The Copy Mage

Chapter 210: Wild Monster

[Utsusu, I never expected that humans could be so cruel as to torture their own children and use them for experiments that made them lose all their humanity] said Damian to himself in utter shock.

{Damian, there are much more atrocities than you could ever imagine and you should be very careful. Although it is a merely artificially produced ability, that couldn't be compared to an Awakened Innate Ability, it is still very dangerous to face. He can no longer be considered a human and the beast blood injected into him must have allowed his body to mutate and become part-beast, which is unbelievable as being compatible with beast blood is very rare. You can think of this state that he is in as the berserk state of a beast and he is overcome by this state after being wounded, which brings up his past experiences and makes him go crazy and transform into a disgusting creature} stated Utsusu.

{Putting him down would be doing him a favour and he had been suffering so much his entire life, yet was still afraid of death and letting go of the only thing he felt as though he truly owned. However, the pain and suffering will only continue and his body cannot handle the transformations and is also suffering internally from all the experiments, along with his mind also destroying itself from all of his mental problems. Allowing him to live would merely be extending his suffering}

Damian had thought as much by himself and it had already been a few minutes since the transformation had begun.

He was using the time to recover while listening to the story from the mercenary group leader, but he knew that he needed to make the most of the opportunity and take down the mercenary while it still hadn't fully transformed.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. If you interfere with the transformation, you will merely awaken an even more terrifying beast" said the mercenary group nonchalantly.

Damian couldn't tell if he was bluffing and looking at the mercenaries, all of them seemed to have some sort of mental defect just like the leader had mentioned, but the leader himself didn't seem to have any defect.

"Boredom is all I have ever felt. I have no family or friends and have spent most of my life locked in a cell by my distant relatives for a crime I didn't commit. Nothing satisfies me and all I desire is anything that can stimulate me in any way. All the meagre human desires that most people follow do not entice me. I want entertainment" he said.

The first mercenary was a crazy killer who had a strong desire to kill and would stop at nothing to do so.

The second mercenary was a monster that had been experimented on to the point that he was no longer human.

Meanwhile, their leader seemed to have become completely bored with life and everything that was offered and was crazily seeking entertainment in life at any cost.

They were a group of dangerous, wild and insane individuals and Damian didn't even know what to expect from the two mercenaries he was yet to hear from and what sort of abilities the other mercenaries had.

But one thing was for sure, they all needed to be eliminated as they were merely dangerous dogs that were held on a long leash by the Royal Mercenary Unit, using them to complete missions without caring about what else they did....

[These guys really are a bunch of crazy weirdos. But despite that, they truly are powerful and I am sure to come across many other opponents like them who have nothing to lose and are extremely dangerous] thought Damian to himself as he prepared himself to fight, while Clay was also shocked by everything he was watching and seeing and was thinking the same thing as Damian.

Meanwhile, the two royal academy students couldn't help but begin to feel as though they weren't safe with the mercenaries and that they had made a mistake by hiring the squad of crazy mercenaries.

Damian decided to take the safer option and called for Clay to throw over his bow, then fired 3 arrows in quick succession at the head of the transforming mercenary, and the other mercenaries that were watching had smiles on their faces, knowing what was about to come next.

Just as the arrows were about to strike the transforming mercenary, it suddenly moved at incredible speeds and put up its arms to protect its body.

The other mercenaries were all amused and excited to see what would happen next, knowing that once that mercenary transformed and was attacked, he would wildly attack the attacker until one of them was dead.

The traumatising experiences of being tortured made any pain experienced cause him to go crazy and the more he was hurt, the wilder he would become and the more power his body could unleash.

It was similar to a berserk state, but even more dangerous for user and the one that was facing them.

The more he was hurt, angry or reminded of his previous experiences, the more powerful and crazy he would become, making it difficult to handle him, but it also caused his body more damage and backlash.

Since he was in a crazed state where he didn't experience pain and no longer cared about anything other than ripping apart the one that wounded them, they would continue fighting until they were dead or no longer able to.

As the three arrows pierced into the arms of the mercenary that had become a monster, it unleashed a shriek of pain and its red eyes flashed with killing intent as it glared at Damian.

Pulling out the arrows, the monster's arms visibly healed in front of their eyes within seconds, shocking all of them, and Damian instantly realised how hard it would be to take down such a wild and powerful opponent.