Martial Peak

Chapter 2526: Flesh Incarnation Fruit

“Don’t go too far and burn your bridges!” Ju Tian Qing’s teeth chattered violently while glaring at Yang Kai ferociously.

Seeing this, Zu Hong barked too, “That’s right. Even if you are proficient in the Dao of Space, you are still on your own, while Brother Ju and I can fight together. Even if we can’t beat you… do you think we can’t self-destruct?”

Yang Kai curled his lips disdainfully, “Like you have the chance to self-destruct.”

Saying so, he turned solemn and swiftly performed a set of hand seals. A mysterious and profound aura began to radiate from Yang Kai’s form.

“W-what are you doing!?” Ju Tian Qing roared in alarm. He instinctively felt that danger was coming.

Yang Kai replied in a deep voice, “What am I doing? I’m of course going to release my ultimate skill and kill the both of you. Let me tell you a simple truth, the two of you can do nothing against this Young Master’s ultimate skill. You are all doomed to be slaughtered by me, so if you really want to self-destruct, quickly do it now before it’s too late!”

“Ahh…” Ju Tian Qing and Zu Hong gasped and staggered back.

They were dreadfully afraid of Yang Kai after he made such a declaration with such seriousness, where his face was filled with murderous intent. No one would want to self-destruct unless it was a last resort. Most of the time, those who said they would were just bluffing.

They did not expect him to be totally unaffected by their threat, and was ready to release his ultimate skill… 

The hand seals that he was performing were so mysterious and unique that Zu Hong and Ju Tian Qing could not see through their purpose at all, but one thing was for certain, the skill he was preparing was incredibly powerful.

“Brother Zu, we need to go all out!” Ju Tian Qing gritted his teeth with a decisive face.

“Good!” Zu Hong also knew that there was no way out at this moment. Given Yang Kai’s aggression and determination to kill, Ju Tian Qing and he would not be his opponents if they continued to have reservations in fear. They could only give it their all in a last-ditch effort to survive.

Having steeled themselves, the two pushed their Emperor Qi fiercely and roared.

Blood gushed from the wound on Ju Tian Qing’s shoulder from the pressure of his surging power. It was uncertain how many litres of blood he lost, but his face was as pale as paper.

In an instant, their auras reached their peak.

Countless beast roars emerged from the Ten Thousand Beasts Seal while the Burning Ocean of Stars Blade vibrated fiercely and numerous Sword Waves shot out from it.

All of a sudden, Yang Kai’s hands stopped. He slowly pushed his palms forward with a solemn face, whispering, “Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!” 

Time seemed to freeze at that moment.


The Time Flies Seal appeared in a brilliant flash, completely enveloping Ju Tian Qing and Zu Hong. Both of them widened their eyes as they felt like their lives rapidly passed before their very eyes. In just a blink, it seemed like dozens of years had suddenly gone by.

As time continued racing by, the pair’s momentum, which had been at its peak, rapidly deflated. At the same time, their figures rapidly aged, and their vitalities waned; even their hair began turning grey.

Within a breath, the two Masters, who had at most looked middle-aged, turned into decrepit old men who already had one foot into the grave.

The Flowing Time Great Emperor’s Divine Ability, which involved Time Principles, was not something that Ju Tian Qing and Zu Hong could resist, on top of their severe wounds. When Yang Kai was just a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, he had used this skill to defeat a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master’s Soul, though it was just a wisp that manifested through a Soul Descent. Now, Yang Kai was an Emperor Realm Master, and his strength was vastly superior to that time.

Suffering from this ability, the two old men had totally lost their combat strength.

“Get in here!” Yang Kai snorted coldly and his eyes shone in a strange brilliance. With a push of his Spiritual Energy, he threw the pair which had lost the ability to resist into the Sealed World Bead.

The Embodiment had long waited for this moment in the Small Sealed World. Once Yang Kai threw them in, the Embodiment immediately surged his power and covered them with one hand, yelling viciously, “Heaven Devouring Battle Law!”

The fate of Zu Hong and Ju Tian Qing was nothing more than to be devoured.

The stationary time began to flow again, and the Small Sealed World was restored to peace.

Inside the barrier of the medicine garden, Gao Xue Ting was flabbergasted, and could not regain her senses for a long time.

The Time Flies Seal had also affected her to a certain extent, causing a temporary confusion in her mind, and by the time she recovered from the chaotic state, Zu Hong and Ju Tian Qing had vanished.

She only saw Yang Kai turning around and flying towards her.

Gao Xue Ting gaped at him with her jaw dropped, subconsciously opening the medicine garden barrier for him.

It was easy to operate the barrier, otherwise, she would not be able to hide inside here in the first place.

“Elder Gao, how are your injuries?” Yang Kai hurriedly asked as he reached her side.

Gao Xue Ting looked up at him with a slightly complicated expression on her pretty face. Her eyes examined him up and down, as if she wanted to know if this was really the young man she knew.

Just a few years ago, there was a huge gap in strength between him and her, but now, it seemed that she now needed to look up to him… 

“Elder Gao…” Seeing that Gao Xue Ting did not say a word, Yang Kai could not help shouting again.

Only then did Gao Xue Ting’s lost eyes focus and after a soft cough, she answered, “They’re not light, but neither are they fatal. I’ll be fine after some rest. What about the two of them? Did you chop them up into tiny pieces?”

But even if they were chopped into pieces, there should be some traces left.

