Martial Peak

Chapter 2528: Collecting The Medicine Garden

The Mad Blood Pill was not difficult to refine, but finding the materials was difficult because they were all Emperor Grade Spirit Medicines, many of them rare and extremely hard to source.

Back then, Gao Xue Ting was lucky to gather all the materials for the Mad Blood Pill and requested the Emperor Grade Alchemist in the Temple to refine a furnace of it. Unfortunately, only one Mad Blood Pill was successfully produced from the furnace, and it was a Low-Grade one.

But now, Yang Kai actually made a High-Grade Mad Blood Pill; its value was far greater than the previous one.

Looking at the dregs on the ground, Gao Xue Ting immediately realized that Yang Kai had refined many furnaces, and picked the best product for her.

“Elder Gao, just throw away your old Mad Blood Pill, that thing should never be taken,” Yang Kai advised solemnly.

Gao Xue Ting nodded in agreement and took out the jade bottle that contained the Mad Blood Pill from her Space Ring. She put the Spirit Pill on her palm, and crushed it into dust. Then, she placed the new one made by Yang Kai into her jade bottle. 

“Are you relieved now?” Gao Xue Ting looked at him.

Yang Kai grinned, “If Elder Gao wants any Emperor Grade Spirit Pill in the future, just look for me. Disciple is skilful and outstanding in Alchemy, and can give a twenty percent discount to Elder Gao.”

Gao Xue Ting chuckled, “You’re already an Emperor Realm Master, don’t be shameless and make a fool of yourself like the one surnamed Wen.”

The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, “So, Elder Gao has always regarded Temple Master Wen as a fool…”

Gao Xue Ting snorted lightly, turned and looked around, “I see that there are still some spirit medicines left in the medicine garden. Why didn’t you collect them? What’s the purpose of leaving them there?” She changed the subject.

After asking, she seemed to recall something and continued with a realization, “I see, Alchemists usually avoid cutting roots when collecting spirit medicines and deliberately leave stems behind to promote future growth?”

Yang Kai nodded, “It’s true that this is the standard practice, but that only applies to some immature herbs. This medicine garden has existed for a long time, and all the spirit medicines are already mature, so we can pluck all of them.”

“Then why did you still leave some of them here?” Gao Xue Ting was puzzled.

Yang Kai smiled wryly, “These spirit medicines cannot be touched. In this world, once some spirit medicines are harvested, no matter how well preserved they are, they will lose their efficacies and wither in a very short time. So, most of the time, you can only collect these spirit medicines when you are prepared to use them. Elder Gao, some of the herbs that you collected before are actually like this.”

Gao Xue Ting was shocked at the information and she hurriedly checked her Space Ring, only to discover that two herbs had seriously deteriorated already. 

“Ah… I see.” She sighed with regret.

It was just more than one day ago that she collected these two spirit medicines, but they already lost so much of their medicinal efficacies. If they were given another two to three days, perhaps they would just turn into dead dregs.

“Isn’t it a waste for these spirit medicines then?” Gao Xue Ting looked at the twenty or more exceptionally rare spirit medicines in the medicine garden.

“It’s fine,” Yang Kai smiled faintly, but he was not sincere with his words.

It was fine for him to leave other spirit medicines here. At most, he could just come back to collect them if he needed them in the future.

However, it was dreadfully hard for him to let go of the Flesh Incarnation Fruit Tree.

There were already three flowers blooming on this particular tree, and although it was unknown how many years it would take to produce a new fruit, the thought of giving up on such a rare extinct prize pained Yang Kai’s heart.

Fortunately, he had the Sealed World Bead, and if he handled things properly, he still had a great chance to move the entire medicine garden into it. However, Gao Xue Ting was still here; he had to first send her out of this place if he wanted to collect this place.

“If Elder Gao feels well enough, let’s set out. Junior Sister Lu Wen is still waiting outside.” Yang Kai suggested.


When they got to the entrance, Yang Kai waved, sending out several threads of Emperor Qi to remove the restriction he placed before opening the Void Corridor and leaving the small world with Gao Xue Ting.

A pungent smell of blood irritated their noses as they arrived outside, and looking around, several corpses were lyingfulfil in the wilderness, their body parts scattered about. All of these people had apparently died horrifyingly.

Gao Xue Ting was startled as she thought there was an ambush outside.

However, she soon saw only two young women standing there quietly. One of them looked unfamiliar to her. She was young, about twenty years old, but she had a powerful Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation. Meanwhile, the other woman was the Temple disciple Lu Wen, but she seemed to be a little frightened as her face was slightly pale.

Seeing Gao Xue Ting and Yang Kai appear, the two women’s eyes lit up and came up to greet them.

“Elder Gao!” Joy overflowed from Lu Wen’s eyes, her face flushed red, as if she saw a long-lost family member.

Zhang Ruo Xi beamed, “Elder Sister Lu can now be relieved. No one can beat Sir.”

Lu Wen smiled in embarrassment, “Many thanks, Senior Brother Yang for your help.”

Yang Kai responded, “You’re welcome, Junior Sister Lu. I’m also a Temple disciple. I’m duty-bound if an Elder is in trouble.”

Gao Xue Ting remarked, “Anyway, I really owe it to you this time, otherwise I would have been…”

She could not help shivering as recalling the crisis before still left her a bit unnerved.

Shaking her head, she pressed on with a soft voice, “Since everything is over, I’m planning to return back to the Temple. Lu Wen, follow me.”

