My Vampire System

Chapter 1265: Quick Growth

After each of them grabbed something to eat, they decided to sit down together to talk a bit more. Erin acutely didn't have to consume blood and could eat a regular diet similar to humans; this was the same for Layla. However, Leo had just grabbed one of the juice boxes with a small amount of blood inside.

Drinking such an amount of blood no longer troubled him when trying to control himself since he was so in tune with his senses, but if a vampire were to deprive themselves of blood entirely for too long, they would feel tired and a little weak.

As for the reason Leo decided to sit beside them, was because he wanted to find out a little more about the sword. He was sure that Layla didn't know how unique it was and would bring it up to her once he found out more.

The two of them got to talking and how exactly a particular sword had gotten into her hands. Even though the match against Burnie was televised, the whole saga of what happened with the second Pure leader was not.

"I'm sorry Layla," Erin said. "If I was there, maybe I could have helped out more, but it sounds like you turned into quite the fighter. You managed to unlock the fourth form and summon all of that Qi?"

She wasn't used to getting compliments, so Layla's face was appearing a little redder.

"I mean, I can't really summon my fourth form at will, and my body is too weak to handle the Qi in my body without it. If I summon all of the Qi in my body, it hurts, and besides, the Qi in my body is not even mine in the first place. It's my mothers."

Honestly, both Leo and Erin were a little disheartened after hearing Layla's story. They had gone searching for high ranking members of Pure and never ran into them, and yet, Layla did and had to go through such a troubling experience without them there.

It was clear that what happened with Agent 2 was a sensitive subject. When Layla explained what he had said about her mother, she had choked up a few times.

"Your achievements are still your achievements." Leo finally spoke. "The weapons we use to aid us, the Qi that we use, is an energy that is borrowed from the outside, and the food we eat helps us to grow. Without our parents, we would have never been born in the first place. All of these things could be considered help from other forces.

"So don't downplay what you did. Even if someone had the same Qi as you, they wouldn't have been able to control it as well. If one thing, me and Erin can sense the strong Qi in your body, and for you to handle it so well, is a feat in itself."

Thinking about things like this, Layla was a little happier. She had spent some time with both Leo and Erin before they had left, and it was good to have them back again.

"Leo, I know you wanted to know some stuff about Pure. I don't know how much you found out, but an agent is on board the Cursed ship as a captive. With the influence skill, we were unable to get things out of him, but if you like, you two could try as well." Layla said.

The two were thankful to find this out. Leo had found out the information he needed to find out he was on the right track. Now all he needed to do was find out where Pure was, or more importantly, where Agent 0 was.

"Thank you," Erin replied. "About your sword, I guess since you discovered the fourth form, you've been practising a little bit more with it. Why don't the two of us have a little spar? We can show each other a few things."

Immediately, Layla started to shake her hands.

"Erin, what could you learn from me? I am far weaker than you. It would be no contest."

"Stop being so humble. It's okay to brag once in a while." A voice from behind said, soon pulling one of the chairs back, and he sat down with the others. The one that had arrived was Nate, who had brought a slab of raw-looking meat with him on his plate.

Nate was concerned about his body since he used it to train in martial arts. He made sure he always got the right amount of protein in, but he wasn't sure if it mattered anymore now, he was a vampire. Still, the only thing that he could still taste and not throw up was lightly cooked meat which in a way was perfect for him.

"I know how strong you are." Nate continued to say. "In that video, a lot of people give me credit for being the main person to defeat Burnie, but that's not true at all, and you know it. You managed to transfer your Qi into me, and without that sword of yours, those flames would have hurt even more. Remember, he was one of the big four, so if you call yourself weak, you are also calling him weak. And well, me who couldn't even beat him without your help even weaker.

"On top of that, you nearly beat Helen, the leader of Daisy in a one on one duel, and that was before you knew how to use your crazy powers and was just starting to learn how to use Qi a little better."...


Those on the ship were used to Nate exaggerating a little bit, but at the moment, he really wasn't. Listening to what they said, Leo paid closer attention to the video they had watched not too long ago. In particular, he was thinking back to the fight they had seen with Burnie.

'Was Layla really able to transfer Qi to another and form a distance? It makes sense what Nate is saying then and adds up in the video. Is it possible that she was also able to combine Qi with her ability? If that is true, then what she has is even better than the third stage of Qi. She could power items from a distance and others. This is an incredible ability and power to have.' Leo imagined just how he would use such an ability and the many ways one could utilise it.

Layla was perhaps unaware of how valuable such a thing was, and if he could push her in the right direction, she would become a strong force on the Cursed faction team.

"I think it would be a good experience for the two of you to fight each other. Leo eventually said after gathering his thoughts. "It sounds like there are many things the two of you can learn from each other. Also, I would like to see the passive skill of the sword in action. The one that was capable of blocking even the fire powers of one of the great four."


Reluctantly, Layla eventually agreed to the request, and they were in one of the many training rooms on the Cursed ship. She always found it hard to say no to people, and it was even worse when an elder like Leo asked her. Nate had also decided to come along since he was interested in seeing the match between them.

"Layla, before the match starts, I want you to use everything you have," Erin said, as she placed the cloth wrapped sword down on the floor away from where the two were about to do battle. Using a Demon tier weapon she didn't know how to use would be dangerous. On top of that, Erin didn't really think it was fair. "That fourth form you spoke about, you said you can't freely bring it out, but I want you to try."

Nate was smiling in excitement. He knew Erin was strong before but thought they probably had no idea how strong Layla had gotten, and the two of them would be in for a surprise. They drew their weapons. Erin's shaped like a katana sword, while Layla's was more similar to a standard longsword.

The fight had begun, and Erin was the first to strike, giving out a quick slash from a distance, striking out a line of red aura. Seeing this, Layla stayed calm. The sword had done her well so far.

'This sword can even block the energy of Qi, so it should be the same for the vampire aura as well!' Layla thought as she struck the red aura, making it disappear as the sword hit it. As expected, the blade had negated even the vampire aura.

Erin was a bit lost at what to do next. She had combined her Qi with the red blood aura to create quite a strong attack, similar to what Quinn and Leo did. She was hoping, based on how much Layla would have struggled with the attack, she would have adjusted how the two of them would fight from there, but the way the black sword had gone through the red aura was effortless.

Now knowing her sword worked well, Layla decided to go on the attack instead. She pulled out her bow from her back and fired three Qi filled arrows towards her opponent, and started to control the direction they were going, but that wasn't the only thing Layla had done.

Controlling the three arrows with one hand, she charged forward with the blade in the other.

With the first arrow, Erin's sword struck against its head straight on, and to her surprise, there was resistance until eventually, she was able to cut it in half.

'Is this the strong Qi in her body? My body has improved. I know my strength, and my Qi is strong, yet I still couldn't cut her arrows cleanly.' Erin thought. 'Layla, you really have gotten a lot better.'

"Hahaha, and you guys haven't even seen her transform yet," Nate said out loud like some type of cheerleader for her.

"Both of their growth is impressive. Perhaps before we leave this ship, the two of them can complete that," Leo said.

"That?" Nate asked, not sure what 'that' was referring to.

"There is still a way the two of them can improve their strength quickly in a desperate situation. If we can, I would like for Erin and Layla to unlock their soul weapon before we leave."