illicit relationship

Chapter 1011: Letter

Xiao Tian could not sleep. He was sure that something bad had happened to someone important to him, but he had no idea who that person was.

He had called all the people he cared about, but they said nothing bad happened to them. 

'Who is this person?'

Ever since he reincarnated into a new world, he always felt uneasy if something bad had happened to someone important to him.

And it was the first time his chest hurt so much like that. He had never felt something so painful like this before.

But what annoyed him most was that he did not know the cause of it.

'Who is this person?'

Xiao Tian kept asking the same question in his mind.

Time went by quickly, and without realizing it, it was already 04:00 am. 

At this moment, Long Jingxian woke up. "Xiao Tian, you are already awake?"

Long Jingxian was startled when she noticed that Xiao Tian was already awake. Usually, he was still sleeping whenever she would return to her room.

"Yes." Actually, Xiao Tian had not slept since he had a nightmare a few hours ago.

His heart was filled with sadness, and for this reason, he could not sleep. 

When Long Jingxian noticed Xiao Tian's eyes, she immediately spoke, "Have you not slept until now?"

"Yes." Xiao Tian gave an honest answer. "I can't sleep."

"Is it because of the nightmare?" previously, Xiao Tian said he had a nightmare, so Long Jingxian suddenly thought it was because of the nightmare.

"I don't know." Xiao Tian shook his head. 

Long Jingxian suddenly felt like a bad lover. She slept soundly in his arms when her boyfriend could not sleep at all.

She then turned around, causing her to lie on her back with Xiao Tian on top of her body. After placing his head on her chest, she embraced him tightly. "Let's sleep again."

Actually, Long Jingxian wanted to help her mother cook breakfast, but she changed her mind when she found out that Xiao Tian still had not slept since he had a nightmare.

Xiao Tian shut his eyes. Even though his heart still hurt, he felt much better when he was in her arms. Coupled with her stroking his hair gently made Xiao Tian finally fall asleep.

Like before, Long Jingxian was looking at Xiao Tian while caressing his hair gently.

'It seems like I can't help my mother cook breakfast today.'

Xiao Tian was not in a good state, so Long Jingxian wanted to keep accompanying him.

After breakfast, Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian went to the cave again because Ru Guo forbade them to go to her house.

'These are…'

Xiao Tian and Long Jingxain saw two letters on the wooden table.

Long Jingxian took one of the letters. "To my student? Is this letter for me?"

She immediately opened the letter. 

[Jingxian, when you read this letter, it means I'm already dead.]



Long Jingxian's heart suddenly beat loudly for a second, and her hands trembled continuously.

When Xiao Tian saw her, he immediately said, "Jingxian, what's wrong?"

Long Jingxian looked at Xiao Tian before showing the letter so that he could read it too. 

Xiao Tian's eyes widened in surprise. Sure, he only knew Ru Guo for a few days, but he had good memories with her in these few days.

'Is she the reason why my chest hurt so much last night?'

Xiao Tian suddenly remembered what had happened to him last night.

Long Jingxian and Xiao Tian exchanged a glance with each other before returning their attention to the letter. 

Even though sadness filled their hearts, they decided to continue reading the letter. 

[Jingxian, I'm delighted to have a student like you. It's a pity that I can't accompany and teach you anymore from today onwards. However, I believe you can become a better doctor than me because you are a kind and intelligent woman.]

Long Jingxian's eyes were flooded with tears. Even though she only knew Ru Guo for a few days, but Ru Guo had become one of the most important people to her.

[Even though we only spent a few days together, but it was one of the happiest days of my life. I did not expect to have such good memories before I died.

Jingxian, you and Xiao Tian match each other. I know that he loves you very much and I also can tell that you love him very much.

Even though the age difference between the two of you is quite big, but this should not be a problem if you two continue to love each other.]

Tears fell down Long Jingxian's soft cheeks. 

She could not hold back the sadness within her. At this moment, the memories of them spending time together suddenly appeared in her mind.

The memory when she met Ru Guo for the first time, when Ru Guo taught her medicine, and when they talked together on the cliff. 

All of them suddenly appeared in her mind.

[Jingxian, Xiao Tian is an amazing young man who also has a big dream. I'm sure he can't stand alone in this world, so I hope you will keep supporting him and always be by his side.

Even though we can't spend time together again, but I will always watch you and Xiao Tian from heaven.

I wish you both happiness. Love, your teacher, Ru Guo.]

Tears kept falling from Long Jingxian's blue-violet eyes. 

She was drowning in sadness. Long Jingxian never expected that the time she had spent with Ru Guo would be so short.

Xiao Tian immediately hugged Long Jingxian. He could understand her feelings because he felt the same way.

'I didn't expect our time together to be so short.'

He kept embracing Long Jingxian.

Long Jingxian instantly wrapped her long slender arms around Xiao Tian's waist before hugging him tightly.

Her heart was filled with sadness, so she needed his hug. They embraced each other for several seconds before finally, they stopped.

After that, their eyes fell on another letter written to Xiao Tian. Xiao Tian and Long Jingxian exchanged a glance with each other before returning their attention to the letter.

'I didn't expect that she would write a letter to me too.'

Xiao Tian took the letter and opened it.