“Understood!” Lu Wen was delighted.

Although she was ordered by the Temple to collect all kinds of information in the Eastern Territory, she had been wandering alone for a while and often missed her Brothers and Sisters back in the Sect, as well as the scenery of her hometown.

Now that Gao Xue Ting wanted to take her back to the Temple, it was natural that she was overjoyed....


“How about you, Yang Kai?” Gao Xue Ting turned to him and asked.

Since Yang Kai appeared in the Eastern Territory, he must have something to deal with. Therefore, she did not rashly ask him if he wanted to return to the Southern Territory with her.

As she had guessed, Yang Kai shook his head, “I have a place to go, to find a friend.”

Gao Xue Ting nodded, “Then you should be careful. Even though you are an Emperor Realm Master now and your strength is not weak, there are many talented and powerful people in this world. A lot of them are not as simple as they seem.”

“Disciple knows,” Yang Kai replied respectfully.

“If you have time… Come back to the Temple and have a look. You are still an in-name disciple in the Temple after all.”

“I will.”

He definitely would want to return to Azure Sun Temple one day, because he still had to go to the Divine Ascension Mirror to fulfill his promise with Tian Yan.

Then, Gao Xue Ting and Lu Wen departed.

About a hundred kilometres away, Lu Wen asked Gao Xue Ting quizzically, “Elder, that Senior Brother Yang is so strong, but why is he just an in-name disciple in the temple?”

With Yang Kai’s strength, he was more than qualified to be a Sect Elder. At first, she thought that Yang Kai was one of the top disciples like Xia Sheng and Xiao Bai Yi, but it turned out that he was just an in-name disciple.

After pondering for a moment, Gao Xue Ting replied, “Because he didn’t join the Temple of his own free will. Even the Azure Sun Golden Token was given to him forcefully by this Queen.”

“Ah…” Lu Wen immediately lost her ability to think.


On the wasteland, in front of the entrance of the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai watched Gao Xue Ting and Lu Wen leave. Only when they were out of sight did he take out the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal and toss it to Zhang Ruo Xi, “Refine this and use it for now.”

Zhang Ruo Xi caught it and took a close look at it before immediately squealing in joy, “Many thanks, Sir, for this great treasure!”

Yang Kai had never given her any treasures before, but Liu Yan, Hua Qing Si and the Embodiment each had their own Emperor Artifact, all of which were given to them by Yang Kai. Although Zhang Ruo Xi kept quiet about it, she was looking forward to such a gift finding its way to her eventually.

She knew that Yang Kai did not have a habit of favouring one over another; it was just that he had not found anything suitable for her yet.

Nevertheless, she did not expect Yang Kai to give her one so soon.

As long as it was given by Yang Kai, it was a treasure to her even if it was a lump of iron, let alone a strange Emperor Artifact stamp seal.

Zhang Ruo Xi flipped the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal in her hands over and over with a bright smile. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it.

Yang Kai glanced at her and commented, “You seem to display a lot of bloodthirst when you battle. The next time you fight with others, you should try to control it a little.”

After hearing this, Zhang Ruo Xi stuck out her tongue, “I also don’t know what happened. As soon as I start fighting with someone, I feel like I turn into a different person, and I seem to have scared Sister Lu Wen…”

Previously, Lu Wen’s face was bloodless because she could not stand the bloody fight that had just taken place. She had fought and killed before too, so this kind of scene naturally should not be frightening to her. Therefore, her fear must have mainly stemmed from Zhang Ruo Xi herself.

Yang Kai had no idea why Zhang Ruo Xi would act so violently at such a small age. It would not be strange if this kind of aura appeared on a bloodthirsty murderer, but it concerned Yang Kai that Zhang Ruo Xi possessed such cruelty within her.

The only explanation he could think of was Zhang Ruo Xi’s bloodline.

If he ever had another chance to see Duan Hong Chen, he must ask about it. Otherwise, the cruelty of Zhang Ruo Xi may affect her character in the future, which would be a disaster if she turned into an emotionless murderer.

“Sir, where are we going now?” Zhang Ruo Xi asked.

“We’re not going anywhere until I’m done here.”

Saying so, Yang Kai opened the entrance of the Small Sealed World again, stretched out his hand, and grabbed Zhang Ruo Xi to enter with him.

Apart from the twenty remaining trees and the few spirit medicines that could not be harvested, there was nothing more left in the ancient medicine garden except exceedingly rich World Energy.

Yang Kai asked Zhang Ruo Xi to find herself a place to rest, then he went straight to the two medicine gardens.

After observing for a while, Yang Kai made a decision.

Pushing his Emperor Qi, Yang Kai formed a seal with his hands and began releasing streams of his power into the ground.

Although Yang Kai’s actions were swift, he was extremely careful to avoid damaging anything.

Even if Yang Kai was already an Emperor Realm Master, he still sweated profusely after working for an hour non-stop. He seemed to have exhausted a tremendous amount of energy.

However, Yang Kai had managed the preliminary step properly, so the rest would be much easier.

After a moment of meditation while sitting cross-legged, he regained some of his strength and got up again.

He madly surged his Divine Sense next, and like a tide, it enveloped the two medicine gardens in front of him at once. Then, Yang Kai stomped his foot fiercely and bellowed, “Rise!”

The entire Small Sealed World shook and rumbled as the two squares of the medicine garden rose up slowly under the support of a tremendous force.