Ancient Strengthening Technique

Chapter 149: Who’s the arrogant one

AST 0149 – Who’s the arrogant one

Qing Shui couldn’t understand the hearts of women, but the words of Mingyue invoked a strong feeling in him. A man must be powerful before he had the qualifications to cause other women to want to share him.

“Mingyue, would you be willing to share a man with others?” Qing Shui glanced at the beauty lying on his chest. The satisfied look that came from the afterglow of sex on Mingyue’s face proved to be extremely attractive.

“Me? I don’t have the qualifications to fight with other women. Anyway, I will never remarry again!” Mingyue whispered.

“She is a woman that was abandoned by some other man, and even has a daughter. Indeed, if we were to compare, her status is even worse than a widow!” Qing Shui silently stated to himself as he Mingyue closer into his embrace upon seeing the despondent look on her face.

“I’ve said it before that you are my woman. In the future, you belong to me and you are my wife. This point, will never change!” Qing Shui lifted the chin of Mingyue as he spoke tenderly.

“But I’m a woman that has already been married, and even has a daughter. Won’t you look down on me… I’m no longer a pure woman, I’m not worthy of you, and will even bring you bad luck!”

Qing Shui didn’t think like her in his heart. After all, in his previous world, just being in a boy-girl relationship for even less than a day was sufficient to land the girl in bed. As for divorce, remarrying, and even getting ‘kept’ as a mistress, it was all very commonplace!

“The Mingyue in my eyes, is still holy and pure. Not meeting you earlier was my loss. To speak of impureness, you can tell if a person if impure by the state of their heart and their thought processes. If a mother, in order to take care of her daughter and raise her up and save money for her medical fees, didn’t have any qualms about selling herself as a prostitute to raise the money, in my eyes, she is the most pure and clean woman ever to have lived! Mingyue, do you understand what I’m saying? To me, you are eternally pure, you got it?”

Mingyue Gelou tightly embraced Qing Shui as tears of happiness flowed from her eyes. Her smile, like the flowers that bloomed after the rain, had a extremely soul-stirring quality to it.

“Mingyue, let’s do it once more. Earlier, we did it too fast, this time round, let’s go at it again more slowly!” Qing Shui smiled, as he entered into Ming Yue again.

“Ah, okay!”

Mingyue Gelou sat on top of Qing Shui, Qing Shui gently held her soft and gentle waist and rocked her lightly. That taste, other than describing it as passionate rapture, there was no other way to describe it.


Qing Shui, are you sure that you want to send the betrothal gifts to the Shi Clan today?” Qing Yi asked in surprise.

“Look at what I’ve prepared, a female cow, necklaces, bracelets…”

Qing Yi mutely gazed at Qing Shui, “What reply is this? Weren’t all these gifts prepared by her alone? She was very clear that this little fellow was trying to act like a punk with her.

“Enough, stop beating around the bush, I won’t stop you anyway!” Qing Yi laughed as she spoke.

Giving betrothal gifts in this world of the nine continents means proposing marriage, and could be considered a sacred custom. Usually, the parents of the male along with other elders would lead the way with the betrothal gifts to the home of the female, to ask for her hand in marriage.

For Qing Shui, Qing Yi, his uncle Qing Hu, and few others from the 3rd generation that loved the lively atmosphere went with him to propose the marriage. However, other than Qing Shui, none of the others felt any joy in their hearts.

After all the Situ Clan issued a statement, “While Shi Qingzhuang is alive, she is the woman of the Situ Clan. When she’s dead, she’s also the ghost of the Situ Clan. They would ruthlessly exterminate anyone that dared to have any ideas towards her.

Qing Shui didn’t think so. After all, that time the old man came over to his clinic, he already planted some sneaky tricks, connecting the jiuwei and juque acupoints to the old man’s ren meridian. This was akin to leaving a hidden bomb inside the old man’s body. Think of this, Qing Shui was much more reassured.

