illicit relationship

Chapter 1010: Xiao Family’s Dogs

"We finally found you, Ru Guo!" the silver-eyed young man uttered.

Ru Guo shifted her gaze from the night sky to these young men who were standing in front of her. She was not scared or panicked.

She even still behaved normally as if they were her friends.

'So, they have found me again, huh?'

Ru Guo knew who these young men were.

Xiao family's dogs!

Yes. These young men were the dogs of the famous Xiao family, and they came with only one purpose.

It was to kill her!

It was not the first time they tried to kill her. That was why Ru Guo still behaved normally.

"What a surprise! I thought you would run away again!" the red-eyed young man was startled when Ru Guo kept sitting on the rocking chair.

"I'm already old, so I can't keep running away from you." Ru Guo knew there was no place to hide anymore.

That was why she did not run away again. They had been playing hide and seek for three years, and she was also tired of it.

"Why did you betray the Xiao family?" the silver-eyed man asked coldly.

Ru Guo was one of the most important pawns of the Xiao family. She was in charge of one of the Xiao family's important projects.

"Betray the Xiao family? I did not betray them! if it were not for my younger brother, I would not want to work for them." like before, Ru Guo answered calmly. "Now that my younger brother has passed away, there is no reason for me to continue working for them."

"Do you know the consequences of your actions?" the silver-eyed young man asked coldly.

"I know and I don't care about it." Of course, Ru Guo knew the consequences.

'I'm tired of living like this too.'

She added in her mind.

"I see. Then you can die now!" the silver-eyed man unsheathed his sword before rushing towards Ru Guo.


The silver-eyed young man stabbed his sword into Ru Guo's chest.


Blood dripped down from the corners of Ru Guo's mouth.

'Young master Xiao, I will go forever now. I'm sorry for betraying you and your family in the past. I really did not want to do that, but I had no other option.'

There were only two people that she loved dearly. First, it was her younger brother and the second, it was Xiao Tian.

Ru Guo and her younger brother were orphans before Xiao Tian's father and mother took them to the Xiao family.

Since her younger brother suffered from a terminal disease since little, Ru Guo decided to be a doctor, hoping that she could cure her younger brother's terminal illness.

Even though she got the title of Goddess of Medicine, she still could not cure her younger brother's terminal disease.

When she tried her best to find a medicine to cure her younger brother, Xiao Tian was the only person who could make her smile and feel alive.

Sure, Xiao Tian's parents treated her well, but Xiao Tian was the only one who could touch the deepest part of her heart.

His adorable behavior, his cute face and his caring attitude made Xiao Tian become the only sun in the dark world.

Ru Guo's world always turned from hell to heaven every time Xiao Tian was with her. He always managed to make her smile with his cute behavior.

For this reason, Xiao Tian was the only one who she loved dearly beside her younger brother. 

'I'm sorry, young master Xiao.'

Actually, Ru Guo did not want to betray Xiao Tian and his family. 

The other members of the Xiao family took her younger brother as a hostage and ordered her to betray Xiao Tian and his family.

Ru Guo loved Xiao Tian and her younger brother dearly, but she had to choose one of them. ...


Since her younger brother was the only person of the same blood as her, Ru Guo chose her younger brother over Xiao Tian.

Yes. She was the reason why Xiao Tian did not remember most of his childhood life. She put a medicine that could make him forget all of his important memories.

Actually, Ru Guo did not want to do this because she loved Xiao Tian dearly. But because of how deep her love was for Xiao Tian, she decided to do this.

There were several reasons for this. First, she wanted him to forget her. Second, she wanted him to forget his childhood nightmare.

Xiao Tian had a lot of bad memories when he was little. 

It was because the other members of the Xiao family started to hate him when his father was chosen to inherit the most important position in the Xiao family businesses.

And Xiao Tian was the reason why she chose Long Jingxian to be her student. Yes. She lied when she said she chose Long Jingxian because Long Jingxian was kind and smart.

She chose Long Jingxian because Long Jingxian was Xiao Tian's lover. With Long Jingxian mastering all of her skills, she hoped Long Jingxian could protect and help Xiao Tian forever.

She could not teach him all of her skills because of the promise between Xiao Tian's father and the Xiao family.

The Xiao Family had never touched Xiao Tian until now because of the promise between Xiao Tian's father and them. Otherwise, everything would be different now.


Blood splashed out of Ru Guo's mouth.

At this moment, several memories suddenly appeared in her mind.

"Aunt Ru, I just returned from Beijing." Little Xiao Tian showed her a gift. "I bought a present for you. How is it? Do you like it?"

Another memory flashed through her mind. 

"Aunt Ru, are you sick? Wait here. I will call my dad and mom." After saying that, little Xiao Tian left to find his mother and father.

Another memory appeared in her mind.

"Aunt Ru, you should not work too hard like this. You have to rest too." little Xiao Tian said with a worried face.

Another memory flashed through her mind. 

"Aunt Ru, let's play together." little Xiao Tian grabbed Ru Guo's right hand before dragging her to the amusement park.

'Young master Xiao….'

Tears rolled down her old cheeks. 

'Ru Ming, I will see you soon. We can finally reunite after so long.'

With that last thought, Ru Guo's breathing stopped forever.


Long Diyi's house, Xiao Tian's room.

"Huft…Huft…Huft…" Xiao Tian, who was sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes and breathed heavily.

'What is this feeling? Why does my heart hurt like this?'

Xiao Tian then called all his women and asked whether they were fine or not. When he found out that all of them were fine, he immediately hung up the phone.

'What is this?'

He still did not know why his heart suddenly hurt so much. It was as if someone was squeezing his heart continuously.

Long Jingxian, who was sleeping on top of his body naked, suddenly woke up and inquired, "What's wrong, Xiao Tian?"

Xiao Tian embraced her and replied, "It's nothing. I just had a nightmare."

He could not tell her about it because he did not know the reason why his chest hurt like that.

Long Jingxian kissed Xiao Tian's lips before speaking, "It's only a bad dream. You don't need to think about it."

"Un." Xiao Tian stroked her hair gently.

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