However, it was like they simply vanished from sight for no reason.

“Of course they are dead,” Yang Kai grinned, “Elder Gao, you don’t need to be bothered about them. The death of those two scum is not worth pitying.”

Gao Xue Ting nodded in relief and sighed, “You’ve grown a lot, much more than any of us had expected.”...


Yang Kai scratched his head, “This little brat could only achieve success today thanks to the support and care of all my Seniors.”

Gao Xue Ting replied lightly, “It doesn’t have much to do with others, you worked hard yourself to achieve this strength.”

After saying so, she coughed again.

“Elder Gao, what’s important now is for you to heal yourself. I will stand guard for you here,” Yang Kai said with concern.

“Good,” Gao Xue Ting did not say anything more and simply closed her eyes, focusing on adjusting her breathing.

During the battle between Yang Kai and the other two, she would not have sat back and watched if she had any strength left to use. It could be seen that her injuries were quite serious.

Now that the disaster had been eliminated, she naturally could not afford to delay any longer.

Gao Xue Ting’s breathing soon calmed down.

Only then did Yang Kai have the time to look around.

This Small Sealed World had been completely closed by him, so no one could enter without his permission and there was no need to worry about Gao Xue Ting.

He gained tremendous interest in this strange plot of land, which composed a giant ancient medicine garden.

Looking around the medicine gardens, there were two square plots with at least three hundred spirit medicines planted in each. Every herb here was Emperor Grade and had a medicinal age above ten thousand years. Yang Kai was exhilarated by the scene that was captured in his eyes, unable to restrain his uplifted emotion.

“A Seven Coloured Ginseng! It’s even produced multiple rings of colour! It must be at least fifty thousand years old!”

“Profound Heavenly Thunder Flower! Siii… its stamen is golden, this, th-this…”

“Swaying Light Enlightenment Fruit. How can it be as big as my fist? How did it grow like this?”

“Extreme Essence Dragon Saliva Grass, isn’t this already extinct…”

“Nine Petal Blue Jade Flower…”

Those spirit medicines were like naked beauties in Yang Kai eyes, swaying and displaying the best view of their bodies, arousing him so much that his eyes were glowing.

As an Alchemist, nothing could make him happier than this scene. Plots of mature spirit medicine were laid out in front of him, and he could just collect them for free. Only an Alchemist could understand this kind of feeling.

He continuously teleported here and there in the medicine garden, dancing excitedly. If he were not afraid of disturbing Gao Xue Ting’s rest, he would have laughed out loud like a madman.

And these Emperor Grade herbs were just from these two square plots. There were actually more than ten square plots here, but the other spirit medicines must have been collected by Gao Xue Ting and the others.

In other words, most spirit medicines were in the Space Rings of Gao Xue Ting, Ju Tian Qing, and Zu Hong.

What Yang Kai was seeing here was just a small part.

Many of the spirit medicines he saw were legendary herbs that were thought to already be extinct, but they were actually blooming healthily here.

“Hm?” Yang Kai’s face changed suddenly as he stared intently at a certain fruit tree that was about half a person’s height. The fruit tree was filled with radiance, as if it was carved from the most exquisite jade, shimmering magnificently.

On top of the fruit tree, there was a white fist-sized fruit.

The shape of this fruit was extremely odd, almost like a tiny shrunken person, with complete limbs, body and head. Not only that, there were even clear facial features.

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly filled with enthusiasm as he exclaimed in pure shock, “Flesh Incarnation Fruit!”

There was a Flesh Incarnation Fruit here!

Yang Kai furiously rubbed his eyes to make sure he did not see wrongly, but even upon re-examination, there was no doubt a Flesh Incarnation Fruit was presented in front of him, exactly the same as the information recorded in the jade slip left by Gong Sun Mu, the Third-Disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor.

The Flesh Incarnation Fruit was the primary material for refining the Flesh Incarnation Pill.

Flesh Incarnation Pill was a Heaven-defying Spirit Pill that could reshape one’s physical body.

If a cultivator was killed, but his or her Soul had not been extinguished, that cultivator could rebuild his or her body by using a Flesh Incarnation Pill, essentially granting them a new life.

Not even the Immortal Tree possessed such a miraculous effect. Although the Immortal Tree could bring someone back from the brink of death, and even allow one to obtain an immortal and indestructible form, it could not reshape one’s physique from only a Soul.

This was the Heaven-defying effect of the Flesh Incarnation Fruit.

Like the Soul Warming Lotus and Immortal Tree, this fruit only existed in ancient records, with no one in the current era having seen it before.

Yang Kai did not expect that he would be lucky enough to encounter a Flesh Incarnation Fruit in this ancient medicine garden.

With this Flesh Incarnation Fruit, it meant that he could refine the Flesh Incarnation Pill, and with Flesh Incarnation Pill, it meant that he could fulfill the promise that he made to Tian Yan.

Senior Tian Yan was the Great Emperor of the Divine Ascension Mirror who had been a Soul Avatar since birth and never possessed his own physique. When Yang Kai was training in the Divine Ascension Mirror, he told Tian Yan that, he would refine a Flesh Incarnation Pill from a Flesh Incarnation Fruit for him one day, so that he could experience the feeling of having a physical body, release himself from the shackles of Divine Ascension Mirror, and see the outside world.

Tian Yan seemed to be immensely excited about this matter too, but how could it be so easy to find a Flesh Incarnation Fruit?

However, there was now one right in front of Yang Kai!