Rise Of Evil Sword God

Chapter 429: Smashing

"So it's you!" Feng Yun wiped his mouth and said with a cold smile. 

Feng Yun was wearing armor inside his clothes, it was a half-step divine grade armor's defense.

"Brat, do you still remember me? You killed nine people from the Long Clan, and now you are going to die here." The one who launched the sneak attack was the lackey of the Long Yi.

A few days back, Feng Yun accidentally bumped on the people of the Long Clan. Because Long Yi already placed a bounty on Feng Yun's head, they immediately launched an attack on Feng Yun. The leader of the group was none other than the follower of Long Yi, Long Yuanjun.

At that time, Feng Yun had killed a few people of Long Clan, while Long Yuanjun had fled far away using an escape talisman. He was going to find Long Yi but couldn't able to find Long Yi rather he once again saw Feng Yun. 

Long Yuanjun was passing by here, attracted by the battle of Feng Yun and Remnant Soul. He wanted to run away again after seeing Feng Yun. He didn't come close and observe the battle from distance, praying in his heart that Feng Yun was killed by the Remnant Soul. 

But out of his expectation, Feng Yun was winning the battle, at this time, he also noticed that Feng Yun used a lot of amount of spirit Qi. Even a Heaven Profound Rank cultivator would be exhausted after so spirit Qi much less a Sky Profound Realm cultivator.

Realizing that it was the best moment to kill Feng Yun, he didn't hesitate to use this opportunity to kill Feng Yun.

Now that Feng Yun was in a weakened state, he wanted to take this opportunity to eliminate Feng Yun.

"You want to kill me... You're not qualified!" Feng Yun said with disdain. A few more Pills appeared in his hand and he immediately threw them into his mouth. The powerful blood energy in his body kept surging, and his spirit qi started to recover at an extremely fast speed.

However, no matter how fast his recovery speed was, it was inevitable that he would recover to his peak in a short period of time. He has exhausted most of his energy during the battle with remnant soul just now. If he did not rely on his solid foundation and a large amount of blood crystals he absorbed before, he would not have had the strength to stand up again.

"If you were at your peak state, I might be a little afraid, but the current you... it's better for you to die!" Long Yuanjun said with a gloomy voice. The black blade in his hand once again slashed towards Feng Yun.

The black blade light split into four and slashed towards Feng Yun from four different directions.

Long Yuanjun was not an ordinary person, he was ranked in the top five in Long Clan's younger generation. Right now, he was wielding a half-step divine grade blade that he found on the ancient battlefield. These four blades were comparable to a strike from a low Heaven Profound Realm. It was difficult for Feng Yun to block them in his current state.

Feng Yun's mental energy had already surged out crazily. 

However, Feng Yun's mind power attack had lost its effectiveness. It was as if his mind power had been isolated by something in Long Yuanjun's sea of consciousness, preventing the soul power from causing any damage to Long Yuanjun.

"Haha, this trick won't work this time, I have already found a treasure to protect my sea of consciousness." Long Yuanjun laughed crazily and said. He was already aware of Feng Yun's strong soul attacks, so he came prepared.

While Feng Yun was still in a little daze because of rewound of his soul power, the four black blades of Long Yuanjun had already slashed down.

Feng Yun barely managed to raise his sword and swept it across, blocking the four black blades of light.


Feng Yun could only raise 30% of his strength to fight Long Yuanjun who was in his peak state. He spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying dozens of meters away....

Long Yuanjun showed a cold smile off his face and continued to attack Feng Yun.

Ding dong! 

Ding dong!

Feng Yun's face frowned, as he defended the attacks of Long Yuanjun. He was curious about the treasure that blocked his soul attacks. But he didn't have time to think about it as Long Yuanjun was attacking with his all strength.

Long Yuanjun knew that it was his best chance to eliminate Feng Yun while he was in his weakened state. As long as Feng Yun was eliminated he would gain hefty rewards from Long Yi. That's why he didn't care about anything and used his full strength to attack. The disciples of Mystic Heaven Peak and Cloud Rain Sect were also present here, if he didn't kill him in few rounds, Feng Yun would be saved by them.

But Feng Yun was not easy to kill, although he exhausted his spirit qi, his overwhelming physical strength was still there, he wasn't able to break the defense of Feng Yun.

'This cockroach bastard. How did he make his body this strong?' Long Yuanjun cursed in his mind when he saw that Feng Yun was still able to fight.

At this time, Zhou Mingyue and others also came to help Feng Yun.

"Bastard, I'll let you go for the time being. Once we're out of the Ancient Battlefield, I'll make sure you live a life worse than death!" Long Yuanjun knew that killing Feng Yun had become much more difficult, and many Sky profound realms were coming to him. He let out a wild statement and chose to retreat immediately.

"You want to leave just like that? You have underestimated me, Feng Yun!" Feng Yun, who had received the buffer, sneered and the golden spear appeared in his left hand. Feng Yun attacked with both sword and spear at the same time with only his brute force. Feng Yun's sword aimed at his head while the golden spear aimed at the abdomen of Long Yuanjun.

Long Yuanjun swings his black sword to black Feng Yun's sword that moving towards his head.

On the other side, another sharp golden spearhead pierced towards his abdomen. The spearhead hadn't arrived yet, but the sharp spearhead had already made Long Yuanjun fearful. Feng Yun put more strength in the spear than his sword attack to give a surprising attack.


Sensing the incoming danger, Long Yuanjun didn't even think more, a metal shield appeared in Long Yuanjun's other hand, blocking the incoming golden spear


The powerful energy hit the shield. The shield blocked the energy, but Long Yuanjun was also sent flying dozens of meters away. 

"You wanted to fight with the treasures. Then let me show something interesting." Feng Yun laughed coldly, suddenly a big cauldron appeared in the sky directly above Long Yuanjun. Before Long Yuanjun could stand up, the cauldron smashed into him. "What the fu..!"



Feng Yun controlled the Nirvana Flame Cauldron with his divine sense, Up Down. Smashing it into Long Yuanjun again and again.