“Qing Shui, since the Situ Clan knew that you are at the Xiantian level yet they still dared to issue such a statement, it should mean that they have long ago made their preparations. Mother is worried about you.” Qing Yi reminded Qing Shui before they set out.

“Mother, don’t worry. I guarantee that nothing will happen.”

The news that Qing Clan was on their way to the Shi Clan, was also leaked to the Situ Clan....

“That little bastard since he is seeking death, I will grant it to him!” Situ Jianyi’s temper soared like lightning and thunder upon hearing the news. Initially he thought that after issuing the statement, Qing Shui would heed him somewhat, and even give up the notion all together. Now, since things had developed to such a point, he would make use of the chance to get rid of Qing Shui.

For matters like this, the Shi Clan stood right in the middle. Because the Shi Clan had no Xiantian cultivators, both the Qing Clan and Situ Clan wouldn’t drag them into it.

Since both Qing Shui and the Situ Clan had issued a statement, in the world of the nine continents, a promise is golden. Thus, the betrothal giving session of the Qing Clan attracted many curious onlookers!

“Grandpa, the Situ Clan knew of Qing Shui’s strength, but they still issued that statement. I’m very worried about anything untoward happening to Qing Shui!” Yu He poured a cup of tea for Yu Donghao as she stated.

“Lass, what do you feel about Qing Shui?” Yu Donghao ignored her question as he asked directly.

Yu He reddened immediately and became speechless.

Yu Donghao sighed, earlier before Qing Shui stepped into xiantian, when he was curing the dantian of Yu Donghao, he still felt that Yu He was worthy of Qing Shui. But, now he could only sigh ruefully.

“Lass, even though Qing Shui’s age is young, he is very cautious and meticulous in his thought processes. Have you ever seen him take a risk that he had no confidence in? He is decisive, and knows when to step back. He doesn’t seem young and inexperienced, but rather like someone who has lived for a long time and seen a lot, like an old man!”

Yu He reddened further as though she understood the meaning behind her Grandpa’s words, lowering her head before inclining it again. “Grandpa, you are saying that Qing Shui still has some protective measures on him?”


Qing Shui looked at the swathes of people crowding the street, and was inwardly marvelled. He knew that there were a lot of inhabitants in Hundred Miles City, but it was only today that he realized how much ‘many’ really meant!

The most important thing was that Qing Shui was listening to their comments, and filtered out the babble that was not important.

“The Situ Clan is waiting ahead!”

“The aura Situ Clan exuded is terrifyingly strong!”

“Situ Clan said that they will show the Qing Clan!”

“That unlucky son from the Situ Clan was the one robbed of his manhood by Qing Shui! All debts new and old will be repaid today!”


Qing Shui was also stunned when he saw the members of the Situ Clan. The path of the spacious main street of the Hundred Miles City was actually obstructed by many huge rocks. The man standing in the lead was none other than the crafty old man which Qing Shui previously assumed to be from the Situ Clan!

From afar as Qing Shui looked at all the Situ Clan members standing behind that old man, he burst into happy laughter!

Since the road was blocked, the Qing Clan had no choice but to halt their steps. As they looked at the indifferent and tranquil Qing Shui, Qing Shui was still smiling as though there was nothing funnier in the world when he saw the 1,000 members of the Situ Clan crowding the streets.

“What do you mean by this? The main street of the Hundred Miles City is obstructed by your clan members. What gives the Situ Clan the right to be so arrogant?” The clear sounding voice of Qing Shui sounded out.

“The rocks were placed here to obstruct you, the Qing Clan is going too far. If we the Situ Clan were to bear this silently, how could we raise our heads high in the future?” Situ Jianyi’s sharp gaze shot directly at Qing Shui who was sitting on the carriage.

“Haha, you are right. From today onwards your Situ Clan will never be able to raise their heads high again.” The volume of his speech wasn’t loud, but the clarity of his voice echoed out clearly through the ears of the crowd!