui brothers cried out in pain and died without knowing why they deserved this kind of death.

Qing Shui didn’t feel any grief for the pair of brothers, nor any emotions regarding the current situation. He hadn’t really acquainted himself with the troupe emotionally as his sole reason for journeying was to enjoy his life and increase his state of mind. Through this journey, he hoped that he could achieve a breakthrough to the 7th Heavenly Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique as soon as possible.

Long Lingyun had no opinions about the current situation either. Anyone, even a man, would have done the same thing as Qing Shui if they met with the same situation. Moreover, they could have been killed anytime, as they were powerless from eating the poisoned food. These scumbags deserved to be killed, as a virtue for themselves and society.

“You are really awesome! How could you lie to us, saying that you were an alchemist?” said Long Lingyun in a pleasant cheerful tone.

“I am an alchemist. Eat this and you will be able to move again.” Qing Shui quickly threw a few Five Dragon Pellets towards Long Lingyun.

Long Lingyun fetched the pellets and consumed one without hesitation. She seemed to have a hard time putting the pellet in her mouth as she struggled to use her jaw muscles. In the instant after the pellet had travelled to her stomach, she could finally move her body. Overjoyed, she turned towards Qian Mo and Qi Gang and fed them each a pill.

“You brat, prepare to die!”

Suddenly, the old man who was writhing in pain rose up in the air and curled his hands into claw-like shapes to strike Qing Shui. His movements were extremely fast, and the air exploded into a series of booming noises.

Seeing the old man who was still naked rushing towards him, Qing Shui immediately raised his palm and released an attack.

Nine Waves Great Golden Buddha Palm!...

Bang bang…….

Without any suspense, the naked old man was instantly killed by the force of the Sixth Wave.

It was a sneak attack at first, but now it was just an all-out war against his opponents. The old man had been a Peak Martial Saint, yet he was instantly annihilated. Being a Martial Saint was an honor, not a common vegetable in the market to be sold for a measly coin that Qing Shui had made him look like.

“You really are an alchemist. If that’s true, then that’s great.” Long Lingyun said happily to Qing Shui. There was an unspeakable comfort in her tone.


“Hu Yuanqing, since you thought of such a despicable tactic, don’t think for a minute that you will leave here alive.” Long Lingyun became increasingly furious as she thought of Hu Yuanqing’s acts. She then rushed towards Hu Yuanqing, rapier in hand, with the intention to kill.

Hu Yuanqing and the others had already prepared their mounts nearby. With the situation out of hand, they immediately leaped onto their mounts and attempted to escape as quickly as possible.

Qing Shui couldn’t allow them to leave alive, so he shot a number of Frosted Iron Balls towards the men at supersonic speed.

The piercing sound of the incoming Frosted Iron Balls shook them into a state of fright.

After a succession of painful cries, the young men flopped to the group motionlessly.

“Uncle, you are so strong, yet you kept your strength a secret from us. I will get even with you later.” Long Lingyun puffed in anger as she scoffed, despite her not actually being angry at all.

“Quickly, go take care of those men.” Qing Shui was a bit speechless. He had just been teasing her when he asked her to call him ‘uncle’, but now he had to act like one as he urged Long Lingyun to settle her score with the men from Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild.

Qi Gang, Long Lingyun, and Qian Mo dashed towards their opponents with a rekindled flame of rage. They didn’t hold back on their assault – things had escalated to the point that leaving alive was not an option for those despicable men.

Hu Yuanqing was the son of the Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild’s leader, as well as a genius. He could theoretically fight back, as his strength was on par with Long Lingyun, but right now he had no desire to fight. Moreover, he had been suddenly thrown into confusion by Long Lingyun’s rage, so he had no idea how to retaliate properly.

The rest of the young men were all Peak Martial Kings. They would eventually advance to become Martial Saints in due time, but that was not meant to be, as none of them could survive when faced with Qi Gang. The disparity of strength between a Martial King and a Martial Saint was too great.

In a blink of an eye, Hu Yuanqing was the only one left standing.

