Tales of Demons and Gods

Chapter 496: Locking Spacetime

A Temporal Demon Spirit Book suddenly appeared on Nie Li’s palm. There was a bright radiance emitted from the book, which enveloped Nie Li and Yu Yan.

“What’s the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?” Yu Yan asked in perplexion.

“It’s the strongest treasure in the world!” Nie Li smiled.

“The strongest treasure in the world?” Yu Yan had her own doubts. “What kind of treasure is it that deserves this title?”

“In this world, there’s nothing more powerful than spacetime. Time can erode everything, while space can tear everything apart. With the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, we now have the means to fight the Sage Emperor,” Nie Li smiled. “I once possessed this book, but I lost it later on. I haven’t been able to find it, and now, it finally returned to me.”

“How do you use this book?” Yu Yan asked.

“You’ll know about it later. Let’s look for Ziyun, Ning’er, and the rest first,” Nie Li smiled and soared into the sky. Shortly after, everyone began to gather over.

“Nie Li, I finally found you! Look what I found!” Lu Piao took out a spear in excitement. Brandishing the spear, a strong fluctuation spread out. “With this spear, there’s nothing impossible for me!”

“The Divine Chaotic Dragon Spear?” Nie Li exclaimed.

“You know about it?” Lu Piao asked excitedly. “I seem to be attracted to it, finding it in a volcano. It’s filled with boundless divine power, and it fits me well. I feel like it’s part of me.”

“What about you guys?” Nie Li turned to look at the rest.

“I found a water bead that seems to be able to enhance my cultivation speed,” said Du Ze.

“This is…” Nie Li looked at the unremarkable bead in Du Ze’s hand before he exclaimed, “This should be the Azure Orb. It can enhance your cultivation speed greatly.”

“I found an inner armor,” Xiao Ning’er said, blushing.

“Inner armor? I’ll take a look at it for you at night,” replied Nie Li as he looked at Xiao Ning’er. Suddenly, Nie Li felt a sharp pain coming from his ear. It was Ye Ziyun, who was twisting his ear.

“OUCH! TAP OUT! TAP OUT!” Nie Li cried out anxiously.

“Are you having dirty thoughts again?” Ye Ziyun harrumphed.

“I’m innocent! I only want to take a look at her inner armor for her!” Nie Li cried his grievance out.

“Ziyun, what did you get?” Xiao Ning’er turned to look at Ye Ziyun, changing the topic for Nie Li.

“I found a necklace that contains the divine power of snow wind. It seems to be something left behind by my ancestor,” said Ye Ziyun. “This necklace can multiply the effects of all my secret techniques.”

“Nie Li, what about you?” Lu Piao turned to look at Nie Li, which drew everyone’s attention over.

“Me?” Nie Li smiled mysteriously. He took out the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and quickly formed seals. As seals are formed, a ripple slowly spreads out. “I got the Temporal Demon Spirit Book!”

When the ripple spread out completely, everyone found themselves in a mysterious space. This was an enormous room, with countless bookshelves at the size of buildings.

“Where are we?” Everyone was amazed. They were just in the woods a second ago, so how did they appear here in the next second?...


“This is the Infinite Spacetime.” Nie Li smiled. As he walked forth, he explained, “There are millions of books here, and you can find the strongest secret techniques around.”

“Infinite Spacetime?” Du Ze and the others were stunned.

“Millions of secret techniques?” Even Yu Yan was shocked. She flew out and retrieved a book. Looking through it, she exclaimed out, “Skyfire? This is a long lost secret technique! It’s rumored that in late-stage cultivation, you can possess the power to destroy heaven and earth.”

“That’s right. There are many secret techniques here, and many of them were long lost outside,” said Nie Li.

“Nie Li, this treasure of yours is too powerful. With so many secret techniques here, doesn’t it mean that we can cultivate all of them?” Lu Piao exclaimed.

“Don’t bite more than what you can chew,” said Du Ze. Nie Li specially selected our cultivation techniques for us. It’s more than enough for the rest of our lives.”

“Biting more than what I can chew doesn’t exist to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book,” Nie Li replied with a mysterious smile. “The Temporal Demon Spirit Book has a powerful ability, and that’s to lock spacetime.

“Lock spacetime? What do you mean?” Ye Ziyun sounded her doubt.

“That means that even if you cultivate here for decades, it will only be one or two hours to the outside world,” Nie Li smiled. So if you guys are interested, you guys can cultivate all the secret techniques here.”

“WHAT?!” Everyone exclaimed out at the same time with their eyes wide open.

“The Temporal Demon Spirit Book is so powerful?!” Du Ze fell into shock for a long time.

“That’s right. The Temporal Demon Spirit Book is the strongest treasure in the world. But it’s a pity that it can only contain ten people at most. Furthermore, I can only use it once every ten days. Otherwise, I would’ve brought everyone here.” Nie Li sighed.

“Even so, this book is still unbelievably powerful,” said Yu Yan.

“Yeah. You guys start cultivating quickly. Try and make a breakthrough into the Dao of the Dragon Realm and Martial Ancestor Realm,” Nie Li smiled, looking at everyone.

“With the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, doesn’t it mean that we’re invincible now?” Lu Piao sounded his excitement.

“That’s where you’re wrong. Our strongest opponent is the Sage Emperor. Even with the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, it’s not easy to defeat the Sage Emperor.” Nie Li’s face turned grave upon hearing what Lu Piao said.

“Is the Sage Emperor that powerful?” Lu Piao looked at Nie Li in perplexion.

“That’s right. He’s the strongest being in this world,” said Nie Li. “He’s the strongest ruler in the world, not to mention that he possesses all sorts of powerful treasures. So we can only try our best to become powerful to fight him.”

Listening to Nie Li’s words, everyone’s faces turned grave as well.

“Nie Li, we will definitely grow strong. I believe that we can defeat him!” Du Ze said seriously.

“That’s right. I refuse to believe that we can’t defeat him with so many of us here!” Lu Piao added.

Looking at the confidence and determination in everyone’s eyes, Nie Li felt supercharged. Nodding his head, he replied, “Yeah. We can do it!”