Forty Millenniums of Cultivation

Chapter 2759: Domineering Young Man!

"Monitor, are you alright?"

Tang Ka was briefly stunned. He moved his ears to Chu Zhiyun's chest and listened for a while. "Have you drunk too much water? Why are you making this weird sound?"

"I… I'm fine!"

Chu Zhiyun didn't know why her face was so red and hot. She glared at Tang Ka and bit her lips. Then she asked curiously, "What happened just now? Why is Tiantian with you?"

"I… I have no idea either!"

Tang Ka said anxiously, "We seemed to have triggered a bomb, which blew up a hole on the ground. It happened to be a congregation point of sewers. After I fell into the water, I heard the cries of a baby in my dizziness, so I swam over and picked up Tiantian. Later, the dirty water got more and more powerful, and I couldn't control myself at all and could only float in the water until I arrived at this place. Then, I saw you struggling in the water, so I dived down and picked you up…"


Chu Zhiyun thought for a moment and asked, "What about Tiantian's mother?"

"That I do not know."

Tang Ka shook his head and said, "I only picked up Tiantian, but I didn't see Zhou Xiuyun. She must've been separated from us."

They looked at the two ends of the sewer.

They were in a very spacious sewer, but the place was absolutely dark. Under the light of the glow stick, it could be vaguely seen that there were countless branches ahead.

It was absolutely impossible to find an ordinary person who had been missing for half an hour in such a maze.

Chu Zhiyun sighed and said, "It seems that we have to find a way out on our own now."

After a brief rest, Tang Ka supported Chu Zhiyun back to her feet.

Fortunately, neither of them was injured except for the minor scratches on their skin. Even Tiantian was not hurt either. She was staring at the glow stick in Tang Ka's hand with her eyes wide open!

For some reason, Chu Zhiyun grimaced at the little kid, and the little kid grimaced back at her. Both of them laughed.

But after the laugh, they had to face the reality.

Unfortunately, they lost all their assets in the turbulence. Tang Ka had even "accidentally" lost Zhou Xiuyun's map.

They had abandoned their portable crystal processors, which could locate them, at the very beginning too, or they would've been found out by the purge troop.

In other words, they had completely lost their way.

What had happened had happened, and there was no point to lament. They simply held each other's hands and resisted the coldness with each other's warmth, before they pressed forward in the sewer.

There was no telling if it was propitious or not, but they saw a well linked to the ground, as well as a ladder that wasn't completely rusted.

Further ahead, there was a pit dozens of meters deep, leading to places darker and more unknown.

Looking at each other, Tang Ka tied Tiantian to his back with a belt before he climbed the ladder.

He climbed a dozen meters and met a rusty cover. However, for two elites who had received the harshest training since childhood, it was not a problem.

Tang Ka laid his hand on the cover and vibrated his palm. Soon, the rust fell, and the cover was lifted without a sound.

The two of them crawled out of the manhole and breathed in the fresh air, feeling that they had been reborn.

Narrowing her eyes, Chu Zhiyun observed the signs on the buildings, only to discover that they had ended up in the southern suburb of New Joy City.

She did not expect that she would be carried so far away without bumping into anything on the way or being stuck. The journey turned out to be not as dangerous as it appeared.

However, as a result, they were now very far away from the shelter that Zhou Xiuyun mentioned at the beginning.

Now, the Holy Light Academy and the purge troop must have learned that they went missing. Chances were that the whole city was crowded with hunters. It was impossible for them to pass through the downtown area.

While Chu Zhiyun was pondering, Tang Ka suddenly said delightedly, "Monitor, check this out!"

Chu Zhiyun looked at where Tang Ka was pointing at, only to see a fairly large body shop that was half civil and half military. Both the civil shuttles and the military shuttles could be repaired here too.

"We're so lucky that we were carried to the bottom of a body shop. There must be a well-function shuttle with full fuel ready for us to use!"

Tang Ka winked at Chu Zhiyun. "Monitor, is this not a favor from the gods?"

