The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 718: I Missed You!

A few minutes later, Sophia awoke. When she opened her eyes, she found Zed's face above her, his lips close to hers.

"Good afternoon."

He greeted her with that unique smile she so loved.

She beamed at him and then greeted him by kissing him on the lips. 

"I'm the luckiest girl in the world!"

She had always hated rom-com movies but now found her situation similar to them. Not like she was complaining. She was in love with her prince charming.

And how could she not?!

He was the ideal human being! 

Kind, sincere, and intelligent!

And he has expressed his love without the formalities of dating!

She closed her arms around his neck and pulled him to tighten the kiss. 

Soon, their nude bodies entangled, and they started making slow, passionate love.

Another hour passed, and when their spent bodies separated, they jumped into the pool. 

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

While the new couple enjoyed their first day, Katherine walked back into the lab. She held herself with dignity, like a true aristocrat, and showed no signs of being freshly fucked.

Rebecca saw her, not knowing what to say. Ultimately, she decided to keep her knowledge a secret and pretend she didn't see her in bed with her son. 

After all, Katherine wasn't aware of her, nor was Zed. It would be better if it remained so. Otherwise, things would be far too uncomfortable. 

"How's she?" 

Katherine enquired while stepping before the table where Kirstie was asleep. 

"…She's fine," Rebecca replied. 

After the trip outside, Kirstie has fallen asleep and didn't wake until now. 

"While her source essence is weak, it is nothing to worry about," Rebecca concluded. "She just needs some rest and medicine."

Katherine nodded and examined Kirstie with her powers. She found nothing amiss except for the fatigue and weakness in blood. 

"It must be the effect of the absence of Genetic Degradation Cells. They had bonded with her for far too long… now their absence is weakening her."

Katherine could only internally sigh in pity. She wasn't worried, though, as she knew Zed has made preparations for this.

She turned back to Rebecca and said, "What will you do?"

Rebecca didn't reply. 

It wasn't because she didn't want to. Instead, it was because she didn't know the answer herself.

What should she do with the information that the House of Hestia was responsible for every pain of her daughter? 

"What would you have done if you were in my shoes?" 

Rebecca asked after some time.

Katherine looked at Kirstie and imagined it was her all-trusting naïve daughter. Anger rose within her, and her eyes flashed with murderous intent.

"Kill everyone responsible for it."

Rebecca's expression didn't flicker. She expected the response. 

"But that would be me and not you," Katherine continued. "You have a complex past which I don't know about. Furthermore, you have a very strong sense of duty towards your family. So I can't make decisions for you."

Rebecca shook her head and said, "Duty has brought me only suffering. Perhaps it is time to move on and do what I truly want."

"And that would be?"


Katherine broke into a smile and said, "Now we are talking."

✻ ✻ ✻ ✻

A few hours later, Zed placed Sophia on the bed. She has fallen asleep after being exhausted from love-making.

He looked at her with warmth, and then he sighed.

"I should have controlled myself."

He didn't plan to seduce her when he kissed her. All he wanted to do was reveal a bit of his secret, hint her that he was no saint. 

But he wasn't able to. 

Because things happened far beyond his imagination and control. ...


"What would she do if she ever learns I'm Kiba?"

He wondered with a wry smile. He hoped she wouldn't freak out.

Though that was unlikely.

"I need to be careful from now on."

He decided while leaving the room and stepping into the library. 

[[Kirstie would need another operation in a few hours.]]

Claudia reminded him.

Zed nodded and pulled a red book. It was a mechanical key to activate the teleportation portal.

[[You are returning to the tower?]] Claudia asked.

"Yes," Zed nodded. "I might be Zed for now, but I'm a father first."

The portal appeared before him, and he stepped into it. With a whooshing sound, he disappeared. 


He instantly appeared into another library, this time in the tower he owned. The portal closed behind him, and he stretched his hands. 

"Zed or Kiba, I still do the hardest job in the world."

He said aloud while transforming into Kiba. 


A voice said from behind. 

"I thought you loved fucking around."

"…this voice!" 

Kiba was surprised, and he spun around. 

There was nothing but a feminine shadow on the floor. It stretched up, like it was coming to life, and turned into the woman he found the most fun. 


After his clash with The Ivies and Dharma Chakra two years ago, she left the city to pursue her dreams. 

And now she was back!

"I missed you!"

Kiba pretended he didn't hear what she said and hugged her. 

"Why do I have trouble in believing that?" 

She asked while hugging him back. 

"Oh right! That must be because you were so busy fucking naïve virgins and horny MILFs, that there would be no time to miss me!"

"How can you even think of such a thing?" 

Kiba was hurt by her unfair accusations. 

"Because I know you?" She replied with a straight face. 

"........" Kiba broke the hug and looked at her.

"Judging on your exhaustion and the sweet scent trailing off you, it looks like I'm right."

Eva said, her lips curling up.

Kiba also couldn't help but smile. 

She hasn't changed much.

In Delta City, she was the first woman with whom he had a semblance of a real relationship. It wasn't love, but it was more than friendship.

Now seeing her back, he was happy and recalled all the moments he shared with her. 

"I kinda miss your fiancé now. Pity he got killed."

"Hmm? You mean Richard?" Eva asked, surprised.


Eva looked at him and then broke into a pearl of laughter. Now that she thought of all the fun times she got thanks to Richard, even she missed him. 

"He was a Good Fiance!"