Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 430: Smooth Harvesting

"Wow, Brother Feng Yun really fierce when he is angry." Fatty Rong said as he looked at the smashing scene of Feng Yun. Other disciples also nodded.

Feng Yun withdrew the Nirvana Flame Cauldron. A wide pit appeared in the ground created by the nirvana flame cauldron.

Long Yuanjun was lying in the hole in a half-dead condition. His shield was broken by the cauldron, his body was not strong enough to withstand the impact of Feng Yun's cauldron.

Feng Yun's jumped in the pit next to Long Yuanjun, without giving him chance to speak, Feng Yun's sword moved and ending the life of Long Yuanjun. After that Feng Yun pickup the treasures of Long Yuanjun.

"Feng Yun, are you alright?" Zhou Mingyue directly went to Feng Yun and asked concernedly.

"I'm fine, just need a little rest." Feng Yun nodded lightly and said.

"Feng Yun, are you alright?" Su Rou lightly held Feng Yun's arm and asked.

Feng Yun stroked Su Rou's face and smiled. "I'm fine. This small injury is not difficult for me!"

While he was talking, he was healing the injuries on his body. Those external injuries had already gradually healed.

"Hello, Feng Yun. My name is Guo Meili, I wanted to thank you for saving us. I'm extremely grateful for that, If Brother Feng Yun needs any assistant, I will gladly help you." Guo also came to Feng Yun and said sincerely.

"We also wanted to thank brother Feng Yun for saving our fellow sister's lives." The five other female disciples of the Cloud Rain Sect came and thanked him first. 

"Brother Feng Yun's combat strength is really extraordinary!" Yang Biya said politely to Feng Yun.

After talking for a bit, the disciples of the Cloud Rain left. On the other hand, Feng Yun decided to accompany, Zhou Mingyue's team for now.


Time passed swiftly. Another twenty days passed.



Somewhere in the ancient battlefield's core area, A group of humans was fighting with the groups of resentful souls. It was none other than Zhou Mingyue, Su Rou, Fatty Rong, Ding Shun, and Yao Shi six people who were fighting together against the dozens of resentful souls. 



On the other hand, Feng Yun was fighting with the leader of the resentment soul, it was a remnant soul of Heaven Profound Realm.

After an hour, the big battle finally ended. It was reward picking time now. 

"Wow, we obtained more than twenty Dantian Pills this time." Fatty Rong cried out in joy as he picked up the Dantian Pills.

"Thanks again, Brother Yao Shi. Without you, we won't able to find so many treasures." Ding Shun said while looking at Yao Shi....

"I am repaying Brother Feng Yun's kindness." Yao Shi smiled modestly.

"Hahaha, Brother Yao Shi, you are a real treasure hunter." Fatty Rong laughed loudly as he patted the shoulder of Yao Shi.

Yao Shi joined their group fifteen days ago, he used his divination to guide them to the treasures. Thanks to him, they obtained many Dantian Pills in batches.

While everyone was searching for the dantian pills, Feng Yun sat down cross-legged and started meditating. He needed to absorb the remnant soul to improve his soul cultivation.

Feng Yun hunted and absorbed the soul energy of more than ten remnant souls on this ancient battlefield. His soul cultivation progressed leap and bound, right now, his soul power was only a one-step from reaching the High Stage of Heaven Profound Realm.

After an hour later, Feng Yun finally opened his eyes with a satisfied expression. His soul power finally reached High Heaven Profound Realm.

"Guys, let's go. We need to go to the teleportation point." Feng Yun stood up and said. Others nodded, they started flying towards the same teleportation point that brought them to this ancient battlefield.

As they flew towards the teleportation point, a fierce fighting sound caught the attention of the group. Out of curiosity, they moved in the direction where the fighting sounds coming from.

The three of them arrived more than a thousand meters before the fierce fight and looked at the battle ahead. "These resentful souls seem to be besieging someone?" Ding Shun said in surprise.

A person was fighting against the fifty-plus resentful souls, his every sword strike was filled with intense sword Qi as he attacked, killing the resentful souls one by one.

"Single person fighting against the fifty resentful souls, this person's strength must be good, I think he is a bit familiar," Fatty Rong murmured from the side.

"It's actually him!" Feng Yun said with a slightly surprised expression.

"Yang Zian, the Sword Maniac!" Zhou Mingyue also exclaimed lightly.

The man who was fighting against the resentful souls was none other than a sword maniac from the Mystic Heaven Peak as well as the direct disciple of the Sect Master.

Yang Zian was besieged by more than fifty resentful souls, and he was not anxious at all. There was a proud and indifferent look in his eyes, and the sword in his hand swept across the square wide.

"His sword intent became stronger than before, he should be reached the fourth layer at least, worthy of the title of sword maniac." Feng Yun muttered slowly as he watched the battle. He was impressed by the sword comprehension of Yang Zian who already comprehended the fourth level of sword intent.

Wherever the sword went, the resentful souls were directly cut and shattered.

Seeing this scene, both Fatty Rong, Ding Shun, and Su Rou looked amazed and stunned. They were obviously shocked by Yang Zian's terrifying combat power.

Feng Yun's expression also became serious, "What an amazing power, even Low-Heaven Profound Realm may not be able to resist his sword!"

Yang Zian's strength and cultivation increased greatly from when he entered the ancient battlefield. At that time, he was only Mid-Sky Profound Realm, but now his cultivation increased to Peak Sky Profound Realm while his strength could rival an average Low-Heaven Profound Realm cultivator.

Just fifteen minutes later, Yang Zian killed all the fifty resentful souls and collected all the harvest, then he shot his gaze towards Feng Yun and others.

Feng Yun and Yang Zian looked at each other for a moment, then Feng Yun nodded toward Yang Zian softly before saying to his group, "Let's go!"