My Vampire System

Chapter 1257: Ramblings of a Mad Man

After witnessing what was out there from the top of the Castle, Eno, Mona and Dennis decided to head down and check out the tablet and Demon tier beast. As the one who had to transport the heavy portable teleporter, Dennis was lagging behind the other two. He had the strength to be faster without tiring out, but since he had been told that it was sensible equipment he was nervous about tripping on some root or such.

'I just wanted to enjoy some quiet days with Megan, yet here I am stuck with people I don't really know. … just gotta remind myself that I'm doing this for everyone and that includes Megan. If we don't do what needs to be done then the whole world will suffer.' The vampire thought to himself, elated that they were getting closer to their destination.

As they went through the Castle, Brock who was originally with them decided to split off. There hadn't been any words exchanged between Eno and Brock which Dennis found a little weird, but decided to ignore it.

He wondered what could be so strange that it had caught the attention of the other two, but before he had the chance to get a proper look at it, they were already back on the move. Finally they could see the large tablet. The loud snores coming from the Demon tier beast were frightening in itself.

"Hey, this beast, it really doesn't attack us right?" Dennis asked in a low voice.

"I don't know, to be honest, I was passed out for the most part last time." Mona shrugged her shoulders. "Apparently Quinn talked to the tablet or something and whatever's inside made it so the beast agreed not to attack us. Let's just hope our stay here won't disturb its slumber and it will recognise us even without Quinn by our side."

That didn't sound very convincing, so Dennis decided to follow the others a few steps back, so he could get a head start if anything was to happen.

'Should I just start setting up the teleport here and now so I can use it if the beast attacks us? The beast should be too large to get through the teleporter… right?' Dennis thought nervously.

However, going up the slight hill, the pathway started to level out and that's when he could see what they had all been staring at. Dennis hadn't been part of the group last time, not that they had come to Blade Island for sight-seeing, but it was certainly eye catching.

The ground was mostly flat and towards the back was a giant tablet that looked like a small mountain. Then off to the side of the tablet lay the Demon tier beast, but none of these things had caught Dennis' eyes or the others, it was what laid in the centre.

A human sized tree with pink flowers. The pink colour radiated and when staring at it, Dennis felt like he was so at peace.

"That thing definitely wasn't there before." Mona said.

"Yes, and it resembles something that I have seen before elsewhere." The tree reminded Eno of the Demon tier beast that Quinn had ultimately defeated only smaller in size, but what was it doing here?

Eno was the first to walk up to it, unafraid, yet he gave a hand signal for the others to stay back. If it really was a sapling of that Demon tier tree with the same abilities as the other one, there was a risk Mona and Dennis would be Marked, and Eno still had a use for them.

He was confident in his own powers and skills to fight off such a Marking. Walking close to it there was no such reaction at all from the tree, making Eno wonder if it was even a beast at all. When he finally got within touching distance he quickly placed his hand on the tree.

'This certainly is confusing? Is it a beast or is it not? It's almost as if the crystal in its body hasn't finished forming. These days I keep running into things that I am struggling to make a decision on. However, if it was a threat then I'm sure that the other Demon tier beast would have gotten rid of it. Maybe we can use this, and if it does evolve into a Demon tier beast that would be another great thing to have.' Eno thought.

"Okay I've decided, place the portal near the tablet. The Demon tier beast is protecting the tablet, so I don't think it will let it come to any harm." Eno turned around to address the other two. "The castle is a standout landmark, so they might go for it first. Not that the tablet isn't but I'm sure the tablet will be kept in good condition."

Listening to Eno's commands, Dennis got to work setting up the teleporter. While making his way over, he had activated his shadow, to cover the side view. Dennis wasn't someone that was often afraid of beasts, but how often had he had the chance to come close to a Demon tier beast?

Just being near the thing made him want to turn around and escape as far away as possible, so the only way to work properly was to pretend it wasn't there. He paused every time the Dragon let out a loud snore, afraid that it would be a sign of it waking up, but fortunately, each time nothing happened.

Eno had decided to stay by the tree, observing it closer, which left Mona with pretty much nothing to do. Once the teleporter was set up she wanted to explore Blade Island further, looking for any other beasts that she could put to use.

They needed to work out their defences for protecting the place, but she hadn't left yet and couldn't stop looking towards Eno. Eventually she walked up to him and said what was on her mind....

"Hey, old man. You're actually a vampire, right?" Mona asked. "I was thankful for you saving me back then and looking after me which is why I haven't said much but I just am trying to understand your actions a little more."

"You must have seen a lot of crap throughout your life, and it's clear you're no ordinary vampire. I understand why Quinn is helping us since he was originally human, but what about you? Why are you doing so much for us humans?" Mona asked.

Hearing this, Eno stopped what he was doing for a second and looked at Mona. He wasn't staring at her but instead was staring directly behind her as if he was thinking about something.

"You know, it's been so long I often forget the reason why I do this." Eno answered with a slight smile.

Mona thought at this point that Eno was pulling her leg, if he didn't want to tell her, he didn't have to, but he could just say that instead of making up a bad excuse like that.

"However." Eno continued. "Whenever I think I'm starting to forget I decide to head back to a certain place. That reminds me of why I do everything I have done."

"Us vampires have a history that nearly dates back as far as humans and it wouldn't be the first time my kind would have wiped out an entire race, which everyone else eventually forgot about. I fear that history is repeating itself and the same thing might happen again."

After seemingly having said his piece, Eno looked back at the tree again and Mona didn't feel any wiser as to why this enigmatic old man was on their side. Just as she was about to head off and do her own thing, thinking the other two would be fine without her, Eno continued his answer, having placed a hand on his chin.

"No wait, I don't think that's quite right either. The original reason why I wanted to help you humans has changed as time passed. You don't need to have lived as long as I have, to have experienced it.

Your views change drastically from when you were 10 to when you're 20, from when you were 20 to when you're 30 and so on. So imagine how many times my views on the world have changed."

"My reason for helping has changed, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically. Even now I am finding new reasons to help out, but I will say one thing, Mona. In the past I have been able to help out people, letting humans avoid their death and end by helping here and there."

"Perhaps my actions are similar to those gods that don't wish to get involved too much, but this time it appears that if I don't get involved that there will be a real end. During the first Dalki War I have merely helped from the background, so getting involved to this degree, poses a huge risk to my own life. Something I never even considered before."

"Perhaps, I shouldn't even be telling you these things, but I am because there is a chance that I won't survive and will never be able to answer your questions again. I tell you what, why don't you come over here." Eno suggested.

Mona had asked that she had considered one simple question, she hadn't expected the old man to go on rambling, and the way he spoke it was as if he was forgetting what he was saying the moment he said it.

It was actually making her reconsider if they should really put so much hope into this so-called great scientist. Still, she honestly was indebted to this man, and if he wanted to harm her or turn her she would at least let the man have that much for saving her life.

Walking over, Mona felt a little nervous and at unease, she always did around Eno, despite him doing no harm or showing any immediate red flags. When coming over, Eno grabbed her hand and placed a small little circular digital device with a star as its base.

"It's a lock that is linked to my heart. When I die, or my heart stops beating, that will open up. It's a small map which will lead you to my special place. If you go there, you will find things that you will need at the time. Remember, I am always planning ahead." Eno stated with a smile.

'How can he talk about his own death so easily? Is this why I can't shake the dark feeling I get from him?' Mona wondered.


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