Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 431: Ungrateful Lin Mengyao

When Feng Yun and others reached the teleportation point, there were many people who arrived before them. 

"Big Brother, I can feel the presence of the Golden Dragon Spear, it's close." Lin Meifen suddenly sensed something and said. 

"What? Are you sure?" Lin Mengyao was shocked and said immediately. 

"Hmm, I'm sure!" Lin Meifen said as she closed her eyes for a moment then moved, "Follow me, it must be found by someone." The Golden Dragon Spear was a divine weapon, it has a will of its own. Lin Meifen was a temporary master of the Golden Dragon Spear, she established a mental connection with the spear. So she could sense the presence of the Golden Dragon Spear, it was close enough.

After a few moments later, Lin Meifen and Lin Mengyao arrived in front of Feng Yun's group. Lin Meifen paused suddenly and said, "It's here."

"Feng Yun, he is alive." Lin Meifen was stunned when she saw Feng Yun's face. Her heart filled with happiness and comfort.


Feng Yun was also a little surprised to see Lin clan's brother and sister here.

Lin Mengyao was also surprised to see Feng Yun alive, suddenly he thinks of something, they lost the Golden Dragon Spear in the cave, Feng Yun was also stuck in the cave when it collapsed. If Feng Yun could walk out alive from that cave, then there was a great chance that the dragon spear was on him. And Lin Meifen already sensed it.

"Brother Feng Yun, I am very glad to see you alive." Lin Mengyao strengthened his posture and walked toward Feng Yun.

"Well, it was due to luck, I guess." Feng Yun smiled lightly and replied.

"I am very grateful to you for saving my sister and me. In the future, if you need me, Lin Mengyao, you can ask for anything you want." Lin Mengyao said gratefully, but Feng Yun felt his words were sounding a little insincere.

Sure enough, his expression change a little, and said, "Brother Feng Yun, you must have picked up the Golden Dragon Spear that my sister lost in the cave that day. Brother Feng Yun should return it to her now. I will thank you first."

Lin Mengyao's words were very direct. He did not ask whether Feng Yun was willing or not. He meant that the Golden Dragon Spear belonged to his sister. He wanted Feng Yun to return the Golden Dragon Spear immediately. His tone was full of determination. It seemed like he wanted Feng Yun to hand over the Golden Dragon Spear. Otherwise... he might immediately turn hostile and not acknowledge him.

"Big brother..." Lin Meifen said angrily from the side.

How could she not understand what her big brother meant? However, she had already fallen in love with Feng Yun. How could she so forcefully demand back the Golden Dragon Spear from Feng Yun? According to her, it was best to persuade him with good words. She wanted to see if Feng Yun could return the Golden Dragon Spear. If he didn't, perhaps she would think of another way. The Golden Dragon Spear was a Holy Artifact passed down from the Lin family. If she threw it away from her hands, it would be impossible for her to return it. It was inevitable that she would be punished by the clan.

Feng Yun was stunned by the words of Lin Mengyao, how did he know about the Golden Dragon Spear. Then he suddenly thinks of something.

The Golden Dragon Spear was a genuine Divine Ranked Artifact. However, not everyone could use it. Only by having dragon blood could one activate its dragon spirit and use it in battle.

Before this, although Lin Meifen could use the Golden Dragon Spear, her dragon blood was too thin. She could only activate the limited power of the Golden Dragon Spear, but she was unable to unleash its true power, let alone let the Golden Dragon Spear recognize it as its master....

Now that the Golden Dragon Spear was in Feng Yun's hands and Feng Yun had dragon bloodline, it was a piece of cake for the Golden Dragon Spear to recognize it as its master. But Feng Yun don't use the spear, so he didn't make a connection with the spear. So, it was still ownerless right now.

Lin Meifen used the Golden Dragon Spear before and made the connection with it by using her own blood essence, so she could feel its presence.

Feng Yun's eyes narrowed, then he smiled and said. "Since Brother Lin still remembers that Feng Yun saved you two back then... Then this Golden Dragon Spear is a gift of thanks. This matter is settled!"

Lin Mengyao and Lin Meifen's expressions changed.

Lin Mengyao said in a deep voice, "Could it be Feng Yun? Do you really want to take the Golden Dragon Spear for yourself?

Feng Yun shook his head and said, "Back in the cave, the Golden Dragon Spear was taken by that remnant soul of the Sovereign Profound Rank expert. I had no intention of taking it. However, I, Feng Yun, am blessed by the stars. Not only am I not dead, but I have also gained the recognition of the Remnant soul of the Sovereign Profound Rank expert and accepted its inheritance. This Golden Dragon Spear was the item that belonged to that senior when he was alive, but it was taken away by your family's elder, Lin Yangxu. Now that I have obtained the inheritance of that senior, the Golden Dragon Spear has acknowledged me as its master. "Brother Gu, do you want me to return my master's inheritance to your Lin family?"

In order to keep the Golden Dragon Spear in his bag, Feng Yun didn't mind telling a beautiful lie.

Normally, Feng Yun would not bother explaining to Lin Mengyao. Anyway, he would take it back as long as he had the ability. He was just afraid that the other party did not have the ability.

Now, Feng Yun wasn't afraid of the Lin family. Feng Yun thought that he should give the Lin family an explanation!

If they still didn't know what was good for them, then don't blame him for not recognizing them.

"Feng Yun, do you think I, Lin Mengyao, am a three-year-old child? If you don't hand over the Golden Dragon Spear today, don't even think about leaving this place!" Lin Mengyao shouted angrily.

He felt that Feng Yun's words were completely lying through his teeth. How could he possibly believe it?!

"Haha, what a joke! Do you think that I, Feng Yun, have the ability to steal your secret from the Lin family to cultivate? I don't know if it's because of your brain, or because you don't have confidence in the people of the Lin family." Feng Yun said with a cold smile. He was very unhappy now. No matter what, he had saved the brother and sister of the Lin family. He didn't expect them to turn around and scold him so rudely. This made him very disgusted.

Lin Mengyao turned red and white after being scolded by Feng Yun. His Qi rose instantly. It seemed like he wanted to attack Feng Yun immediately.

Zhou Mingyue and others immediately stood beside Feng Yun, ready to fight.

At this time, Lin Meifen immediately said nervously, "Brother, don't be impulsive. We can talk if you have something to say."

If her brother were to fight with Feng Yun now, isn't this the end of her fate with Feng Yun?

Lin Mengyao pulled Lin Meifen behind him and said, "Little sister, don't you see that he wants to take our ancient golden spear for himself? Wait until I get the Golden Dragon Spear back."