action, comedy, fantasy, adventure, cultivation
action, adventure, fantasy, harem, romance, mature
action, adventure, fantasy, harem, martial arts, romance
cultivation, action, adventure, fantasy
action, adventure, comedy, cultivation, modern, virtual reality, romance, mature
action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, harem, reincarnation, romance, mature
Dual Cultivation
Novel Ongoing


  • Chapter 1015: Ouyang Lufei
  • action, adventure, fantasy, harem, reincarnation, romance, martial arts, mature
    romance, magic, academy, werewolf, historical
    action, adventure, drama, fantasy, harem, martial arts
    Forty Millenniums of Cultivation
    Novel Ongoing

    The Enlightened Master, Crouching Cow

  • Chapter 2759: Domineering Young Man!
  • action, adventure, fantasy, martial arts, sci fi, mecha
    romance, comedy, modern, mystery, fantasy, mature
    reincarnation, action, romance, adventure, cultivation, comedy, op mc