The CEO's Wife Is A Demon God's Daughter

Chapter 485: Heartbroken

Alveena was heartbroken and devastated after hearing those words from Andrew. She had no idea that he was already engaged. And here she was, killing her pride just to confess her feelings for her.

'If he is already engaged, why the hell he just kissed me just now? Andrew… Why are you doing this to me? Why did you give me false hope?'

Alveena tried her best to hold her tears. She faced Andrew and Hannah, pretending she was just fine. She masked her pain with a smile.

"Hello, Miss Hannah, It's my pleasure to finally meet the fiancee of my big BOSS. He is always talking about you so I heard a lot of good things about you," Alveena extended her hand, offering Hannah a handshake. She emphasized the word Big Boss so that Hannah would not misunderstand them.

'Nice Alveena. You are good at lying! You said that without batting an eyelid. You didn't hear anything about her. Andrew never mentioned her to you!' Alveena thought to herself.

She was praising herself for the job well done. The least she wanted to do now was to create a conflict between Andrew and his fiancee.

Andrew, on the other hand, gritted his teeth after hearing that. He was mad… mad at himself. He knew that Alveena was trying her best to look okay even though she was not. 

She even lied to cover up for Andrew. He had never mentioned Hannah to her. Alveena didn't know he was engaged to Hannah. If she knew she would never confess her feelings for him tonight.

Andrew knew that he messed up. Seeing Alveena's fake smile, he could feel the pang of pain and guilt deep inside his heart. 

He had the urge to pull her and bring her to the place where they could talk, just only the two of them, without Hannah. 

But he couldn't move. He didn't know how he would explain to Hannah if she saw them leaving. Things would just get more complicated between them. And Alveena knew that. That's why she was pretending in front of Hannah that she was just his personal assistant, nothing more.

Soon Hannah accepted Alveena's hand, "Oh, nice meeting you too, Alveena," Hannah softly said, flashing a faint smile. Then her eyes moved from Alveena's face to Andrew's suit jacket.

Hannah looked at her confusedly and turned to Andrew, giving him a questioning gaze as if asking him 'Why is it your suit jacket is with her?'

As if Alveena read Hannah's mind, she immediately removed Andrew's suit jacket and gave it back to him.

Cough! Cough!

She also pretended to be sick or something.

"Sir Andrew. Thank you for this. I think I'm gonna go back to the venue now. It's not good to stay outside or else I might catch a cold here. I will join the other Directors, if you have some tasks for me, just don't hesitate to message me."

She even took a bow to say goodbye to Hannah and Andrew as if she was a real employee and ordinary staff of the Heavenly Star Enterprise.

Andrew's frown deepened when he saw her doing that. This was not the Alveena that he knew. She was not this polite and respectful as if she was below them....


His expression darkened more. He couldn't bear to see her acting like this in front of him. He also hated her calling her "Sir" in a very formal tone.

"Miss Hannah, Sir Andrew, I'm gonna leave now. Enjoy your night," Alveena couldn't stand to watch them anymore. She had to leave now or else, she would no longer be able to hold her tears.

Hannah just nodded at her while Andrew didn't say any words. He was just looking at Alveena with complicated emotions on his face.

The moment she turned around and started to walk away, Andrew felt like his heart was being squeezed tightly. He wanted to follow her but Hannah immediately hugged him.

"I missed you, Andrew. I missed you so much!"

Andrew's attention was diverted to Hannah the moment he felt her hands hugging him tightly. He was still silent, having conflicting thoughts right now.

'Yes, Andrew… just stay here with Hannah. This is where you should be. She is your fiancee, not Alveena,' Andrew was reminding himself. But why was his heart not at ease? Why is it he couldn't take Alveena's out of his mind?

"Hey, why are you so silent? Don't you miss me?" Hannah gazed up, pouting her lips.

After a while, Andrew hugged her back while saying, "Yeah, I missed you too."

Meanwhile, Alveena headed straight to the comfort room. She stayed inside the cubicle as she let her tears fall down. She was silently crying inside while pressing her chest.

She was hurting right now. This was the first time she let a guy inside her heart. But she ended up heartbroken. What kind of joke was this?

'Why? Why did I fall with someone who was already taken? You are a big fool, Alveena! You should have asked him first! This is so humiliating!'

'Just because of one kiss! Of just one kiss! I thought he felt the same way towards me? But I was wrong!'

Alveena buried her face using both hands. Her tears flooded her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. She couldn't stop her tears from falling. Her silent cry wracked her body, robbing her of the ability to speak.

She couldn't blame Andrew because she knew that it was her fault for assuming things.

After several minutes of shedding tears, Alveena decided to leave and go home. But she didn't know where to go. In Andrew's place or in their home? Alveena disregarded those choices.

She couldn't go back to Andrew's place since her fiancee was back. What if Andrew and Hannah would stay in his place tonight? Hannah must not see her in Andrew's place.

But she couldn't go home too. She was not yet ready to face her brother. She was still pissed by him. Left with no choice, Alveena just decided to contact her friends. She needed their company right now.