“You cannot kill me. Otherwise, the Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild will never forgive you.” Hu Yuanqing growled as he kept blocking Long Lingyun’s continuous assaults.

“If we let you go alive, will we survive? Even if I can’t kill you, I’m still going to vent my anger on you.” Long Lingyun shot back, her teeth gritted in rage.

“If I die, Yun Duan will be harassed and tormented by my father. The Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild will know about today’s incident. Are you going to let my father’s rage ruin the future of the Cloud Adventurer Guild?” Hu Yuanqing fired back at Long Lingyun. He knew she would hesitate when he mentioned Yun Duan from the Cloud Adventurer Guild.

“Uncle Gang, what do you think? If elder sister Yun Duan suffers because of this, everyone in the Cloud Adventurer Guild will suffer the same fate as well……” Long Lingyun halted her assault and turned to look at Qi Gang.

Qi Gang was indecisive as well. Hu Yuanqing was not a person to talk irresponsibly, and he was still quite influential among the members of the Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild. Whether or not they should kill him was a difficult decision they had to make right now.

When Long Lingyun saw the hesitation in Qi Gang’s expression, she felt a sense of immense pressure in her chest. When she turned to look at Qing Shui nearby, he was strangely showing a smile at her. It was then she decided to ask him instead.

“Uncle, what do you say, should we kill him?” Long Lingyun faced Qing Shui as she asked the question in a serious tone.

At that moment, a few flying beasts were speeding towards their direction from a distance.

Qing Shui lifted his head up to get a good look at the flying beasts. He had eyesight that was almost as sharp as that of an eagle.

Three Giant Green Geese appeared in his area of vision. The leading Giant Goose was carrying a woman on its back, with the other two geese were each carrying an elderly men. However, when he saw the woman leading the elderly men, he was stunned.

This woman was none other than the familiar silhouette he had seen at the Cloud Adventurer Guild. Qing Shui wasn’t shocked because he had seen the familiar silhouette in this place again, rather he was shocked because he knew who she was.

She was Elder Yun from the Feng Clan!

She was a mature, elegant woman, with an exemplary appearance of a true beauty. She had delicate facial features, graceful and poised. This woman didn’t give off an aura of coldness, but somehow she felt unapproachable by most people.

The first thing Qing Shui noticed about the woman standing on the back of the Green Goose was her slender figure and perfectly well-developed chest. This was indeed the remarkable woman that he remembered from a long time ago.

Every part of her body screamed with allure and charisma. Her exquisite eyes were charming and enticing – deadly, even.

Now that he had met her again, he felt that the World of the Nine Continents was a small place. He couldn’t quite understand their fateful meeting at this place, and why the leader of the Cloud Adventurer Guild would appear at the Feng Clan in the first place.

He glanced at the elderly men behind her, and noticed that that they were stronger than the two naked old men from earlier. Qing Shui tried to comprehend the current situation one more time, but the more he tried to, the more he became confused.

This was because he hadn’t expected to see the woman he had spent a night of lust and affection with appearing in this place. The incident that night had only been due to an exchange of deals between her and Qing Shui.

Fate has a tendency to toy with people’s feelings. The fate of meeting her in this place was sealed. Without a second thought, Qing Shui could definitely tell that she was indeed Yun Duan.

Hu Yuanqing wasn’t worried when he saw Yun Duan and the two elderly men approaching towards their direction. In fact, he was so happy to see them that he started to straighten his body and stand up proudly, as if he was showing his superiority over them.

“Good to see you, Elder Sister Yun Duan, and Sir Elders!” Long Lingyun greeted Yun Duan and the two elderly men with respect.

“Lingyun, when I heard your group was coming here and that Hu Yuanqing had entered Tiger Stream Valley, I knew something would go wrong. I didn’t think that they would make a move on my Cloud Adventurer Guild even before I married the leader of the Mighty Tiger Adventurer Guild.” Yun Duan sighed with disappointment.

Her voice sounded raspy, but it was somehow strangely attractive and elegant.