Chu Zhiyun failed to come up with anything, but she felt weird. Between her and Tang Ka, she was the commander, and Tang Ka was supposed to be her subordinate. Even this escape had been initiated by her, and Tang Ka only joined it halfway.

However, why did Tang Ka become so active and "domineering" all of a sudden?

She didn't really dislike it, but she was quite unused to it. She wondered why Tang Ka had changed even more greatly than she did.

While Chu Zhiyun was still thinking, she found that Tang Ka had already run into the body shop excitedly....

"Hey, wait for me, Tang Ka!"

Chu Zhiyun hurried to go after him, wondering why she seemed to have turned into Tang Ka's sidekick.

The body shop was exactly like Tang Ka had speculated. Inside an enormous workshop were dozens of shuttles that were being maintained.

When Chu Zhiyun came in, Tang Ka had already scanned all the shuttles and chosen a silver streamlined shuttle. He was pushing a trolley of components and raising the maintenance scaffold.

"Monitor, this is the one!"

Tang Ka said excitedly, "We're quite lucky. This is a light high-speed shuttle for reconnaissance from the Imperium. It's fast and boasts a rather powerful spiritual shield. Also, its maintenance is almost done. It can be activated as soon as we put fuel in!"

"Oh? Really?"

Chu Zhiyun didn't know why Tang Ka was so familiar with the military shuttles of the Imperium. She thought for a moment and asked, "What are you doing if its maintenance has been completed?"

"I'm attempting a minor modification to see if I can completely block its noises and spiritual ripples so that we can escape without alarming anyone."

Tang Ka licked his lips and said, "Rest assured. I got this. It will be done in a minute!"

Chu Zhiyun was at a loss again.

Why was her heart racing?

Was this how the invasion of the extraterrestrial devils feel?

She felt that her wisdom had all been flushed away in the dirty water just now, and her head went completely blank as Tang Ka pushed Tiantian into her arms. She watched Tang Ka do his work in dizziness.

"Why are his hands so fast and… perfect now?"

Chu Zhiyun thought, Also, aren't our maintenance and recognition courses for civil magic equipment? Why is he capable of modifying such a piece of complicated military magic equipment like an armed shuttle?

Chu Zhiyun knew that maintenance was different from modification. Maintenance was about restoring a piece of magic equipment to its original look, whereas modification was about improving the performance with whatever materials you had. The latter was much more challenging!

Tang Ka was a teenager anyway. However capable he was, he couldn't have been able to maintain a shuttle of the Covenant Alliance, let alone one from the Imperium. However…

"It's done, monitor."

Tang Ka patted off the oil on his hand and made a "please" gesture. "Come on in!"


Chu Zhiyun was stunned again.

"Come in, and let's get out of here!"

Tang Ka frowned. "Monitor, you seem to have turned a lot slower. Why?"

"Who… Who's slow?"

Chu Zhiyun glared at Tang Ka and climbed into the shuttle with Tiantian.

Since it was a high-speed shuttle for reconnaissance, its cabin was naturally not very big. She was almost stuck to Tang Ka's back and could smell his hot hands.

"You're going to fly it?"

Chu Zhiyun looked at the complicated operation menu. "It's very difficult to fly a shuttle. If you make any mistake, the shuttle might spin at seven hundred kilometers an hour. Are you sure you can do this?"

"I'll have a try!"

Tang Ka smiled. "Haven't we all been implanted with information on flying a shuttle?"

"That can't be enough."

Chu Zhiyun said, "Why don't you let me fly it?"

"Monitor, please trust me. Every distinguished commander should trust their most excellent soldier."

Tang Ka's hands turned into shadows as they rolled on the operation menu. Infinite glittering runes and numbers appeared and shined in his hands.


The high-speed shuttle floated after a tiny noise.

Weirdly, although the output of the engine had been boosted to 120%, and even the shell of the shuttle was shaking, the shuttle was not making any sound except the hum at the beginning. It was as quiet as a cloud!