The Copy Mage

Chapter 208: Wounded Maniac Part 1

There is always a story and reasons for most things and Damian was interested in that of the Spear Wielding Mercenary as he seemed to have been through a lot and had been crushed by his past experiences.

It was the look of a coward that was tired of living.

One that wanted to end it all, but was too scared of killing themselves or confronting death, leaving him wandering around the world without a purpose.

It was also one that was filled with great sadness and also was greatly afraid of bringing up past memories and experiencing any form of pain.

"You want to know who this man is, well let me tell you the sad story of the Wounded Maniac. A man that experienced more pain and suffering than any other and in the process became a monster" said the leader of the mercenary group as he began telling the story of the mercenary's past.

Being known as the Wounded Maniac was something that intrigued but also made Damian wary of the mercenary as he could sense a powerful, aggressive and wild power welling up within his body.

The Spear Wielding Mercenary was from a Noble Family that was known for its research, especially in the anatomy of the body and was how they made their fortune.

They specialised in medication, surgery and biology and his father was known as the Mad Researcher in the family that would stop at nothing to complete his research.

He would buy people, beasts and any other living beings he could find to experiment on and the sounds of screams and torture were normal from his residence.

Despite that, the family allowed him to do as he pleased as he was the researcher that provided the most results and also was extremely intelligent and skilled when it came to biology even though he was crazy.

His experiments knew no bounds and even his children weren't spared from his experiments and would be experimented on the most, wanting to know more about what his offspring was capable of and also their body's composition.

A mad man like him sought immortality and believed that by experimenting on his offspring and trying to find different ways to heal their bodies and push their bodies to their limits, he might be able to do so on himself.

After having dozens of children with many different women who had no choice but to mate with him, he hadn't gotten close to his aim and his research wasn't giving any results.

All of those children didn't live past the age of 8 and the women he had those children with would also die from the experiments that he did on them.

It was an endless cycle and they were all helpless to escape from it, with the noble family he was in providing him with anything he needed as long as he was producing results.

  Injuries and torture were used by him to test the recovery speed, mental strength and nerves of his subjects, then he would use all kinds of drugs he was concocting and experimenting with to test out their effects and see if they were able to heal them....

It was horrible and his experiment room had a thick stench of blood with many individuals being chained to walls and unable to resist or fight back his experiments.

The cytopathic noble saw his children as his own creation that were made to further his research and his 37th child was the one that was able to hold out the longest.

He was also the one that showed the least emotion, stimulation and reaction to all the different experiments that were done on him, making him the favourite subject of the mad researcher.

However, that merely increased the pain and length of all the experiments that were done on him and he would be tortured day and night and injected with all sorts of beast blood.

His young body was barely able to hold out, but hatred, rage and fury were the only things keeping him alive after seeing all of his siblings and his mother being killed in front of him.

After enduring the mental and physical torture, along with many experiments and the abuse of drugs, the child became emotionless and bored of life, seeking any way for the pain to stop and to die.

It reached a point where he couldn't feel anything anymore and his mind had become numb to everything around him, but that didn't stop the mad man from experimenting on him.

The research continued for 16 years and he became to most valued subject by not only the mad researcher, but also the entire family as he displayed the potential to be able to handle their secret experiment.

Their noble family was interested in producing artificial Innate Abilities, rather than natural Soul Spirits or Innate Abilities that would be awakened within individuals. 

It was something that could completely change their country and even the world and if they were able to pull it off, they would be able to form an invincible army and even overthrow the royal family.

Their ambitions and plans were obviously left secret, but were quite realistic if they were able to actually form artificial innate abilities in their test subjects.

When the child became 16, they finally succeeded after storing large amounts of energy within his body along with injecting him with all sorts of different beast blood, blood from those that had Innate Abilities and drugs.

Everything they had poured into his body and suppressed through all sorts of medication was unleashed all at once and an Innate Ability was born within his body, making him the first success after dozens of years of experimentation.

However, the result of the experimentation was a broken man that could barely be called human.

Everything within him had caused him to not only have a split personality but also to be able to transform into a crazy monster.